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Samsung Introduces a 12.1” Widescreen Ultra Portable Notebook PC Providing Mobile Professionals with the Complete Solution for Life on the Move

Ultra portable notebook fans, REJOYCE! After MacBook AIR and the Lenovo X300, here’s the Samsung P200! Press release with all detailed information below!

HANOVER, GERMANY – March 4, 2008 – Samsung Electronics, a market leader in consumer electronics and world leader in IT technology, today unveiled the P200 Ultra Portable Notebook PC, a high-performance device built for mobile workers and the latest addition to Samsung’s rapidly expanding P Series business lineup, at the CeBIT 2008 Conference.

Built to the exacting needs of today’s small to medium businesses, the Samsung P Series combines outstanding functionality with leading-edge technology in a variety of form factors. This includes the recently launched P500 (15.4” Widescreen), P400 (14.1 Widescreen) and now, the P200 (12.1” Widescreen) to deliver a complete business offering.

Weighing a mere 1.89kg, the Samsung P200 incorporates state-of-the-art Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor technology with the latest Microsoft™ Windows® operating system coupled with ATI’s powerful Radeon Xpress 1250 graphics card. The P200 is safely wrapped in a rugged yet sleek Protect-o-Edge© casing that can easily withstand the stress and strain of everyday life.

The P200’s ultra-sharp 12.1” SuperBright© non-gloss widescreen display gives crystal clear, ultra-sharp resolution for enhanced visuals, even in direct sunlight. To ensure non-stop productivity on the move its unique Protect-o-SoftGrip© rubberised lid is tough enough to handle even the most extreme challenges, while the 6-cell, long-life battery delivers a genuine 3.1 hours* of computing power.

The P200 also uses the latest communications technologies with 10/100 Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR(Enhanced Data Rate), Atheros Super G wireless and an integrated digital motion camera that offers a simple way to keep in touch with colleagues using videoconferencing or live messaging. Other features include 6-in-1 card memory reader, PCI Express card slot and 2x USB ports, making the P200 the perfect business tool for life on the move.

Finally, like all new Samsung notebooks, the P200 features an amazing new technological development – Silver Nano Technology. By sprinkling incredibly small, nano-sized silver ion powder on the keyboard the P200 system will remain completely “bacteria free”.

“Ergonomically designed to deliver maximum productivity on the move, the P200 moves beyond the limitations inherent in Ultra portable Notebooks to provide the perfect combination of performance, portability and reliability to let users do more with less” said Hounsoo Kim, Executive Vice President of the Computer System Division at Samsung Electronics.


Intel® Core 2 Duo
The P200 comes with Intel’s new Core Duo mobile processors, putting the power of two processors into one. Users can open up presentations, spreadsheets or frequently used business applications knowing that there will be no compromise on performance.

Sharper display
Its 12.1” wide display provides up to 30% more viewing area than traditional screens and allows you to enjoy photo-like image quality, greater viewing angles and better text legibility, reducing eye strain and therefore increasing productivity.

Despite being ultra lightweight and slim, the P200 is built to last. It’s durable Protect-o-Edge© casing provides amazing strength and superior reliability. As a result, the P200 is more than capable of withstanding the inevitable hardships of life on the move, which all translates into a measurably lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Constant communication
Samsung’s P200 features the latest communication technologies with 10/100 Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and Atheros Super G wireless which more than doubles the speed and throughput of standard wireless LANs allowing you to easily connect, stream video or transfer large volumes of files.

Integrated digital motion camera
Featuring an integrated 1.3 mega pixel digital motion camera, this combines the resolution and image quality of a still camera with sustained high frame rates approaching those of a video camera. As a result, it offers a simple way to keep in touch with colleagues, using videoconferencing or live messaging.

Faster graphics, premium experience
The P200 features an integrated Radeon Xpress 1250 graphics card, which delivers the highest integrated graphics experience ever seen on an Intel platform. This is the first chipset product to support ATI’s revolutionary Avivo™ display and video technology, producing the most vibrant images, smoothest video playback ever seen using integrated graphics.

Warranty – On site, on time, on us
Samsung offers our customers an option of on-site warranty, entitling you to service from a peripatetic engineer whenever they encounter a problem. Available in three tiers, the warranty can be taken on a Next-Day Business, Same-Day 8-Hours Response or amazing Same-Day 4-Hour Response basis.

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Samsung Introduces a 12.1” Widescreen Ultra Portable Notebook PC Providing Mobile Professionals with the Complete Solution for Life on the MoveSamsung Introduces a 12.1” Widescreen Ultra Portable Notebook PC Providing Mobile Professionals with the Complete Solution for Life on the Move
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  • kbfr

    I don’t think this one is Ultra Portable.
    NP-Q30 was an Ultra Portable.

  • MicroDesign

    Very good warranty conditions. That’s why I like samsung.

  • WindowBlindsGal

    I think 12.1″ is the perfect size for me. That’s basically the size of a piece of paper, just a little thicker.

  • daisy

    i love samsung products. they have surely come a long way.

  • rafiq khan

    today unveiled the P200 Ultra Portable Notebook PC, SO KINDLY TO GIVE ME THE PRICE OF THEM MY MAIL ID IS mughalartemp@gmailcom ,thanks 



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