Published on February 28th,2008 at 12:26 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Dragon Ball Online… News from Korea

Bandai Korea unveiled more information regarding the upcoming new MMORPG, Dragon Ball Online. Basically, it seems that the Japanese Animation/Manga has been adapted to the MMORPG world by Bandai Korea. Well not too surprising here since Korea is the leading country when it comes to cool and funky MMORPG. Dragon Ball Online take place 250 years after Dragon Ball Z and Majin-Bu (Age 1000)…

More information can be found on the video and pictures below. .

For those who wonder why I use the nickname Daimaou, let’s just say that even at now 33 years old I’m STILL a huge fan of Dragon Ball. And Daimaou (with his son Piccolo Daimaou) was a Dragon Ball character.

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Dragon Ball Online… News from KoreaDragon Ball Online… News from KoreaDragon Ball Online… News from Korea
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  • Cutkillavince

    It looks quite cool

  • Goku

    Wow cool man. I m fans of Dragon Ball since i am kids.
    I can play until whole night if there is online Dragon Ball.
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  • onlyEasy

    Now I got it, the background story of your NickName

    I love Dragon Ball too

  • Thetrue

    Holy cow! I need to play this!

  • Dan

    you made up your own nickname….sad

  • killerzzzs

    where do i get an account?…

  • tommccann

    omg i have to play this its luks soooo amazing this has more info abou it

  • smittyscan

    well i hope they make an expansion, cuz wtf is up with majin as a playable race? thats dumb… wouldnt it be humans, sayans and namekians? versus say majins androids and ummm some type of magical race lets say the tuffles or w/e. i think that would be awesome, instead of a good majin race. cuz didnt bibidy create kid buu then all the other majins were made from him? so how could that be a race, that is sooo dumb. i say get rid of majins, cuz how can the sayins be extinct if they were all doin it with humans ne ways, wouldnt there be some left over half breeds? :/ there should be 2 sets like wow horde and alliance, Z fighters versus dbz version of horde idk, that would make it a pvp game tho but id rather have the choice to kill other people instead of fighting giant dinosaurs all the damn time…. cuz it is about fighting right?

    • Person

      Your Dumb

  • wtf

    this game isnt even out idk no were to play it ??

  • iwant

    this game looks amazing i wish i could try the beta SO BAD!!!

    • Author

      ya to bad its only in korean :{

  • Metalhead

    Dragonball ROCKS! this is going to be an asome game. i can’t wait until it comes out. all the sites i get on just say its coming out in 2008. it really sucks to not know when its coming out

  • Intexx

    I want to play that GAME

  • kennyleow123

    when does dragonball online release or is it already released??pls reply and does it need to pay to play dragonball online…???if its released can someone tell me where to register and how to download..i am a singaporean can singaporean play this game from japan and korea??? pls reply

  • Daelgas

    Heey Is this game a download or can you buy it in stores on CD ?? Thx

  • Stifler

    wow i like this game i’m big fan of DB i play ESF DBZ and i’m sick for that enymore i wonna to play DB online if someone know someting now information about game write me on


  • bloodk

    Any info about the english version ???

    i hope there is a info about it i like this game and i rly want to play it like you guys
    the japanes and korean have a luck to play this game

  • 1LuSsioN

    When apear dbz online english version !?

  • Samyak

    it will appear in english no longer than 3rd april..
    so enjoy this comment guys…….
    as i m a big fan of dbz n i want to play this game from very much time….
    i was w8ing for this game….from 2 years………..

  • Shebby

    are you sure that this game will come on 3 april?

  • Samyak

    yeah!! i m sure.u’ll see

  • Aaron

    Well, it’s April 17th, still no DB online in English.

  • TeddyBearT

    It is now May 17 and yet still not one word about Dragon Ball Online in English does anyone have any idea when it will be because i am tired of waiting!!!!!!!!



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