Published on February 26th,2008 at 12:44 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Celrun TV: The Premium HD Multimedia Player

There’s no doubt that Korea has become the leading country when it comes to DAPs and multimedia players. TG stressed that fact today with their stunning Celrun TV, a premium HD multimedia player.

To put it simply, our Celrun TV also features some NDAS functions (Ethernet and Wifi BG), has two TV tuners (Digital and Analog), supports IPTV, has a PVR function (can record video), RGB, S-VIDEO and HDMI output. Also two USB ports with USB host, an optical out, has 320GB internal HDD, and supports MOST video codecs currently available including HD ones like H.264, WMV HD… (see list below).

Unfortunately not yet available everywhere, this HD multimedia player is definitely the kind of product I’d love to own!

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  • khang

    i would love to own 1 of this… maybe 2. i hope it get to US soon.

  • Roque

    Wow, cuando llegaran esos aparatos a mexicooooo ???? uhhhh talvez nunca.. jeje

  • anythingvideo

    specification is very interesting. hope it delivers what it states and comes to USA. we have ATSC. wander how much $.

  • Toni_74

    Hola a todos, vaya maquina mas bonita, para cuando estara por Europa y en especial en España y que por que tiendas estara y por supuesto el precio.

  • AndyStealth

    Hey that’s a nice system. We don’t have this kind of stuff in US yet. Hope to see it soon. Looks like a winner with both s-video and HDMI outputs!

  • AlexanderLee

    Does it have menu in english?

  • erikB

    no .flac support???

  • Sexyslice

    Yes, menus in English would make a world of difference.

  • Daimaou

    This unit is ONLY available in Korea… sorry

  • elcaset

    It does support FLAC. Now I want one.

  • davide

    with Flac!!!! and does it works even without a monitor?

  • Cory Pak

    we recently got one, and it keeps freezing when we try to select a movie. why does this keep happening? we have a router from bell and only 2 people are on the internet.. gotta fix that bandwidth ratio…

  • Mrjoel_raymundo

    is this compatible with any brand of tv?

  • Aggi_Cruz

    I recently bought one in Manila and when I opened the box, manual is in Korean. Can u teach me how to download a movie using my unit? Is there a manual u can give me in english? What I have here is Korean….

    • Johnnyzalamea

      I also bought one unit last month and the manual is still in Korean. When I called the support team, they said that we just have to call them everytime we need instructions. This is very cumbersome. The supplier should provide English manual for products sold in the Philippines. Maybe an inquiry with the Department of Trade and Industry will yield some solutions to this problem.

    • Johnny Zalamea

      about 2 weeks ago my celrun unit stopped working. I noticed that the hard drive is empty. That means all the music and video i uploaded are all gone for reasons unknown. I must have bought a lemon or a junk unit. The first unit i got before this replacement was not working at all. i will attend to this vendor after the holiday season.

  • Ittechprod

    MKV not supported , picture preview is too slow, internet youtube is not working, tv recording analog not supported, no technical support, please help



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