Published on February 16th,2008 at 4:32 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

The HD-DVD is Dead! Officially Official! Reports Japanese TV NHK!

Japanese National TV (NHK) dropped the news to all Japanese here 25 minutes ago. HD-DVD is almost dead and Toshiba is working on dropping the format for good… While the USA was almost the only large country where HD-DVD had a chance, Walmart’s Friday announcement to stop supporting HD-DVD was a big blow for the Japanese Company. While there is YET to be an official announcement from Toshiba, NHK stated today that an end to this format war will be soon announced.

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The HD-DVD is Dead!  Officially Official!  Reports Japanese TV NHK!The HD-DVD is Dead!  Officially Official!  Reports Japanese TV NHK!
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  • VooDooRoo

    Oh pooh…

    Now theres no competition (according to this crappy TV station)

    Do you think prices will continue to fall??

    Of course they will….

    Oh and who owns most of the movie companies? Hint rythms with “pony”

    So double pay day for them… *sniff sniff*

    R.I.P hd-dvd

  • M

    Looks like Sony did learn it’s lesson from the VHS/Betamax war. That time you could almost hear Sony hear … “You aint seen the last of us yet”. And Beta didnt really die anyway.
    But now with Blu-Ray winning the battle, will the HDDVD consortium fight back in future? Watch this space.
    You know, Blu-ray was destined to win anyway. C’mon, would you rather tells your friends “oi, lookee here, I got me a Blu-ray” or …”I have a HD DVD” ? Blue-ray just sounds do much cooler, AND technologically superior. The HDDVD is too long, doesnt roll of the tongue properly and it makes it sound like a small step from the “D-V-D” we have now.
    Who says branding and marketing cant determine technological advancements?
    Woo hoo!
    Now all they have to do to screw it up is by continuing the Spider man franchise until Spiderman 6 feat. Spider girl, Spiderboy, and your friendly neightbourhood spidergranddad!

  • merc

    Blu-Ray won because HD-DVD’s DRM was cracked easily.

    Blu-ray has better DRM and thats why warner decided to go blu-ray exclusive.

  • Rod

    That is great news!

  • speculatrix

    engadget have a page explaining the complex relationships in the BRay and HDDVD camps, and how there have been many sitting on the fence:

    I think BR won, not because it was technically superior, but that more organisations stand to gain from it, whereas perhaps with HDDVD it was only going to be Microsoft and Toshiba???

  • joey6666

    This simply is not true
    There is official statement of Toshiba here:



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