Published on February 14th,2008 at 12:25 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Titanium Flat Road EB: The New Electric Bike from Panasonic

Panasonic is a leading company in Japan when it comes to electric bicycles, and here’s their latest achievement, the Titanium Flat Road EB. A racing type bicycle which has enough juice to help you cover a distance of 10km in an average time of 30 minutes (with a 150km of autonomy Max). Panasonic also includes the SLIM on this bike, (Smart Lithium-Ion Integrated Management System) a kind of small computer which can at any time inform you the level of your battery as well as the remaining distance you can cover with the juice you have left.

To celebrate the launch of this new ride Panasonic asked LEON, an Italian celebrity in Japan to promote this bike.

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  • kitsune

    Nice bike. So in other words if I’m feeling lazy I can let the bike do the rolling. Perfect for a lazy cyclist such as me

  • Dark

    I’m betting this is as much if not more than a cheap car . . . soo . . .
    I know I could pick up a Geo Metro for 400-600 dollars. LoL

    I may just be used to the old fashion mountain bikes.

  • Rocketboy_X

    Ok, I don’t get why this is a ‘Racing Type’ bicycle. It looks like it has a MTB style frame, thick tires, and a straight handlebar, but it has slicks, aero rims, and a road racing saddle. I’m not sure what they were trying to build. Other than that, it’s a nice small motor that keeps the bike looking rather bike-like. Nice design.

  • Hideki

    Why is this such a big deal? because it is made by Panasonic? This seems to be a titanium frame with shimano components with an electric motor. Its top speed is crappy, and to top it off, if the frame is titanium this would cost in excess of $3000.

  • Rocketboy

    Eddie.. Yes, and Hybrid =! racing type. That’s where the confusion comes from.

  • dementter

    I noticed it had disc brakes. don’t they weigh alot, are they really necessary?

  • Joe

    Hideki, I’m sure it’s only called Titanium. The cost/benefit ratio of using titanium as a frame material in this type of bike would be zero

  • EddieG

    Y\’all just need to learn more about bikes. Disc brakes are standard nowadays on high class bikes. They weigh marginally more than v-brakes and are stronger, more durable, and low maintenance. Titanium has been used for frames for quite some time. It\’s expensive but it has superior qualities compared to aluminum and steel. This bike is top of the line, that\’s it.

  • LanceBassArmstrong

    Disc brakes are only standard on high end MTN bikes. Road bikes universally use v-brakes because… they\\\’re lighter! (And you do less stopping.) Titanium frame here would be ridiculous. Aluminum okay, but this is clearly a commuter bike (if for rec. or healt – why motor?), so steel would makes most sense cost/benefit-wise.

  • Ronald Warner

    This is a super bike and a super way to go. Where can I buy one right now?



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