Published on January 31st,2008 at 1:07 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

SoftBank Launches 3G Prepaid Service with Video Call and Unlimited Email

Here’s a nice little offer from Softbank for those who, like David (, use only prepaid systems in Japan.

Now you’re able to get prepaid phone or SIM cards for use with the Softbank 3G network. Other nifty features are the Video Call System for face to face communication, and the Unlimited Mail 30 day service for only 300 yen (1.8 Eur). Neither SMS or MMS, real email.

SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Masayoshi Son; hereinafter ‘SBM’) announced that it will introduce 3G Prepaid Service from February 4, 2008.

SoftBank Prepaid service is a service which has been offered to 2G with the characteristics of 1) convenient for short period users or users mainly for receiving calls since it does not require a basic monthly charge, and 2) the service is safe for kids and elderly people because it prevents overuse. In addition to the said characteristics, SBM will offer ‘Unlimited Mail’ (application required) for 3G Prepaid Service customers, which enables customers to enjoy as many mails as they want for maximum 30 days with 300 yen (incl. tax). Moreover, as a unique service for 3G, SBM will offer Video Call on 3G Prepaid Service which enables customers to talk while seeing each other’s face.

Along with the 3G Prepaid Service launch, SBM will sell a light and compact model of ‘SoftBank 705Px’ (manufactured by Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd) as 3G Prepaid Service capable handset together with prepaid USIM card at SoftBank shops, SoftBank Online shop, major convenience stores, etc. Prepaid card (3,000 yen or 5,000 yen) will be available for both 2G and 3G Prepaid Service, and the methods available for top-up will remain the same.

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  • Niels

    What I’d like to know it you still need a residency card to be allowed to get a prepaid phone or if just having a tourist visum will be enough.

    I am in Japan up to 4 times a year, but always on a tourist visum. The business I do is all over Japan and I’d like to make use of the Shinkansen trains with a Japan Rail Pass.
    So it’s inconvenient for me not to be there on a tourist visum. However, friends in Japan can not call me because calling me on my own 3G phone from Europe is too expensive for them.

    So, please let me know about the acceptance details.

  • Daimaou

    I am not able to reply to this question, it seems that it will widely depends on the store. BUT, I have heard (you will need to check this by yourself) that you can get such service from Softbank at Narita.

  • KiSaten

    i remeber being offered a payg sim from the softbank store in shinjuku but i didnt want to pay the 8000yen for the phone. Hopefully when i bring my x01ht this year, I’ll be able to get service

  • Niels

    >I am not able to reply to this question, it
    >seems that it will widely depends on the
    >store. BUT, I have heard (you will need to
    >check this by yourself) that you can get such
    >service from Softbank at Narita.

    I know about this. They do rental of Prepaid phones. But that’s rather expensive.
    I used to have a prepaid phone from Softbank (Vodafone) but I lent it to a friend who went to Japan. She lost the charger for it in Japan and forgot to update the credit. No I can’t use it anymore -_-;;

    But It’s OK. I’ll check at Narita again if things have changed when I am back over in August.
    Hey, you need front-row tickets for A-Nation, Uchuubuta-san?

  • john

    I was at Narita Terminal 2 Shop Feb 1 and asked about the 3G prepaid announcement. The staff at Softbank said the prepaid service would be available in March. So, as of yesterday they didn’t know about this.

  • lol

    this service only for ppl that have the alien card. you can surf internet even it is a 3G phone.

  • marco

    unlimtied mail is for to softbank users only?

  • tmh

    singapore 3g phone, SIM CARD TYPE NOKIA N95 can be able to use SOFTBANK SERVICE?

  • Visum

    Can some one tell me wtf a visum is?



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