Published on January 28th,2008 at 12:05 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

10 New Handsets for AU: E-Paper, Waterpoof, OLED, Smile Shutter…

AU (KDDI) just announced 10 new handsets:

-W61SA by Sanyo: has a 3” slide type OLED screen and a touch sensor, Bluetooth, 1Seg TV, GPS, a size of 51x108x17.3mm and weight of 139g.

-W61T by Toshiba: with its sporty design and a 2.8” OLED screen, Bluetooth, GPS, a size of 50x98x18.9mm and weight of 118g.

-W61S by SONY: a Cyber-Shot mobile phone with a 5.1Mpix censor, a 3x Optical Zoom, a 3cm super macro function and smile shutter. Our W61S also receives a Bluetooth and GPS module, a 2.8” VGA OLED screen, and has a size of 50x114x22mm and weight of 149g

-W61CA by Casio: like the W61S, our phone has a 5.18Mpix camera module (EXILIM), but also receives a 1Seg TV tuner. Our phone has 100MB of internal memory, a GPS module, and a size of 50x106x18.9mm and weight of only 132g.

-W62SA by Sanyo: a waterproof IPX5 and IPX7 mobile phone. Has a 2.6” screen, GPS, 1Seg TV tuner, a size of 51x106x19.5mm, and weight of 158g.

-W61H by Hitachi: with its E-Paper sub-display (with different patterns). Our phone uses Wooo technology when it comes to the screen, as well as a 1Seg TV tuner. Size 51x107x16.9mm and a weight of 137g

-W61K by Kyocera: GPS, 2Mpix CMOS camera moduls, and a compact size of 47x99x17.8mm. Tailored to fit Japanese women’s hands.

-W61P by Panasonic: a slim 1Seg mobile phone with a size of 50x108x12.9mm and weight of 107g, a GPS module, and EZFelica one.

-W62S by Sony: a first for AU. This phone can work anywhere in the world thanks to its GSM module. 2.01Mpix.

-W61PT from Pantech & Curitel: a slim body, stylish handset for women. 51x105x14.2mm at 112g.

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  • Cutkillavince

    Some are very nice

  • MicroDesign

    The first one especially. Looks very good.

  • Anon

    These a full of win

  • CesarCardoso

    Why oh why Sony Ericsson doesn\’t launch a GSM version of these marvellous phones they do for AU?

  • VooDooRoo

    Same shit different name!

    Honestly is there anything really different to what they sell at the moment?

    Gimmie a break

    V D R



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