Published on January 25th,2008 at 12:40 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Goth is Back, Goth is Good, Goth is the Way! Mouse, Mousepad and Goth Keyboard.

Not long ago we talked about a Goth like set of skull speakers and a Gothish PC Web-camera. This morning Evergreen came back to us with a rather strange combo consisting of a mouse, mousepad and Goth keyboard.

I’m personally not too crazy about this stuff, but I am sure someone, somewhere, would be interested in this combo.

Via Evergreen
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  • DataHaunt

    This is not Goth. It is typical of what ignorant people think Goth is.

  • brian

    that looks awful, I have quite a different image of “gothic” :p (go to harajuku bridge on a sunday and check the gothic lolitas :D)

  • Kojiro

    So, if I glue some plastic Halloween decorations to my head, will that make me Goth, too?

  • darkfader

    Indeed, this is not goth.

    妖精帝國 for Gothic Lolita !!! (highly recommended)

  • Lukas

    Is Goth anything at all? No offense (or maybe it is) but I know quite a lot of people, not all are my friends of course, but only some to none have high regards about Gothicism. And the fact that the name is quite wrongly chosen doesn’t add to your credibility, because Goth is an architectural term, from 1140-1500. The other explanation of Goth is that it is a Northern-European tribe, which had a great role in the destruction of one of the greatest empires that ever existed, namely the Roman Empire. Even those Americans, who think they are supreme to the rest of the world, can’t deny that the Romans contributed greatly to their society, non the least in their “juristic” system. Sorry if I offended someone, but I’m only summing up the facts about this stupid “way of life”.

    • Bridget

      That was actually why the term “emo” was invented for it. It made more sence, and it seperated real goths from mansons, and mall goths. But like everything else the term emo was stollin, and changed so it could be used as a marking tool. It makes scene, doesn’t anyone remeber when it was explaned as half goth half punk? It just because a sad genra of music because IT SOLD.

  • DataHaunt

    Let me guess…you were on the keyboard design team.

    If you want to find out what this “stupid” way of life actually is, you could either educate yourself a bit or dare to ask a Goth what it means to be Goth. It varies, but to most, it is a state of mind.

    Citing pedantic historical facts that have nothing to do with Goth is simply illustrating more of your ignorance.

    And, sorry if I offend, but you make for a pitiful student if you cannot research this yourself in an intellectually honest manner.

  • Lukas

    Well, thank you for your nice defense, but I must say it doesn’t make me change my mind. I have just made a blog with the same text, but translated to Dutch of course, and already have six reactions with acknowledges. Furthermore I can assure you that I have searched deeply into this, and asked to anthropologists about this matter, and they too give the same explanation as I got to. They have studied six years on Gothics each, and not only in Holland, but also in Great-Britain, and one in America. So it can’t be that we Dutch people have the wrong idea about Gothicism, but maybe it is you who have been wrongly informed about yourselves.

  • Lukas

    Furthermore, you bring yourself in discredit by using “ignorant” too much, and your denigrating tone at the student part, suggests you aren’t the smartest person on this planet either. I am, by the way not one of the designers, I also think these items are a bit strange, and don’t have my preference either. And for your information, being a student doesn’t mean I go to college or something. You just failed in winning the attack on a 15-year old who only goes to Grammar school. Hah!

  • DataHaunt

    LOL. You cannot change a closed and biased mind such as yours.

    If you had of researched even in the least what a Goth is, you would not make suck ignorant comments, especially considering both the number of people who claim to be Goths and your classification of it being a “stupid way of life.”

    I guess the painfully obvious is lost on you. Goth has nothing to do with your pedantic historical references nor was my comments about the Dutch, just you. Try to comprehend what I actually post.

  • DataHaunt

    And again, all one need to do is to perform a simple search on the net to find out what a Goth is. Trying to include historical Goths with modern day Goths is an untenable prostitution to take.

    So I am wrong about myself? LOL. You are confusing modern Goth with Goths of the past and doing so foolishly. Study the classical Goths all you like. You are still missing the painfully obvious fact that a simply search reveals exactly what a Goth is. Not anyone else’s fault if you insist on trying to make some untenable comparison of historical Goth with the modern day Goths.

  • DataHaunt

    When a person is lacking of knowledge, what are the called? Ignorant. You even admitted to not knowing so this makes you ignorant.

    You are the last person to talk about denigration after insulting and summarily castigating Goths based upon your ignorant comments. And commenting on your ignorance as a self-professed student does not reflect upon my intelligence other than to point out that I am knowledgeable in and area you profess you are not.

    The designer comment was a joke. I guess that got by you as well. Sarcasm seems to be another item you lack knowledge in.

    Commenting on someone ignorance is not an attack. And you assume when I called you a student that I meant college. Failed in winning? Winning what? You made comments out of your total ignorance. If you want a debate, then that is a totally different matter.

    In other words, I was correcting the ignorant comments of a closed minded child.

  • gothgothgoth

    I think if you use the word “Goth” more than once a week, you’re obsessing yourself with something that’s not really worth it. I certainly wouldn’t want to bore myself with someone who chucks “Goth” into every sentence. Even “Gothic.” Wait . . . no . . . yes. It’s like hanging out with someone who’s obsessed with football statistics or home decorating. Barf, go away.

  • gothbarfgothstop

    I have this friend, Meloney, who is a reporter on Capitol Hill, DC. She\’s not goth. She\’s actually not my friend and I hate her because she never shuts up about her blackberry phone and politics and being a rich, white wasp. And being Goth, to me, is like being Meloney except you dye your hair black and hang out at the mall in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and talk about infinite sadness and you smoke cloves. I can\’t stop barfing.

  • MaximusPrime

    What is this…cute goth? I think goth is supposed to look more dark, more mean…this is too childish, haha.

  • Jenna




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