Published on January 24th,2008 at 12:00 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

2,240 Police Officers, 460 Patrol Cars, 1 Helicopter Mobilized for a Car Chase in Osaka

A little bit off topic, but WOW! Imagine, 1 helicopter, 460 patrol cars, and over 2240 police officers chasing 1 guy driving a car… Even with this army of men it took a stunning 2 hours to catch him, and thats AFTER he crashes into a bridge column…

Here’s the most interesting part of the all story. This “gentleman” just drove around Osaka speeding and ignoring traffic lights … Now, if it takes the Japanese government 2240 cops to catch an average Joe, imagine what would happen if they were chasing a terrorist.

Note : The photo below is not related to the event.

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  • Cutkillavince

    Hehe, very interesting

  • Only_alphabets_and_unders

    Very nice to see that you titled the car crash photos Fun_01, Fun_02 and Fun_03… very compassionate. to be honest i expected more from a group of french otaku. oh yeah. maybe not.

  • VooDooRoo

    I keep expecting sll of them when they ask for my Gaijan card and I say
    piss off
    and keep walking

    They are probably ok ppl but have no time for coppers in japan

    V D R!

  • brian

    now if they did something about the yakuzas..

  • Kamina

    seriously…2240 police officers to chase 1 goddam car?
    have they ever heard of using a gun to shoot a car tire before? I mean, wtf are they trying to do? test the endurance between each other?
    Giving it to an American cop, he wouldve just called a couple of his buddies to ram the car, get the guy out and taser the crud outta him till he dies.
    Japanese cop: “HE’LL GIVE UP SOON…………….ANYTIME NOW…………..”
    *8 hours later*
    “that car is gonna run out of gas, WE R DA WIN!…….soon…..”

  • Thetrue

    They do nothing about Yakuza because they pay to police to do nothing, or the police is very scared to face Yakuza.

    Other than that, there are no violence so the police needs some kid of entertainment, and now they found with that poor guy.

    The True

  • Marcus

    Perhaps they need better cars. And maybe german cars… The police in Germany is driving fast BMW and Mercedes… and here in Germany is no speed limit on some freeways/motorways NO speed limit. NO limit!

  • Iain

    American cops are gun nuts, so of course the first thing they’d do is draw them.

    I have been to Japan three times and I have never had a problem with the police. In fact I find them extremely helpful and approachable.

    Our British police cars are impressive, but those bit Toyota Crowns are magnificent monsters… gotta love Japanese ploce cars



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