Published on December 19th,2007 at 6:48 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Put 100GB of SSD in your pocket!

Here comes Buffalo with the brand new “SHD-UHRS”, an external SSD (Solid State Disk), with USB 2.0 rocking a nice capacity of a hundred GB in a credit card sized device.
If your pocket can hold 60g on one side and 100,000 Yen (615 EUR) on the other, then you’re good to go.

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Put 100GB of SSD in your pocket!Put 100GB of SSD in your pocket!Put 100GB of SSD in your pocket!Put 100GB of SSD in your pocket!Put 100GB of SSD in your pocket!
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  • WD

    Western Digital make 250GB keitai harddrive much cheaper.

  • Dozer

    Previous poster: did you even bother to read the article ? It’s not a drive, it’s solid state.

  • jsolisre

    Besides, that auction thingy is not exactly small. Well, only in capacity compared to this new Buffalo device.
    So your point is….?

  • WD

    Yes, I would rather buy a harddrive that fits in my shirt pocket, has the same functions (powered by USB) and also has 2.5 times the capacity, than buy new technology that is still lacking in capacity at the moment. You can spend loads of money on 100 gigs of storage if you like.

  • Pras

    I can see why people pay the extra for an SSD when it’s internal, but for now, a 64GB Flash drive makes much better sense.

    Who needs such high performance from an external disk? Also USB2 is very restrictive on this front, so really it’s just an attempt to pay for some further research by getting rich bling merchants excited over nothing

    Good luck to them

  • Nick

    It’s also not a very good idea because flash memory wears out. If you read and write enough files to flash, especially if you are using an operating system on it, the flash memory will degrade and eventually cause lots of errors. I wouldn’t spend that much money on something that will eventually wear out. Hard drives don’t, and although they break from impacts, are a better choice because of their obvious price advantages.

  • Benjamin

    Useless.64 GB available on SD Card.
    32GB SSd available in 2.5″ and 1.8″ Size->just mount in an external Harddrive case..
    .Far too expensive.

  • Laurentecolo

    I am absolutely for such products, this disc is a marvel, some people are still reluctant to buy it, but when the price is reasonable it will sell like hot cakes.

  • voyance

    Me, I need an external hard disc so, I find this practice very little disc.

  • Jeffman

    I find it a little expensive!

  • Jeffman

    I love the new technology!

  • micky

    I need an external hard disc. especially like very little disc.

  • Yesmessenger

    I love this blog!

  • rencontre

    Me also, I love the new technology !

  • samirjajjawi

    Right! Very small disk. I have never seen it before..



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