Published on November 22nd,2007 at 3:23 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Alive, well almost….

Hi Folks ! Well I am back ! And… well no unfortunately my operation was not successful and I spent 4h on the operation table for almost nothing… Apparently my case was quite difficult and even if I had the chance to get one of the best doctor for this common but delicate operation. Anyway, I am still Alive but very tired, now I will have to take 1 pill for my heart per day most probably forever but hey cheer up Daimaou! we never know how things will go in the future.

So I am back ready to fight for,, and others…

Oh and here you are some pictures from my Hospital the Hayama Heart Center where I had one of the most amazing view ever ! I loved to wake-up the morning seeing the Fujisan… (mount fuji)….

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Alive, well almost….Alive, well almost….Alive, well almost….Alive, well almost….Alive, well almost….Alive, well almost….
Alive, well almost….Alive, well almost….Alive, well almost….Alive, well almost….Alive, well almost….Alive, well almost….
Alive, well almost….Alive, well almost….Alive, well almost….
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Happy Thanksgiving! And Yes, we are off in Japan as well !


  • amstrad

    Get well soon Daimaou! I know this won’t keep you back from all your sites! Do a couple of kilometers of walking every day and that pump will keep on working fine forever!

  • takumi

    get well soon

  • wille

    What a bummer. Get well man!

  • itsme

    get well soon!

  • JoJo

    best wishes, be well soon !!!

  • Gaetan321

    Désolé de savoir ca. Bon rétablissement et essaie de t\’orienter vahinés, plages et cocotier pendant quelques semaines histoire de t\’échapper de ce cosmos technologique. C\’est pas trop Feng Chui

  • Ramzi

    bon rétablissement

  • veridianaserpa

    get well, take care!

  • raphael

    im not a regular visitor but aprecciate your site very much! hope you get better soon.!!! cheers..

  • Noel

    wish you well my friend
    hope to come and visit

  • T

    Sorry to hear the operation didn’t go well. I wish you the strength of [insert your favorite] army. Thanks for such a great blog. It’s one of my favorites.

  • Parvell

    Non mollare, siamo tutti con te (get well, we are all close to you).
    Greetings from Italy

  • otakun

    Get Well soon

  • Christian

    Hi Daimaou, I usually don’t write comments (except when there is a price ), but I have checked your site almost every single day since I arrived to Japan 3 years ago. I’m sure you will get well soon… and ready to fight the evil empire of dannychoo…

    Cuidate mucho y mejorate pronto, un abrazo…

  • speculatrix

    Am very glad you’re still with us, I really hope you get better quickly.

    Hopefully medical advances will come along and allow you to be fixed up in the future!

  • Paulo

    I no speak english, sorry…

    Lamento pelo seu problema e espero que se recupere logo.

    Suas matérias são ótimas.

  • Thetrue

    Get better soon! What happened btw? Eating too much food w/ fat in your life?

  • booest

    DO get well soon. The green pig is essential for our daily dosage of gadgets and more gadgets.

    If it doesn’t kill you, it will just make you stronger!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you can get a shuojuo + Calpico :D


  • theFanboy

    Oh Man,

    get well soon, my prayers are with you. All my favorite Gods are going to cure you for sure!

  • maomao

    You will be fine. Get well soon. And Good luck for you.

  • suvi

    I wish you only the best !

  • breakersrevenge

    Get better soon, Hope the nurses are looking after you!!!!

  • john

    bon courage damien, va voir les docteurs du coeur de Lyon c’est les meilleurs.

  • Nabi

    Just watch your diet, amigo. Statin pills might be a ticket.

  • Aleks

    Get well soon!

  • Jota_Ribas

    … Hello, I just wanted to wish improvements … and back quickly!

  • jonhohx

    get well soon sir, may u b happy and well

  • VeiSong

    Get better soon! Moscow with you!

    I’m from Russia, Moscow… and even so far from you there are a lot of fans! Yes! You’ve understood it right, there are a lot of your’s and thi site’s fans in Moscow! Do your best forever!


    So wazzup with you ?
    what is the problem?

  • FER

    get well and be strong!!!

  • Jun


    Please take a good care of yourself and hope I can meet you again with your lovely wife and daughter.

    Take care.

  • arobbins100

    Get well soon Mate!

  • caska

    get well soon, Daimaou

    I miss you, wating for you

  • Steven

    Keep it up, Daimaou! I’m sure you’ll be fine.
    You have an absolutely wonderful view of the ocean at least!

  • CyberEddie

    The Best Wishes! Be strong! We need you…

  • liqorice

    Hi I always read your site and go to it almost 3 times a day. I am a bit of a gadget information freak.

    I have never posted, just read comments, but seeing as how you are not feeling well and are still doing your bit to bring us the news, I thought I would give you a big High 5 and wish you all the best in a speedy recovery and a future solution to what ever illness it is slowing you down. chin up soldier and thanks a lot for all the info ou have given me over the years.

  • Venkat

    Wishing you a better health and speedy recovery.

    All the best.

    Dude, you rock the site. Waiting for you

  • Visionnerz

    Hope things work out for you, Daimaou. Best wishes.

  • Kamion

    Take care and hope you get well soon, Alex!

    BTW, one of your videos (on the Hitachi robot EMIEW) have been used on The Register:

  • Cedric

    Remets toi bien, bon courage.

  • DJCarbon43

    Get better bro! We’re here for you!

  • Leo

    Get well soon! You look too young to have heart trouble. Must be all the fast living and good food. :D

  • T

    Keep your head up, and always remember that it could be worse!

    Cheer up, and I hope you get well pretty soon!

  • Venkat


    Is it you ?

    I just happened to come across this picture.

    Description from reuters:
    A man dressed as a character from the movie “Star Wars” waits for an elevator in the lobby of the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York November 17, 2007.

    REUTERS/Jacob Silberberg

  • brian

    Hope everything turns out well.

  • SirJeannot

    aw. I really hope this won’t get in the way of your active life too much.
    best wishes.

  • karatedog

    Best wishes from Hungary.
    Get well soon!

  • himanshu

    ouch !

    was shocked to learn that you are in hospital !

    Although i am not a doctor or anything, i would suggest you to take a look at yoga.

    Especially, breathing excercises like Bhastrika and Pranayam.

    It has helped one of my friends a lot, after he underwent a heart surgery.

    I sincerely wish that you get well soon !!

    Cheer up buddy !

  • Leuz

    I am deeply sorry to hear this, I think you are great with this work. I really enjoy to read the news and reviews. I wish you get well soon.


  • Petr

    Hey dude,
    we wish you all the best from Czech Republic and get well soon. Coz we need you, your attitude and this damn good green pig website which we REALL
    Y LOVE!!! … :-D
    btw thanx for amazing view on Fuji!

  • alex

    Get well soon!

  • twiga

    Nice pics. Is that beer at the end?

    Also, those tablets look weird you sure they are not placebo hehe.

    Good luck on the recovery.

  • albundyhere

    sorry to hear about the op not going well. Hope the heart pills work. They had something on the news in Germany about a new treatment where they disconnect your heart so it does not beat, and let it heal on its own while a heart pump did the work for about a month. the patient recovered completely without having to have it replaced (the real one). make sure you walk, but not too much!

  • Richard

    Get well soon. Form the looks of it and from the limited information, maybe SVT?

  • Nex

    Get well soon!



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