Published on November 16th,2007 at 4:43 AM
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NTT Docomo to update 7 mobile phones!

Here’s a look at the “new” phones that NTT Docomo will soon put on sale!

This slider phone is made by Mitsubishi Electric and features a 3.1 inch TFT screen (480×864), a 3.2 MPx camera with AutoFocus, a motion control system plus the usual things. Dimensions and weight are 110x49x18.7mm and 132g. The battery can last 200 minutes in GSM and 3G mode, and up to 530 hours when you just let it sleep. 5 colors are available: Orange, Yellow, Metal Black, White, Rose and Gold.

This one is made by Fujitsu and also provides a large screen called “Width Motion” here, it is a “Super-Fine IPS” monitor of 3.2 inches and 480×864 resolution. The camera is a 3.2MPx with CMOS sensor; other than the fingerprint system, the rest of the specifications are classic.
108x50x21mm and 138 grams.
Autonomy from 200 minutes (GSM 3G) to 505 hours.
Available in Blue, Black, White and Magenta.

From NEC, it is equipped with a rotating screen, a 3 inches EX Liquid Crystal with 480×854 resolution and again, the usual specifications.
Dimensiosn and weight are also just in the right margin with 109x49x19.6 and 133 grams.
I bet you won’t be surprised if the same goes for the autonomy: from 200 minutes to 600 hours.
Colors include Black, White, Rose and Red.

Made by NEC.
3 inches EX liquid crystal screen, 480x854px.
108x50x12.9mm and 106 grams.
Autonomy from 220 minutes to 630 hours.
Gold, Black, White, Red.
The “µ” comes from the special thickness (12.9mm) of this particular model.

Made by Panasonic.
“W Opening Style” screen, TFT liquid crystals, 3 inches and 480x854px.
5.1MPx sensor with AutoFocus.
106X49X18.5mm and 137 grams.
Battery : from 260 mins to 580 hrs.
Rose, Red, White and Gold are the colors.

Made by Sharp.
ASV Liquid Crystal 3 inches (480×854) screen with rotating system.
3.2MPx CMOS sensor with Blur Correction and Dolby Certified sound.
112x48x16.9mm and 125 grams.
From 190 minutes to 540 hours, colors include Rose, Black, White and Blue.

Made by Sony Ericsson.
Equipped with Jog Dial and Sensitive Pad, Bravia technology for the 3 inches (640×480) screen.
3.2MPx sensor (CMOS) with AutoFocus.
110x49x19.7mm and 134 grams.
Autonomy between 230 minutes and 520 hours. Either Red, Black, Beige or Champagne.

18% D905i
5% F905i
18% N905i or µ
16% P905i
12% SH905i
31% SO905i

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  • Niels

    Hi, do they support GSM frequencies in Japan now? When did this happen @_@:;;;;;

  • eX

    Well, full specs aren’t available yet but given the facts that most DoCoMo phones work only on high speed networks in Japan, it probably won’t have GSM. The only thing that’s nice about this is the screen res, but phones with large screen res suck more battery power. I’d wait while full specs are available to judge this phone properly. If it isn’t running WinMo it won’t quality as a smartphone in my book. :/

  • ironoyume

    the phones seem great but will most of the functions work if i use it in my home country singapore?really hope someone can tell me cos i’m quite clueless…

  • xellos

    3G – Please check here.
    FOMA 905i



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