Published on November 13th,2007 at 4:59 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Apple vs Microsoft: what’s going on in Japan?

The Japanese magazine “Business Computer News” recently published interesting statistics about the sales of the 2 major Operating Systems that can be found on most Personal Computers.

The sales growth of Apple in blue, Microsoft in orange.

The VISTA (blue) and XP (yellow) operating systems from Microsoft.

Desktops and laptops sales growth from Apple.

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  • VooDooRoo

    After buying my 1st ipod,I was very impressed with the workmanship and quality of it..Probably same with their PC`s?

    Also noticed a strange thing.My local computer shop (chain store) have stopped selling AMD motherboards and not supplying latest CPU`s so making it look like Intel are better and have a faster CPU….

    I like AMD so Zoa don`t get my money anymore…!

    V D R

  • Amit

    Hi dear,
    u used ipod, use Mac once and u will never willing to switch on your PC.
    Thats the beauty and simplicity of mac m/c and OS
    though AMD is better, sa;es rules the world. u can buy AMD motherboard online from biccamera or any other store site.

    Buy Mac for yourself, u’ll fall in love of it.

  • Thetrue

    Mac? Nah, mac does sucks a lot and BIG time! If you really know computer, you go for Unix like Linux nowdays. I’m an old computer user (since 1980), to those who don’t know a thing about those machines, mac is way to go. After all, mac was made to people who don’t know about computers.


  • jlb


    Seems, you are not up to date about computers. Mac OS X is Unix OS (since 10.0). Leopard is Unix certified

    Try to get some documentation before posting more comments about Macs

    Best regards

  • albundyhere

    Amit, these days, a mac is a PC, as the hardware is identical. the OS is the only thing distinguishing the two. I love the workmanship on the Mac OSX leopard, but gaming is the reason I unfortunately have to use a windows based PC. If apple release an x86 version that supported DirectX 10, I’d switch my OS in a heartbeat. until then, i have to suffer with MS.

  • Nolendil

    albundyhere >
    Now all the Macs sold by Apple use Intel CPUs and can boot Windows as well as Mac OS X. So nothing stops you from buying a Mac now ;o)

  • Ogawa

    I would say that Vista 32bit is the worst idea ever. Specially making a Home Basic and Home Premium versions.
    If they had made just 64bit Business and Ultimate versions they would had a better sales.
    The problem with 32bit os is that it has a limited of 4GB of memory for the whole system, so if you have a 512MB video car you can have up to 3.5GB of Ram. Is a lot for people who just surf on the web and check e-mails, but is not enough for video editing,
    So you would say get the 64bit version. Well, there is the next problem, there are no 64bit drivers for my sound card and printers, and the printer is not a home inject, it’s a big color laser with many trays and paper sizes.
    Don’t like how they changed the way the video card and the sound cards works. Is limiting a lot for people who knows how to use it.
    This makes me thing really a lot about going to Mac, but then I have to buy again all the softwares! more expensive than buying the fastest Mac Computer.

  • Ogawa

    And for VooDooRoo, I use to be a great fan of AMD since the 486 of 133MHz (you could overclock it to 160MHz!). Then during the Pentium4 era it was just performance/price thing. AMD was always at the top for few yens you could save and getting the same performance.
    Then Intel made the Intel Core and they could match the AMD performance/price. After that they got better with the Intel Core 2 Duo and Quad and now days the fastest CPU\’s are form Intel.
    Don\’t know what happened with AMD. After they go ATI looks like they lost interest on CPUs and they are just focusing on video cards.

  • fractalhorizon

    Thetrue, mate, time to get back to those computer textbooks.

    MacOS X <b>IS</b> Unix. Its a BSD subsystem running over a Mach kernel. It is about as Unix as it gets. Not that the average user needs to know that.

    Linux <b>is NOT</b> Unix. Linux (together with GNU – which stands for “Gnu is Not Unix!”) is an excellent free Unix-like OS, and certainly for advanced geeks it is a great alternative to Windows, especially if one enjoys tweaking the computer more than actually using it.

    If you actually want to use the computer, Mac OS X is much nicer.

  • chungdha

    I prefer Windows its a much more friendly interface. And I got a tablet pc that can only run windows.

  • Only_alphabets_and_unders

    Listen up.

    Mac runs XP. Mac runs Vista. Mac runs Linux. Mac runs OSX. Are you starting to get it yet, or do you need a diagram?

  • Martin


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