Published on November 2nd,2007 at 3:10 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

3840×2400 on a 22″ LCD Possible ? Yep ! Think Toshiba !

No, Toshiba does not ONLY have lame ideas (like HD-DVD for example), but from time to time they can come up with impressive stuff, like a 22″ LCD with a resolution of 3840×2400, or WQUXGA, and the best is yet to come: expect something like a price tag of 12000€… Vaseline not included.

Via Toshiba
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  • Cutkillavince

    What a shame for the Vaseline

  • koy

    now why would you want such a high resolution on such a small screen? you’d need to have your face glued to the screen to be able to read anything…

  • Christian

    Nah, the resolution is good; I have no problems with 1600×1200 on a 15″ screen.

    Besides, the monitor is typically 30-40cm from your face anyway.

  • Anonymous

    hey koy,
    There are operating systems that allow the user to configure their font size.. and adjust the DPI of the operating system to match the DPI of their screen..

    There was a true reason that 19″ CRTs were being sold that could do 2056×1536.. it is damn nice when you’ve gotta a few windows to monitor at once, or do any graphics work.

  • Zilax

    200dpi! That’s nice. Not 12000 euros nice, but I’m sure the price will fall in time. Once they hit 300dpi I think paperless offices could start become practical realities.

  • Howcaresanyway

    This stuff is so damn CHEAP, than I will buy 10 (ten) units asap!

    8 them I willl broken, put gas and fire, hammer, etc, etc. and the last 2 I willl give away (because is indeed damn CHEAP!)

    Know it ALL !

  • Brandon

    Brightness is horrible!

  • miahallen

    WOW! You guys don’t get out much…Viewsonic made a display with these specs a few years ago, the VP2290b. You can still find them here and there on ebay for $1000-1500.

  • underscored_alphabet

    @koy: such high resolution displays are often used in areas where an extreme clarity is needed, such as medicine, e.g. viewing X-ray images.

    That being said, 3840×2400 really isn’t new, as the IBM T220, and the later T221, and rebranding of these (Viewsonic’s VP2290b being but one of the) have been on the market for several years. You get them off of Ebay for as low as $500, depending on the state they’re in – I almost bought one a about a week ago. New ones usually sell for no less than $3500. However, a 200 DPI really is peanuts compared to what you can get if you have the dough to spend. There is a company called Kopin, which produce small displays typically for video eyewear, digital cameras, etc. The dot pitch of these displays is simply ridiculous, and you can get a resolution up to 1280×1024 on a viewable area less than an inch (diagonal). That’s in excess of 1600 DPI, which I suspect would make it hard to locate dead pixels.

  • viperiii

    Is there is a DISPLAY PORT connectivity yet?

  • Nex

    Come on! I’m still waiting on the magic 16:10 4k screen (4000×2500), so those of us who still idolize the red one will have viewing space.

  • DrCoolio

    Wowsers, that’s very high resolution!



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