Published on November 2nd,2007 at 12:24 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Japan, one of the best places on earth to buy an Xbox 360

You know what? I LOVE JAPAN; not only do we get most of the coolest things on earth before EVERYONE else (almost), but we also pay less for them than you guys (most of the time), like for example, the XBOX360.

Until recently, my PS3 was the only next gen console that I owned (I also own 2 PS2, 2 Super Famicom, 1 XBOX, 1 GameCube…), but yesterday since MS decided to drastically attack the Japanese market with a pretty nice offer… The latest X360 Value pack… I run at the nearest Yodobashi Camera to get a X360

For merely $304 or 211€, you will get in Japan a X360 (With HDMI), a wireless controller, a 20GB HDD, 1 remote control, a HD TV cable (D4), 1 Lan Cable, a 1 month free membership to the XBOX Live (Gold), and 2 Video games like Forza Motorsport 2 and Viva Piñata. OH YEAH !…. And while I was in the store, I also bought Ace Combat 6 and Halo 3 and another NDS since I had my stolen… but that is another story…

Basically we get in Japan a XBOX 360 package, minus the headset but plus 2 games (YEAH FORZA, Fred, I am going to be your new nemesis!) and a remote control for $46 cheaper than in the USA, or 69€ cheaper than the CORE System in France which includes almost nothing, just the X360 and a wire controller.

Like Nelson MUNTZ would say… AHA !

See you on the XBOX LIVE !

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  • doodles

    yea you say you guys have Cheap system,s but that off set by expensive ass games! yea games aren’t cheap anywhere, but it cost about $70 for a game for xbox 360 in japan when it cost about $50 in the states. Your getting shafted one way or another bro

  • enigma

    Actually. Most 360 games cost over 60 dollars. It’s only games that have sold an assload of copies that gets sold cheaper. Unless it’s something they can charge full price for and still sell steadily. Like Gears of War or Halo 3. Don’t forget we did get the Wii first with a copy of Wii Sports, but Japan had the DS lite first : P

    Our gaming peers in Europe and Australia pay ALOT more for games. Extra taxes or something of that nature : (

    Microsoft has decreased the 360’s price as has Sony in various markets. The only thing that sucks is overseas gaming tends to lag. I have an awesome connection so it’a not me. It’s the distance that is so vast and seperated by millions of miles of cabling and satelite uplinks, not to mention the routers it crosses.

    Oh well, it’d be cool to play Halo 3 with someone from Japan. I could show off my ninja armor.

  • Formol

    Here in Brazil there are NO GAMES under €100,00 (almost US$150) to sell. Only \”pirated\” and smuggled itens can be found at reasanable prices. Due to a irrational tax politic all games are very expensive, and they all cost almost the same… I hate living on a crappy country…

  • Brandon

    Wow, that is dirt cheap. You can’t even get used 360’s on Craigslist that cheap!

  • Whocares

    At least, they costs US$ 5 or less if pir8, for exactly same game, same quality and all, except w/o that nice package, but who needs that anyway?

  • miahallen

    I’ve thought of buying an XBOX here in Japan, but what about region codes? Can I take it to the sates in a couple years and not worry about compatability? Also, are the games it comes with in Japanese, or English?

  • yazata

    I think here in Europe we suffer more then in any other country, speaking about gadgets, video games, computers, etc. Here things arrive latter, and the price is always higher then in Japan or the US. I bought an iPod Video in January when I went to NY, and it’s 80€ cheaper then in Europe.

  • victorp

    Thanks VERY much for posting this article! I picked one up last Saturday for 34,000 yen including two games (Forza and Viva Pinata) so both me and the wifey are happily playing atm

    miahallen: Good news; the above two games default to whatever language you have set your system to… and the same seems to be true for any demo that I downloaded so far!

    In other words… you can just buy “Japanese” games and they will play in English if your system is set to that; awesome!

  • miahallen

    victorp – thanks a bunch. I’m still curious if games I buy at the store on base (US games) will work, but I think I might just go give it a try.

  • PapyH

    Be careful though on the power supply as Europe is working on 220V and Japan on 100V. A converter will cost you 400€ so better purchase the original Xbox 220V power supply on the internet. This will cost you an extra 50€.

  • Swati

    Where can i find XBox English version in JAPAN?



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