Published on October 19th,2007 at 3:44 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

SATA HDD Stage Rack, plug any 2.5 or 3.5″ SATA HDD to your PC at any time!

Dear Fellow Geek or Hardcore nerds here is a little product which may change your life forever!

Have you ever desired to easily plug a 3.5 or 2.5″ HDD to your computer like this without the needs to dismount or open anything? Well I have may found the solution for you thanks to the SATA HDD STAGE RACK.
Simply put, let’s imagine that you have an USB docking station plugged to your PC and that whenever you feel the need to use a SATA HDD, you just have to plug it to this docking station as simply as you were plugging your iPOD or PDA to your computer…
If you are working in a tech center, data center or if you are just a Geeky HDD freak, the SATA HDD Stage Rack is the ultimate solution for you!

The last good news is that this SATA HDD Stage Rack is available right now 33€ at

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  • Gar

    WOW this i really neeed! Perfect for all those laptop drives I have laying around.

  • RedEys

    It doesn’t say Linux among supported OS, but I guess it will work even for that OS.

  • Daimaou

    I will try on a Live CD to find out… Ubuntu… but I really think it will work

  • TxDot

    Is there any way to make something like this work with IDE drives? I have more old IDE drives laying around than SATA drives.

  • Daimaou

    The problem with IDE HDD is that they are more difficult to plug in or out of a cradle like this, SATA makes much more sens… but I agree with you, it would have been nice.

  • WKC

    PATA was never designed to be hot swapped like SATA. Notice how SATA (or USB for that matter) have a series of longer pins to maintain proper ground. Most of the connections are not designed to be easily removed as a previous poster stated. In addition PATA drives do not have standard power and connector locations. SATA drives must all follow a standard and be designed connnectors and power in standard locations.

  • budtske

    really want one of these, does anyone know of a european shop/webshop that sells these? 66.8$ shipping + import tax is a little too steep

  • peterson

    this is pretty cool i must say..

  • Knight

    Somebody please tell me they recognize that music.. I\’m hooked! =O

  • PiZ

    …one of the most useful gadget i’ve seen!!! =)

  • NickD

    $40 SHIPPING!?!?! lol you’ve GOT to be kidding. Reminds me of Ebay bloated shipping fees to increase profit.

  • Daimaou

    Shipping from Japan to another country is not cheap…

  • matan

    are there any version with firewire?

  • Linux

    RedEys, it does specifically mention that it works with Linux kernel 2.4 and higher. That means most any distro that\\\’s been out for the past 5 years or so.

  • SirJeannot

    this dock is the coolest solution! i’ve been randomly looking for a simple setup and this is the answer.
    i just can’t wait for it to be imported in the us/eur.

  • Anonymous

    For IDE drives (both 3.5″ and 2.5″) look at this:

  • cosmos

    It’s GREAT !!
    Frankly, I considered similar product with IDE HDD which proved to be impossible.
    It’s good that the market moved to SATA.
    But I will not buy this one because it’s PC interface is USB that means I cannot enjoy full functionality of SATA. I think you need to devise SATA2 to E-SATA model also. I’ll wait for that.

  • noimagination

    does anyone own one? if so who is the manufacturer. I doubt it’s manufactured in Japan (probably china). It’s expensive to ship them one at a time outside of japan. If you put a few thousand in a shipping container, it gets real cheap, real fast.

  • stev

    Has anyone looked at the same type of docking station from ViPower?

    The product is USB2.0 to SATA.

    Also, someone asked about USB2.0 to IDE (PATA). Yes, they have that too!

    You can even get them in Firewire for faster speed!

    Just scroll down to the U-Series on this page …

  • Schmuck

    @ noimagination: we have some in our company. We did get them by an IT exposition in Hannover, Germany from a japan manufacturer.

  • PCLady

    This acutally is perfect. I have always been looking for something like that.

  • Marktfanalyse

    Can I get it in Europe?

  • caroline

    I didn’t find it in europe for the moment …

  • coucou

    It’s really cool , gonna see to buy one

  • Zarf

    I have this and it is SO useful. I hate pulling HD’s out of the regular enclosures.

    I finally managed to hunt down the manufacturer, Century Japan (

  • Kens

    Bagay malè !!!



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