Published on October 15th,2007 at 4:17 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Moved to Vista? What now?

Inspired by a poll made by my friend Mobian Jason Dunn on his own website (, which was trying to determine the impact of Vista on pc users (mostly in regard to Windows Mobile and WMDC users), I thought it could be a good idea to know what you guys think about that matter… Did you make the jump to Vista, and… if so, what do you think about it, and what have you been doing since? So, please take a few seconds to answer to the poll below.


21% Back to XP
10% Gone to MAC OSX
29% Still on Vista
40% Never made the move to Vista

(487 votes)

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  • SeaJackal

    my answer is move to Ubuntu Linux..

  • Manu_el_manouche

    GNU\\Linux should be an alternative to Windows Vista, XP and Mac OS…


  • unruled

    Never moved to vista (thank god)

  • Joe

    Vista is just the excuse I’ve been waiting for. Now there’s nothing stopping me getting a Mac

  • Daimaou

    Joe > Same here !

  • Dakine

    I don’t recommend Vista for one major reason. That reason is what do I get for all the money I just spent? I get a memory and cpu hog, I get fewer drivers, and I get a false sense of security. Vista gets two thumbs down. I recommend to friends, family, and co-workers to stay with XP or move to OS X.

  • macboy

    i never switched because i think XP is far superior..

    <a href=”″>XP RULES!!</a>

  • CARION2012

    I’m in the transition from windows xp to ubuntu linux. I currently have a dual boot setup but in 3 more days, I’ll have Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon with a windows xp virtualbox. Can’t wait for the gutsy release. You guys really should off an ubuntu option, or atleast an “other os” option for thoose of us using gnu/linux, bsd, solaris, amiga os4, etc.

  • Dark

    Beta’d Vista. Worked some with it. They need to work on its “bloatware”, driver compatability, and software compatability. Dang its a resource hog.

  • darkfader

    I switched to both OS X 10.5 and Vista Ultimate. Fresh bugs to try to find a way around

  • albundyhere

    it was the worst experience ever. basically, it looked nice during the install, but it became a driver nightmare. ATI IGP, soundcard, network card fully unsupported. it took me a month to find drivers that were buggy as hell. I cannot stress enough not to use Vista. Its Windows Me in a pretty shell.

  • davecazz

    Not sure what everyone is bitching about, I moved to vista ultimate 64 bit on an overclocked quad core and I love it, best os yet.

    Much better than XP (except for super hard core gaming where you want to squeeze a couple of extra fps).

  • Lucas

    probably that 25 is working at microsoft and gettin paid for it

    Can you check it?

  • Ken

    Vista just made my work environment worse. I use it for 6 month, learned all the functions, new features and everything it has. There is only few new good improvement and the rest is just garbage, The links that you can add on Windows Explorer is nice, but not a thing that you can’t do on XP. Just a little bit easier to use it. The IIS has some improvements as the FTP is working better thought firewalls and the client can have many downloads at the same time. XP has a limit for just 2 downloads.
    Changing the thumbnails size with Ctr+Wheel is nice.
    The rest is just slow, made my dynamically work slower. Aero won’t work with Macromedia’s Flash or Fireworks.
    Full screen flash contents are slower on Vista (I have the same machine with XP and Vista). The new search of Vista never find what I’m looking for. Even writing the file name as is. mplayer2 is gone.
    And yes, everything is slow slow slow and for nothing.

  • Ken

    I’m using a Intel Quad core 2.4Ghz with 2GB of Ram and 4HDD in Raid 0, Radeon X1950 512MB and I can tell that Vista is slow.
    I’m back to XP and don’t have any plans to go back to Vista.
    Even CS3 is full compatible with Vista, has too much bugs, What happened with Adobe? 2000$ and they gave me just bugs, problems and a lot of upgrades that don’t improve anything.

  • brian

    Tried vista during the betas and made the final move last December with RTM. Never going back to XP, love Vista. The major hog atm is slow disk access (because hard disks suck), but SSD disks should solve that soon.

  • Miikun

    Vista x64, Quad Core, 6gb, 8800 in an SFF. I originally set it up as triple boot XPx86/2003×86 EE/Vistax64. After upgrading HDD, I just went with Vista, enabled concurrent logons and stuck with it. Gaming works well, adds DX10, shadow copies, a task manager that works, and since the machine is new, no major driver issues. Frankly, there’s no alternative if you want to use a lot of (currently very cheap) ram since driver support for XP64 is worse than Vista64, and some things just won’t install in 2003EE. 3rd party pieces running slower bring back “Win98 apps were slower in 2000″, or that their “PPC OSX apps runs like crap on the Intel Macs”. Eventually the 3rd parties catch up, but at least they work reasonably well today. There’s no need to *switch* to Vista, but on a new machine, I’m not downgrading to XP if it’s not a low end spec.

  • zenk

    Switched to Vista 64-bit and it has been rock solid no problems at all with any of the hardware or with application support.

    No intention of ever switching to OSX/Linux or going back to XP.

  • Pvin

    Staying with Xp . Would move to Linux if the TV card should find a driver to follow it … Otherwise Vista is too much of a Hog and of the same of XP with smoother graphics only. No real advantage on moving to vista

  • ScottK

    Just a few comments directed to previous posters….

    (please note: these comments are *not* indended to be personal and / or “ad hominem” attacks against the persons referenced, and I fully support their right to make such comments)

    “Ken”: I have no idea why you’re making that comment on Macromedia Flash & “Aero” – works fine here, including full-screen Flash & ActionScript content on my system (which is significantly under-powered than yours). You might want to go to “Advanced Search” to get a better search result – especially if your entire hard drive hasn’t been indexed.

    “Pvin”: If you’re just basing that on the memory usage levels, then you need to learn more about Vista and how it manages memory. Vista’s memory management is vastly more granular than XP; hence the “memory gauge” info you’re probably seeing from Sidebar gadgets or even from Task Manager can be very deceiving – I run several programs at once and my system experiences ZERO slowdowns or hangs.

  • ScottK

    Never looking back to XP or XP x64, unless some totally arcane software comes out that will absolutely NOT run on Vista – hence, my system will be dual-boot for a little while longer. My system is rather pedestrian when compared to Miikun\’s or Ken\’s systems – but Vista is much more responsive and feature-rich than XP or XP x64.

  • travisn000

    I use vista at work in a limited scope without any real problems, but XP works just as well without the hardware requirements and can be skinned to look like vista (or better)..

    BUT, If you really want a better OS, try PCLinuxOS 2007.. it is better than Ubuntu (for general use), XP, and Vista. I havn’t used OSX much, so cannot comment there.



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