Published on October 12th,2007 at 12:16 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

A new GSM Hello Kitty Phone for Taiwan

Face it, the iPHONE is completely a has-been; just jump into the Hello Kitty phone experience with the latest OKWAP C150T Hello Kitty Edition available in Taiwan.
With this true Uber-Geek phone, you will not be screwed by any firmware updates; even better, the phone is ALREADY SIM FREE, and will be to play Mp3 files, MP4 and 3GPS video, take pictures with its amazing crappy 2Mpix camera… and the best of all, you will be able to “pimp” your phone with some cute pink Hello Kitty stuff… Finally: the first nemesis to the iPHONE!

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  • Cutkillavince

    Wondeful :D

  • Zack

    Really Cool Graphic Design ! I love it :p

  • Paige

    Where could I buy one and do they work with English or just traditional Chinese?

  • mandy

    Where could I buy one and do they work with English or just Chinese

  • babydoll9412

    were could u get one in england? what store? or what website could you order one from? please answer!

  • soraya

    hola soy de españa podria encontrar un telefono movil de hello kitty

  • saidani

    Hy, i’d like to know where i can find this hello kitty phone and the price . I live in france, and how many time is it for the expedition thanks

  • wendy

    hi, wherw can i get this phone frm taiwan?! which shop and how much is e price… I hope to get ur reply asap… thks.

  • Heike

    Please tell me, whre i can buy the Okwap C150 Hello Kitty Handy in Germany

  • Yhana

    Please I love this handy
    where i can buy it

  • Yhana

    And when I can buy this handy in germany
    can you say me how many it costs!!
    Thank you^^

  • hellokitty

    Does anyone know where I can get this in England?
    Or is anyone selling one?
    Thank you xx

  • Royston

    My friend bought this at Singapore @ USD 380

  • Klaudia

    It is so lovely!!!! I want that!!!!! How much??

  • clarizza

    hi!can i ask wer can i buy this phOne here in the philippines??tnx!!

  • vale

    Where could I buy one and do they work with English or just Chinese ? and the prize?

  • mandy

    heyy kann mir einer von euch sagen wo ich des kaufen kann des isch hamma des handy… gibts des in deutschland überhaupt?? lg MANDY

  • chuchu

    how much does it cost(including shipping to miami,florida,usa)? can i use it with any company or plan? does it have bluetooth,how much memory does it have?

  • NENi_bOO

    i love this phone and i want it i want it i want it please write me and please can you inform me where it is i can buy one besides taiwan.

  • clara

    Interested in Hello Kitty HPs? visit my blog at for cheap deals!

    Ex-stock! 20 Qty left! All brand new!

    can received within 3 days after payment made =)

  • nikytah

    olaaa!! me gustaria saber quanto vale el
    mobil y si lo venden en la provincia de lerida
    porfavor kontestadme es urgente!!

    un saludo


  • karlita

    necesito saber si algun dia traen ese hermoso celu a Ecuador porfa. comuniqsen

  • ginger

    what does the chink language say ??? writeback x

  • snowxloud

    selling hello kitty handphones!
    including this adorable okwap c150t at SG$600 with free local registered postage.
    we shipped overseas as well,
    but phones cannot be used in usa and canada.

    visit for more desgins and information! (:

  • Patinha

    I want buy this cell… what is the price and wear i can buy??? the menu is in english???

  • victoria

    why is it in chinise???

  • kayla_24

    can u get it in georgia and u can read it in english

  • Lena

    Heii. They look beuatyful.
    Gives them in germany/in german language?
    write me an email:

  • kaylee

    how much are they andi live in america can i still buy one?


    omg!!! i frickin love hello kitty how much is this phone && it the phone in that language or can you change it to english???

  • indri

    oh my god i love it how much is it and wea can i gt it in new zealand?and does it come in english?

  • indi

    how can i get one?and is it only available in Taiwan?

  • franca

    hello kitty è bellissima
    ciao franca

  • joanna

    is it available here in philippines??please e mail me if its already out in the market so that i can have one. i told my dad about it and he’s ok with it. he would buy me that one. so please e mail me…………’s my email add

  • indi

    hay me again i so want this phne but dnt knw if i cn gt it in new zealand and the costs so if you can email me bak it would be awsome!!! “,thanx

  • Lili

    soy española y me gustaría tener información sobre este movil, como conseguirlo, precio etc…me gustaría poder comprarlo. gracias

  • Cynch

    Hi, I have one brand new C150T Hello Kitty for sale. Free delevery anywhere in the Philippines. My email address

  • cindy

    where could I buy one?????? do they work in English too?

  • KAren

    Hi; I really like this phone; and I would like to know where i could get this phone in english. in Minnesota. What is the price, and can you email me at

  • melissa

    were can u get it like in surrey B.C and how much would it be////////????
    send me back

  • mychie

    just want to know how much and where can i buy it…thanks!

  • dobo1974

    omg that phone is so cute where can i buy it anyway its not like my parents will even buy it for me so just foget it but omg that phone is so cute i wish i could just get it for free but like life would ever be like that but still that phone is so cute i want it so bad but too bad i can’t get it whaaaaaa i wish i could get because it looks so kool and i can just show off to all my friends with and plus i can get a little hello kitty chocolate handbag and outfit and boom i’ll be machin lookin all sexy you know how i do in the hood sike like im from the hood anyway i want thet phone so bad please sombody get or give me the ceel phone please but i know ya’ll ain’t even gonna give to so just bye i want the phone so bad help me get over it whaaaaaaaaa i want the cell phone give it to me no homo whaaa

  • dobo1974

    do they work in english because if i ever get the phone im gonna need it in english soooooo do they have it in english hahahahaha 8i talk to much don’t i anyway do they if they do contact me at bye have a nice morning afternoon or day so bye c u later sike i don’t even no you bye sike sike sike sike sike sike!!!

  • cutekeith27

    hey..wer cud i buy dis kawaii phone??i lived in the philipines..i hope you cud answer me..i love this veri much!!!!!nd anoder question..does it work in english too??..nd how much?i hope you sent some i cn buy some!!

  • cutekeith27

    hey..wer cud i buy dis kawaii phone??i lived in the philippines..i hope you cud answer me..i love this veri much!!!!!nd anoder question..does it work in english too??..nd how much?i hope you sent some i cn buy some!!

  • lorraine

    please do you have a charger for hello kitty GSM1199 , and how much to send to uk please ?

  • Stephanie

    Hi I live in Québec in cada and I want to know if i can have tjis cell phone in canda thank for answers!! =D

  • wen

    you can get more cute cartoon phone on here.

  • katiiieeee

    dat fonez so frikin wasome i wnt it so friggin much!!!!!! were can i get it in australia???



  • AllyAtrocious

    Where can i get this and HOW MUCH IS IT!

  • nini

    Hi im where can i get the phone ?

  • serafina

    hello jag vill köpa din mobil för 800kr hemtar den när som helst

  • Kylie

    ugh…must have…phone! i want, so, so, so, so, BAD! Please sell this in new hampshire, in usa!

  • Maelacuesta

    Hello is this available how much? Thank I really want to have this celphone tnx

  • leah ritchie isabel ritchie

    my asak same phone blad brut brut

  • lexi

    i love hello kitty it is the best thing in the cidy

  • Ridelyn Deloso

    Hey! i Love this phone! I live in the Philippines.! i want to have one of this..! How much is this..? And can this phone work in english..? And is this available..? Please give me some information about this thing in my Account in facebook.. here is my email
    thank you!!!

  • Crysella

    Where can I buy this phone? I’ll gallop over with 1 of the horses I’m learning 2 ride on now!!! I’m in freakin Malaysia kuala lumpur now just tell NE or else I’ll freak out n trample u with the horses!!!(kidding!I don’t wanna end up in jail) but plz I really want that phone!!!



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