Published on September 25th,2007 at 6:16 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Manga inspired TV (anime) show causes drama in Japan

Last week, a terrifying news hit Japan, the Kanagawa TV channel had to stop broadcasting the “School Days” show, an anime, after a 16 years old girl, dressed as a character of the cartoon, killed her father by hitting him several times with an axe. Many people say that the video games ar responsible for such actions, this time it was a anime…inspired by a video game.

I used to be a big fan of the animes (Kimengumi, Samurai Pizza Cat, Dragon Ball, Dr Sumlp, Harlock…) but nowadays most are focused on sex and violence…a shame.

70% New ones
24% Old ones
6% I don’t like animes

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  • Niels

    OK… I’ll try and explain this once more.
    A MANGA is a comic book that you can read or an online representation of one.
    An ANIME is an animated feature, TV series or made for video series that CAN be based on a Manga.

    There is no such thing as a Manga movie.
    Unless you actually film a comic book.

    The only Anime that can be called Manga Films are titles released on the Manga Video label.

    I expected you, Daimao, a person living in Japan to at least know when to call a spade a spade.

    You don’t have Comic movies either do you? You either call those cartoons or animated features…

    I hope you’ll edit this store to reflect the appropriate nomenclature.


  • Niels

    BTW, you should also report that the girl drew a manga (yes, a COMIC not an animated feature) in her diary that described that she was going to kill “Someone” with an axe.
    She made that comic some time ago and was obviously depressed.

    Do report all the info on the news OK?

    Oh, this News is from last Wednesday too ^^;;;

  • Sean

    It makes me think that this father was abusive towards his daughter (common in Japan) and she may have been inspired by this anime to finally act out against her agressor.

    This is more a problem with Japanese society than with manga or anime…

    To Niels from Nederland – dont get all sad about “manga” & “anime” being used correctly as terms – the writer is French and English is his 3rd language!

    To Daimaou: nice new lay-out for the site!

  • Niels

    I do know this
    I am Dutch, true. But I do speak English, Japanese, French and German.

    It’s just a bit of semantics really.
    And, since the author is supposedly a geek, he should know the proper terms for this.
    Especially after some years in Japan.

    But then again, Marc Panther still doesn’t speak proper Japanese either

  • brian

    “dressed as a character of the cartoon”

    just like a few other million girls that were going to school that day? geez, it’s a high school uniform.

  • TriOptimum

    That’s not true at all… allot of anime is not violent or sex-ridden whatsoever. In fact, I would say most aren’t heavy with either the violence or sex content. I have heard so many people make this generalization about anime (that most of them are too violent nowadays) today due to this incident… it’s simply not true – there are plenty of good examples of shows airing now and in past seasons to make my point. Furthermore, videogames or television are hardly ever the cause or even inspiration for violent acts – the kid didn’t go kill her dad because she thought it would be fun after watching this anime, just like the columbine shooters didn’t massacre their school because they were engorged with violent thoughts after playing Doom.

  • protoman

    I know of a lot of people that killed dressing football (soccer for americans) t-shirts.

    Is the football guilty because some people are metal sick enought to kill because of a game?

    Here in brazil when a case like this envolving RPG or Anime happens the TV create a circus and blame the game/comics, but when the same happen in football/sour-operas it\’s the people, not the game/drama.
    In my opinion people mad are not mad because of something like manga, movies, musica, games, just use those as a escuse or a way to fill their insanity.

  • Wndnrngsl

    Plain and simple. People always look for scap goats and refuse to take responsiblity. My favorite is how they used to blame this things on people. \”John told martha a story, and because she acted on it, it\’s Johns fault\” Then it moved to books. They still burn books in some places. but when other mediums came along it was easier to blame them. Everyone should be responsible for their own actions. But that would be common sense, and thats not fair to those who want to get away with murder. No pun intended.

  • Macona

    You know I have been watching this series and there has been zero violence in it. Sex… Well yeah. The main guy is doing it with just about anything that moves…

    But I cant really think of many anime that does not have some violence or other conflict. There are a couple like Aria and Kappa no kaikatta.

  • Macona

    OK, I just watched the last episode… Holy Crap thats twisted…

  • Niels

    The show in question, school days eps. 12.
    Will be broadcasted tomorrow on AT-X 00:30.

  • sakuramukuro

    ….. school days… I have never heard this .. but I will began to watch it.. It seems incredible…

    ^ ^

  • Chingaez

    Well, to be honest not all of the anime are much consist some rated R content. Most of them are just fiction and not to be involved to current society because they are most like be sensitive about. The only matter is, unless it is some sort of documentary can inflict some person to take actions(anything done indeed have consequence of course), is either if they some take it seriously or, got “motivated” by overrated influence; thus creating their ideals though.



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