Published on September 17th,2007 at 4:55 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Visiting the Yodobashi Camera shop! Video inside!

Dear readers, today september 17th is a non working day in Japan (well there have to be exceptions) but as a result there are very little news to talk about…so we decided to take the video camera and go visit the biggest electronics shop out there in Akihabara: the Yodabashi AKIBA !!!

A couple details about the shop first: 7 floors and everything you might be looking for from telephone, MAC, PC, games, audio, video, toys but mostly the “widespread” products, the gadgets and special goodies are most likely to be found in smaller shops…no matter what if ever you find yourself in Tokyo, you HAVE to go there!

So it’s a huge building, in order to make a nice video in front of which you won’t end up sleeping I decided to SPEED it up, enjoy the footage!

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  • jcpb

    I was there last week. As far as getting there, it’s easier to just get off the station from Hibiya subway line, because Yodobashi Akiba is what you’ll see right away.

    The shop has a similar product coverage as Bic Camera and Sofmap if you count only the gadgets and consumer electronics. Then again, it doesn’t sell everything. If you want to buy very specific component parts such as aluminum heatsinks and screws, you have to wander around the PC section of Akihabara.

    If you want to buy computers at Yodobashi or any other store, there’s a shop called User’s Side in the west side of Akiba that sells English versions of Windows.

  • kryss

    I love Yodabashi and BIC Camera (Bic also owns Softmap btw) but don’t go to either of them if you’re looking for bargains on old stuff.

    For better deals on memory cards and computer accessories try Akibakan (秋葉館, a tall yellow building) on the main street.

  • Hader

    Can you please tell me who made the song under this video, and whats it called. (It’s a GREAT number!!)


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  • Nex

    Does anybody know web adress of Yodobashi Camera shop?

  • ___________

    Is the nikon coolpix p90 avalable in that store already ????

  • Nasr

    I need help to buy used laptops from akihabara, I also need to buy used Digital Cameras, LCD&PLAZMA T.V, Cell phone.
    But i ask for Brands and Good Quality.
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  • http://explorer jackie dodds

    need 110 film for vivitar camera

  • U Nehra

    I need to buy 2 Iphone4/Iphone3Gs whichever is available.

    Please guide about best prices and best shop available in Akiahbara, Tokyo



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