Published on September 6th,2007 at 12:10 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Get money and gifts thanks to AkihabaraNews!!

Last month was yet another good one, with over 10 million pages visited, and 2.2 million unique visitors (slight fall here…) so to thank all our readers, AkihabaraNews decided to give everybody the possibility to get money or gifts!

A couple new features have been added to Akihabara News recently:

1-A new comments system that allows you to post what you want in a few clicks, with no obligation to register/log in and that sort of thing; but, you can also do so, and customize your profile with a new icon, and at the same time get access to the Akihabara News Rewards!

2-The AN Rewards can make you earn some money as explained HERE!, but basically, here is how it works:
If you have your own website, you probably have an Adsense account; now, you’ll have the possibility to put your own ADS directly on AkihabaraNews! In exchange, we simply require that you put an AkihabaraNews link on your site.

Anyway, did I mention gifts? To participate and maybe win a Mario Music box, Mario USB mouse, or Pop Up Pirate USB, just create an Akihabara News account and post a comment right here! The winners will be announced on September 7th!

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  • Benis

    I saw USB pirate, when I was in Akihabara last month, but didn\’t buy it because my baggage was already full.
    I hope I will get it now

  • Umijin

    Your website has been a time-saver. I don’t have to spend 2 hours on the train to Akihabara from here to see the new stuff.

    Hope I win!

  • shuyin198x

    Music box Nice :D

  • Lupin3d

    Coool rewards :D and well done for this possibility

  • Shu

    Thank you very much for the news… form me, it would take a little time to go 20.000 Km to see them in Akihabara…

  • Benz145

    Is this contest open to people in all countries?

  • Daimaou

    Yepp all around the world !

  • SevenG

    Adsense swapping? That’s a pretty good idea!

  • Ajani

    Always enjoy prizes. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed your website, I can find the coolest and newest from akiba here.

  • darkmoon

    USB Pirate! oooooo…

  • JapanLover

    As you may guess from my nick… I love Japan more than my own Country.
    Well to tell you the truth… I always thought Japan is my REAL home Country! ^__^

  • matt

    someone clicks on my AN link then clicks on a google ad on AN <= is this how it works? sounds interesting, do you have AN ad banner? how long is the cookie valid?

  • LinuxJosh

    Arr I love free stuff

  • Shikoku88Henro

    Too bad you only have the ADSENSE way to reward people. Since I am still smaller and using WordPress as my host, I do not have the ability to join up for rewards.

    At least reading you guys is reward enough…although the kuroi hige USB hapu would be pretty slick for the office

  • fbv19

    I wanna a Mario Music box!!!!

  • domsch

    even i already have 13 usb ports… i still would like to have another usb hub… never can have enought :D

  • enterman

    woo this is great news! Akihabara ftw!

  • Steven

    The pop up pirate would be the greatest gift! Thanks for the contest akibanews!

  • tofu

    a kuroi hige usb hub… brilliant :]

  • darkfader

    hello world

  • Leo

    Long live the green space pig.

  • SherwinSowy

    I would really like to win one of your gifts! I\’ve been reading Akihabaranews for a long time, and I never go a day without going through the web site. Can I get a prize? Please? Please?

  • Swami

    WOW ! This is really really Cool Guys..!
    Keep up the good work.
    All the very best !

  • sjk1

    give me any of these gifts and make my gf happy

  • Ian

    CARAJO !!! cosas gratis, bien!!!



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