Published on March 11th,2008 at 6:10 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Review: Iriver E100

Here it is, the iRiver E100 review. No need to hide it any longer, the E100 is an excellent product. Very well built and, at a price of 129€ for the 8GB version, it’s as good as it gets.

Open the box of your brand new E100 and you’ll find the usual suspects: player, a USB cable, audio headset, quick start guide, and installation CD. The USB cable can be used to recharge the player and also to transfer files from your computer to the E100 (pictures, videos, music…). The installation CD carries a couple of software including iRiverPlus3, also the drivers and the user’s manual.

Hate it or Love it, the design of the E100 is pretty slick and simple, nice at first touch. On its top lies the microSD port, the bottom is where the USB port was placed as well as the jack (in line). The E100 is available in three versions 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB five colors (white, black, pink, light blue and chocolate). At only 59 grams and 11.3mm of thickness, it can be easily transported.

The E100’s graphical interface is nice and clean, browsing is ultra easy from icon to icon thanks to the D-Click system which, unfortunately, tends to take a little bit of time to react.

As you can expect with an iRiver product, most audio codecs are supported. MP3, WMA, OGG, ASF, FLAC, all with excellent audio quality no matter which you use (headset or built in speakers). Part of this success comes from the use of the SRS WOW HD technology.

The E100 can play MPEG4/WMV9/XVID and, despite a rather small screen (2.4″), the experience is pretty good in both visual quality and smoothness. iRiverPlus3 software can be used to encode videos.

Photo display is also very enjoyable, fast and easy thanks to the D-Click system. The E100 also gives the user the ability to create slideshows and add music to them.

Other functions:
The E100 can do more than what we’ve seen so far, some extras include FM Radio (play/record and timer recording), voice recorder (through an integrated microphone), a recording function from an external source, plus .txt file compatibility.

iRiver previously stated that video autonomy was 5 hours and audio 17 hours but, in their latest update, video autonomy remained unchanged while audio went up to 25 hours.

+ Excellent audio quality
+ D-Click system
+ MicroSD port
+ MTP/UMS (the player is detected as an external drive)
+ Price to quality ratio
+ All around player (Audio, Vidoo, Photo, Text, FM radio, voice recorder)
+ Design

– No Bluetooth
– Battery Life in Video mode
– D-Click sometimes lacks reactivity

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  • josep

    Thanks for your review!
    The only question I want to ask you is where did you get the firnware update?
    I just buyed it and it’s firmware version is 1.02, and iriverplus says that it’s the latest version.

  • Cutkillavince

    @Josep: Which firmware are you referring to? I didn’t update it as well, still using the 1.02

  • josep

    Sorry I was confused when you sayed in their latest update I assumed that you were referring to a new firmware.
    Previously I found these which are more ancient:


  • Heath

    What do you mean by video autonomy???? I am guessing this is just a bad translation, since I doubt the E100 wants the right to govern itself!

  • Daimaou

    Autonomy in Video Mode (Minus) = Bad / Low autonomy while playing video

  • Heath

    That didn’t answer my question whatsoever. What do you mean by video autonomy??? This makes no sense in English!!!

  • sousuke

    AMOLED screen or not?

  • Heath

    Per the spec sheet on iriver website: 2.4″ TFT LCD QVGA

  • paloverde

    Just got the E100

    disappointed the video was not that great quality. Lost to Samsung P2

    However the sound is really good.

    Unable to get album art for songs.

  • Cutkillavince

    @Heath: Just change Autonomy by Battery Life

  • Pablo

    Do you have to use the supplied software to transfer music/video or can you just drag and drop.

  • Cutkillavince

    @Pablo: Drag and Drop works fine the software is to convert video to the right format

  • josep

    Also I want to add, that it works perfectlly on Linux with Amarok.
    Refering to the album cd covers, it’s still a bit of mistery for me, in some of them are shown, but not in others, I don’t know if it’s Amarok, I haven’t used iRiverPlus3.
    For the video conversion on Linux I use Avidemux, I only have to resize videos to 320×240 (the ones which are bigger), and also it worked with the Xvid codec.

  • Kamil

    I have a few specific questions about the E100:

    1) How fast does it ‘fast forward’ through MP3s? I have many livesets which are sometimes nearly 3 hours long (usually between 60-120 minutes). Ideally, an iPod works best in order to skip through the time, all Sony mp3 players do reasonably well too (pausing and then holding the FFWD button skips about a minute of the mp3 per second held). It would be great if the iRiver could skip through tracks real quick as well.


  • Kamil


    2) I’ve heard that the D-Pads configuration is set so that the up and down buttons act as next track/previous track (skip)? Is this true? If so, is there any way to change it in a settings menu? I would imagine this would only apply if viewing movies while holding the player horizontally.

    3) Is there a customizable equalizer? If so, how many bands?

    4) Is the software provided absolutely necessary to play xvid videos on the unity? Can it play a downloaded xvid movie at a resolution of, say, 700×300? Or is it unable to handle that resolution thus requiring all mp4 videos being encoded at 320×240? If this is the case, can the videos be encoded by a different application (I am on a mac).

    Thank you!!!

  • Heath

    @ Cutkillavince, Thanks!!! Battery life on my Clix 2 wasn’t so hot with video either.

  • MicroDesign

    Very good review! To bad I own a Cowon D2, because this looks supergood. It’s just a flawless design.

  • Heath

    @ Kamil, my iriver Clix 2 works just fine with my iMac and my macbook. It sees it as an external drive. I have played video that is 720 x 480 on it with no problems. I am guessing that the firmware on this device is almost identical to the Clix 2 and you should have no problems. I use visualhub to convert videos for use on my Clix 2.

  • Cutkillavince

    1) you can change the settings and choose the speed for the fast forward (x2, x4, x8, x16…)
    2) Indeed, up and down buttons control the previous and next functions, not sure if we can change it, I need to check.
    3) Yes, there’s a customizable equalizer, User EQ (5 bands) and Preset EQ (7 bands)
    4) For sure you can use other conversion software for the video
    Hope this helps

  • achieman

    Ive been waiting for this ! Question: Have you tested the microphone externally? which bitrate/codecs does it support when recording.

  • Kamil

    Cutkillavince: thank you so much for the info!!!

    Heath, thank you as well for application tip!

    Looks like I got myself a winner here and a superior mp3 player to the ipod. Open standards is what I’ve been looking for since my first (and last) iPod years ago. *I* should be in control of how my music is organized in files and folders when put onto an MP3 player, *I* should have the right of taking it back from it. That and the fact that it does a whole lot more.

    Thanks again guys!

  • Katie

    e100 needs to format the battery? like the old phones? or u use it normally n then when the battery is low u charge it normal?

  • Cutkillavince

    The new firmware 1.04 is now available, the E100 is now able to recognize tags for OGG, FLAC and WMA files

  • PoisonShroom

    ~250 USD for 8GB?
    I mean, thats ridiculous.
    The features are amazing… But I bought a 32GB flash memory Creative Zen, which has a few less features, but has 4x the space and is only 50 USD more.

  • Cutkillavince

    @PoisonShroom: The 8Bg version is priced at 159.99$

  • jandm

    i also want to know what bitrate it does while recording.

    Can we choose?

  • Adamister

    The file size per minute varies with recording quality.
    Low: Approximately 480 K / Middle: Approximately 720 K / High: Approximately 960 K

    from iriver e100 manual

  • dexxx

    Very good review!

  • celtic

    Hi, thanks for this short Review. I like this clean design of the Iriver Player, looks very nice. Also TXT extension is an nice option…

  • PattyBangkok

    What’s the point of that in this day when you can stuff 320 GB on a same sized hard drive?

  • Xeon

    Not so impress with price, size and sound quality. This player responses very slow. I ordered the lplayer which have better price, size and sound quality. I will definitely choose lplayer over E100.

  • DavidM99

    Very nice review! Is this player available in the US? Can anyone tell me what chipset Iriver uses in the E100? Is there a separate codec like the Wolfson audio codecs used in the E100?

  • madrid


  • mojo

    this mp3’s memory card slot can support up to how many GB?

  • problems

    i got an irever E100 2GB and did the update and now my devide doee not work. it just apper a message on the screen ” do not touch during firmware upgrade” is almost 4 days my device stops working i cant turn on or off. and also the USB is not recognozide by the computer .
    i reset several times but nothing happen still appering the same screen .
    pleas i need help
    can someone halpe me ?
    thank so much

  • Gothabilly

    hey, can anyone help me out. I got this player and I am tryin to up load it on Win 98 SE. the program is in there and it docks but it doesnt Reconize the player. So if anyone can help me out it would be apprecated. Thanx

  • tinsol

    you cant use windows 98. You have to use windows XP sp2 or higher i believe.

  • tinsol

    I believe it supports 4gb memory cards. I just bought the E100 and love the design. Wish I could change the menu graphics and style. Was going back and forth with the Creative plaver but there were too many ugly buttons. Ipods and everything mac are proprietary nonsense. They have sucked everyone in. I remember in Junior high they were setting up schools with very lowcost Apple IIC computers. “the first one is free kid” They are like drug pushers.

  • deja

    i love the iriver it cost 60$ dollars at walmart and its a 8gb too i just {luv it} im saving my money up i have 35$ dollars so far but if i help my grandmother clean up she will give me 20$ more dollars then it will be 55$ dollars and then i will only need 5 more dollars then i will have my pink precious iriver !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Park

    haha…… “영화음악 쉬리 – When I dream” is on the music list! i love that music.. 😀
    I’m thinking about buying it, but i guess internet is the only place where i can get this product :S



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