Published on August 21st,2007 at 10:15 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

VP-HMX 10A, The first compact Video Camera HD from Samsung. -UPDATE-

The IFA 2007, lost in the deep of nowhere in German, Berlin (Sorry Guys, we loved your invitation but Berlin is really a far place to go and one of the most unattractive possible place to spend time… where is my Baguette? Where is my Foie Gras !) , well feature so nifty little new device like the very first HD Compact Camera from Samsung, the VP-HMX10A with a 10x zoom, a 720p resolution. Why are not sure yet what kind of support Samsung will choose in order to record video, but everything point to a flash based device, and also no words on the CODEC that Samsung will use… We really hope that Samsung will go for the AVCHD, which is definitely the best CODEC available on the market so far for such compact seize camera.

A mini camera for recording high-definition videos

Samsung’s HD camcorder is one of the smallest recording devices among the innovations at the IFA 2007, but its technical capabilities are worth noting. The VP-HMX10A records super sharp moving images at a high-definition resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It compresses images using the highly efficient MPEG 4 standard (H.264), which was designed for recording HDTV images. A 10x optical zoom fills the screen with impressive detail even when filming from a very long distance. The new HD model has a 4 Gigabyte flash card for saving images, and for additional storage other SD cards can be used. To ensure that creating a good film is childsplay the Samsung designers attached great importance to easy operation and clear menus. Even before switching on the VP-HMX10A, pressing the ”i-check“ button shows the battery charge status. If power is sufficient, then using the Quick Start function one can start up immediately and be sure not to miss out on even one good picture, as the time lapse between switching on and recording is only 3 seconds. A swivelling handle ensures that users can hold this small, lightweight camera firmly and without wobbling at all times, which is crucial to recording flawless images.

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VP-HMX 10A, The first compact Video Camera HD from Samsung. -UPDATE-VP-HMX 10A, The first compact Video Camera HD from Samsung. -UPDATE-VP-HMX 10A, The first compact Video Camera HD from Samsung. -UPDATE-
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  • adorable

    1) AVCHD is not the \’best\’ consumer HiDef video codec around.

    a) No quality advantage vs. HDV in major Japanese video magazine tests in playback on HD monitors of HD video recorded in both formats. Also, many people testing the two codecs at dvinfo have not found anything significant worth noting. The two are essentially interchangable.

  • adorable

    b) No tape storage format.
    People may be surprised at first at this comment, but think about it. HDV can be stored to MiniDV tapes for 10+ year archival storage lifespans. AVCHD? You’ve only got commercial recordable BluRay mini discs to store them on, and everyone knows optical media is one of the least stable storage formats around, esp. for 1st generation discs.

  • adorable

    (ie. remember the rotting CDs, rotting DVDs, etc? Optical media is easily damaged by scratching (CD top surface) and/or layer delamination (DVDs/BluRays that are two plastic layers glued together — simply stick a fingernail between the two layers of a DVD+/-R disc and pop them apart so easily. Even dropping a DVD/BluRay on edge can result in layer delamination.)
    The dye media is light sensitive, so the longer they are exposed to light, the greater the degredation of the recording layer (and irreversible).

  • adorable

    Whereas many people have encountered unreadable recordable CD/DVDs already in the short time they’ve been available, tapes last decades (eg. anyone can stick a 20+ year old VHS rental tape into a deck, and they’ll play just fine).
    Lack of a stable storage format is a big downside.

  • adorable

    c) No significant support by the major video editing programs of AVCHD. Just try to import the video into Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and you’ll realize….. NO AVCHD SUPPORT AT ALL!!!
    Many major video editing programs (exception being Sony Vegas Video) simply do no support the AVCHD format, if even correctly at all (some camcorder AVCHD formats simply do not import correctly).

  • adorable

    d) The processing power required to process AVCHD video is significantly higher than HDV. As a result, you are forced to use a more powerful system to get the same responsiveness and rendering times under AVCHD editing vs. HDV editing. This is due to the use of the more processor intensive MPEG-4 codec in AVCHD vs. the MPEG-2 codec in HDV.

  • adorable

    2) AVCHD does have a few advantages vs. HDV:

    a) 1920×1080 resolution vs. HDV’s 1440×1080. (This is only fully noticable if you have a camcorder with sensors that can fully resolve all 1920 horizontal pixels. Eg. the Sony camcorders using their ClearVid diagonal format simply cannot because there is no true 1:1 pixel to CMOS pixel correlation – they do some unusual interpolation which results in unusal edge artifacts at times.

    b) 5.1 stereo.
    c) Smaller file sizes for the same recordiing time – typically 2-3x smaller than HDV which is 13GB/hour.

  • Daimaou

    Wow that was long, anyway, I work daily with different video format, HDV is …. by far the worst I ever tried, I am a PRO P2 Fan with the DVCPROHD… not this said, the AVCHD is by far the best format when it comes to compact and small camera, by FAR ! I have amazing result with AVCHD camera rather than HDV… We use AVCHD Camera for internat shooting (cars) or stick on the car while driving…

    Believe me we use to test since 2 years different format, so far we will not move from P2 (DVCPROHD)… Since we cannot afford a RED… we stick with P2…. but when it comes to compact camera and codec for special needs… AVCHD….

    As leisure, I have a lot of fun with AVCHD camera to shoot video of my daughter, the quality is great

  • Wayne

    Pocket Red coming

    Many AVCHD cameras are not the best implementations of AVCHD, hence why HDV often beats it. Have you compared to Canon HV20? An proper h264 camera can be substantially better.

    The car recording, I guess you mean facing straight ahead. Are you recording by HDMI, then you will get an advancement, as it by passes AVCHD.

    Have your reported on Kodak z1275, 810/815 HD video? Aiptek, and number of other Chinese HD cameras. Time for an show down review of 720p against 720p HDV.

    720p50 is where it is at.

  • Rinaldo

    My question would be if is worth to buy this VP-HMX10 or better to give out a bit more and buy an 1080i camera?

    Because is not AVHCD format, there is any video editing software whith which is possible to edit the files made by this cam?

    Tnx for the response

  • alex

    then you will get an advancement, as it by passes AVCHD.

  • eJacob

    The Kodak Z1012 has an f2.8 12x Schneider zoom, records 1280×720 at 30fps using Quicktime mp4 to SD cards AND takes 10.1 megapickel stills.
    That’s a scary good multitasker.

  • aliver

    Since HMX10 is a high definition camcorder, the quality of HMX10 would be better than MX20 which supports 720×480.



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