Published on August 16th,2007 at 11:34 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

A new HD Media Center from Korea

The DABODA HMC-1 is the name of this product and its got many tricks up its sleeves, a possible best-seller in the category, made by the Korean company HIDVAN.

To make it short and simple, this Media Center also is an NDAS allowing you to share your photos/audio/video on a local network. IDE HDD and SATA (optional) are supported , there is an Ethernet port, a couple USB 2.0 HOST, optical and digital 5.1 outs, DVI-A and DVI-D video outs, Component, Composite and the everlasting S-Video…But the cherry on top is the presence of the SIGMA 8621 chipset, good for decoding SD and HD videos (480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p supported). There even is a DTS decoder in option!

A possible killer as I said earlier and it’s not all:

- We’ll have a sample next week
- This product will go on sale in september in Korea…but also on !!!!!

59% Yes
5% No
36% No but I’d like to

(75 votes)

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A new HD Media Center from KoreaA new HD Media Center from KoreaA new HD Media Center from KoreaA new HD Media Center from KoreaA new HD Media Center from KoreaA new HD Media Center from Korea
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  • baboule

    I’m not a specialist of the field, but I thought there was a problem with DVI only being able to output 1080i and not 1080p, no ?
    And so the next remark : why no HDMI on something so “nextgen” ?

  • suspiciousmind

    What are you talking about this thing is not new. I have a Rapsody N35 that looks exactly the same inside and out except for the front face. Same remote and same specification. Rapsody N35 came out on the market more than a year ago with the same chipset and NDAS. Looks like an OEMed device?

  • gadgetcrazy

    Inside and the back looks very much like the Rapsody N35. I wonder how much this will be sold for. We can get N35 for 220 Euros. N35 has the touch sensitive buttons on the front panel (makes it look very classy) not like the buttons on this device. I like N35′s looks and overall functions but it has lots of little bugs that prevent it from being a great device. Rapsody hasn’t been able to fix those irritating bugs with their firmware upgrades (or lack there of). If this unit is anything like the N35, wait and make sure all the serious bugs are fixed. I’d recommend it but without the bugs.

  • passerby

    looks nice. is there a review?

  • dr_schlemer

    This is in fact a Rapsody N35.

    You can use the new firmwares from the Daboda HMC-1 for your existing N35.

    Find them here:

  • Iza

    It is awesome.The representatives came to my office and demonstrated to me and the rest of the staff. But i really wanna know how much is it if i buy for 100 pieces, i mean 50 pieces with hardisks and 50 pieces without hardisk. Can u please let me know the quotation in USD? Can i ask for a discount? Does this product sold in Singapore as well? If it is sold there, can you let me know the address and telephone number? Your prompt reply is appreciated. Thank you.



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