Published on August 16th,2007 at 1:38 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

iPhone for all! Buy a sim-free iPhone in Hong Kong

Just as I said! HK in Wanchai, SSP and others now propose iPhones that you can use with your good old SIM card….

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  • kenshiro

    Wow, that is so cool! I think I will pick one up next time I’m in HK.

  • mIKE

    but why? it is not even 3G and the world is moving into 4G later this yeah! It cant be used with gloves either!

  • VooDooRoo


    Can use with softbank in Japan?

    and what about a price?

    Christmas is coming soon! *hint* *hint*

    If you get one for me I`ll shut up!!

    V D R

  • GillouStyle

    On one hand,fFrom what I can understand on the chinese website, it says 6800Yuan so about 680EUR. But i’m not sure if that’s the entire unlocked ready-to-use iphone.
    On the other hand, I4UNews reports it costs 2000USD.

  • koy

    why would anyone want an iphone when there are much better and cheaper phones out?

  • GillouStyle

    No one should answer to the above troll comment.

  • jalous

    hey, can\’t believe this wonderful news. i live in hk and will check it out.

  • VooDooRoo


    I would be interested in one of the other phone…

    Maybe you could help out a few akihabaran person?? I could organise payment etc… keep us posted

    V D R

  • martinj

    Cool, I am going to go early next week to check it out then =]

  • joe

    Wow! HK is a great place lol!

  • ef651100

    Hack, I work in Wan Chai and I haven\’t seen it. May be I should go check it out…

  • jojo

    @miKE Obviously, you’re from the future. Why don’t you go back to your wonderful future and enjoy 6G technology where you might be able to stuff your mama and send her home wireless when your daddy miss her bad.

    @koy .. another troll

  • VooDooRoo

    Howdie again

    I`m interested in this phone

    http:// w w

    but it says $12,700 ? now thats a bit expensive for my taste`s..

    or what currency is it?

    can anyone convert it to yen for me?

    V D R

  • koy


    well ok, let’s be a bit more specific. Let’s compare it to the Samsung D900, or the nokia n80 (you can get a d900 for about 200€, and an n80 for about 300€, so both under half the price of an iphone)

    The D900, has a better camera, and the other specs are practicly all the same as the iphone (except ofcourse the smudgy touchscreen).

    The n80 of course has 3g, and a better camera.

    Both phones can play mp3’s easily, and they’re last years models.

    For the price of an iphone you can get a nokia n95 which has so many more and better features.
    A phone which comes at the price of the iphone should at least have 3g and a 3mpixel or higher res. camera.

    So tell me, why buy an iphone?

    P.S. I’m not bashing the iphone itself, rather than it’s huge pricetag (and that’s not even incl. the 2 years service plan you have to subscribe to in the US)

  • Adi

    Do u know exactly where in Wanchai they sell iPhones??
    i really gotta get an iPhone!!

  • BoB

    There is a small shop near Johnson Rd MTR Exit in Wan Chai. It was priced at $6000 for a half opened up iphone and $8000 for a fully opened version.

    Better buying one off ebay and get a turbo sim from the internet. Plenty of blogs out there showing you how to do it.

    does anyone know when apple plans to launch them in HK. I know they are talking with China Mobile now for the Chinese market. CM told them to stuff it as apple wanted a too big a cut of the profits.

  • Tony

    I am buying an iPhone from next month when the price is supposed to drop to $699 or about 69,100 yen, I sent an email to the site asking about the phone and they told me to wait until next March when the price comes down.

  • steve

    Is it HK$ 6000?

  • kai

    that dude in the picture better get a nail clipper than an iphone.

  • EdwardLee

    Myst be real nice living in Hong Kong. They got all kinds of great stuff there.

  • hi

    do you have the adress in hong kong?

  • tuierg

    Hopefully the 3G phone will be unlocked soon too.

  • Justine

    The iPhone is more than a phone! The APP store is just incredible. It fills in the gap. And the Touch screen feature nothing like it out there plus it SYNC to your computer.. Your contact, calendar, has push email and the best part it sync all your bookmark, if you have multiple computer like i do, No problem! is just a breeze!

    If you get a phone like the iPhone, Great!
    but is NOT an iPhone! got it!

    i have the 1st generation n now the 2nd generation. The 2nd generation, the screen is more vibrant, better speaker, thinner, slightly bigger, n somehow the picture on the newer once comes out clearer.. their both 2 mp..

  • soyunloco

    Anyone in hong kong interested in buying me one and shipping it too me? Thanks

  • iPhone

    HK is indeed a great place, I have been over several times. if I could persuade my wife I’d happily live there.

  • iko

    for malaysia money?

  • surfparadise

    Hi, why don’t buy it sim-free ….unlocked?

    In italy the iphone 3gs are sim-free/unlocked (new in the box). You can buy it here:

    Buy today your iphone 3gs Unlocked legally!!!



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