Published on March 7th,2008 at 9:26 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Sony Mylo 2, Nice but…

The second generation Sony Mylo is kind of a “User Friendly PDA” with which you can surf the internet (in a/b/g WiFi), send/receive e-mails, use Skype, listen to music, social network, take and view pictures, watch videos… That sort of thing.

The Mylo is really easy to handle and use. It’s compact, the keyboard slides perfectly, materials feel pretty good too and in no time you’ll type as fast as you’re used to… I noticed a couple problems though: the stick feels awkward and I just don’t get why JogDial wasn’t implemented in this device, it would really have been a perfect addition…

In general
The Mylo is pretty quick and won’t force you to wait patiently from one software to another and Skype can be used while surfing the net or listening to music…

The screen is excellent and sports a 800x480px resolution, the touchscreen system works very well in most instances.

The screen can play pictures up to a resolution of 3000x2000px, which is excellent, but taking pictures with the Mylo it’s a whole different story… I suggest you forget it features a digital camera and really don’t understand why Sony didn’t install a real sensor… There seems to be enough room for one…

As I said before the (excellent) screen is 800×480, I don’t know what went wrong here but the max resolution of the videos you can play is 320x240px… This simply doesn’t make any sense…

The sound quality is excellent, a good point.

Near perfect! You can use the internet on the Mylo just like you do on your PC, the WiFi is fast even though I didn’t try it outdoors so I don’t know how well it works with other networks, but it should be just as good…3G, to use it as a telephone would have been appreciated…

Decent audio quality during communication, the application can also be left ON while doing something else until a call is made…

Nothing fancy here… USB and memory stick… A standard jack plug can be used, hopefully.

Perfect screen resolution
Quickness and performance
Very nice to use
Good keyboard

No telephone
No JogDial
320x240px videos on a 800x480px screen…

Sony’s Mylo 2 sure is a nice looking device and it also is pretty cool to use but it still lacks a couple important functions to properly rival the iPod Touch or iPhone.

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Sony Mylo 2, Nice but…Sony Mylo 2, Nice but…Sony Mylo 2, Nice but…Sony Mylo 2, Nice but…
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  • speculatrix

    it seems to me that the nokia n810 is superior in most ways – the n810 has same res screen and plays movies at full resolution depending on codec, has built-in GPS, and is much more open for running third party applications.

    I can’t understand why sony didn’t do a variant of the PSP with mylo-like features as it could be a great PDA + handheld game device.

    only the most dedicated sony fan would buy a mylo2

  • MicroDesign

    It seems to me that this is just a testcase by Sony. I’ve seen them make more usable stuff. I’m looking forward to a Mylo 3.

  • dexxx

    Nice thing!

  • none

    They came out with this ? like 3 years after HTC’s Universal…c’mon

  • Atmos

    In Russian language such trancription means “soap”.

  • liquidphantom

    Phhht forget that, give me a Pandora anyday! will wipe the floor with this in terms of performance

  • Makiesan

    They should do a PSP with touchscreen and keyboard, with a GPS and Skype.

  • mazikaty

    They should do a PSP with touchscreen and keyboard, with a GPS and Skype.

  • WinteRHeaRtS

    Oh wow I have to say though it does have some minus it is quite nice .. I wouldn’t mind buying this ohw much does one go for?

  • Suka

    Cool design. Me like this model.

  • autostuning

    Get a mylo you will LOVE IT



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