Published on July 20th,2007 at 1:49 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

An iPhone in Japan…Microsoft, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ?!!?

A good friend of mine came to pay me a visit yesterday and guess what he had in his pocket? Yep, an iPhone, and that gave me the opportunity to fool around a bit with it…the result is WOW! But I mean WOW! This thing is a KILLER, ok there still are a couple flaws (keyboard) but the overall feel that I had was really positive!

The thing is that I’m a big fan of the Windows Mobile Solutions and a member of Mobius, I can see nice things shaping up in the Microsoft Mobile future but the iPhone simply blew me away, I can’t wait for a 3G version in Japan, the internet browser is superb!

Microsoft!! Where is your iPhone??

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  • fractalhorizon

    Microsoft is doing what Microsoft does best, wait for the innovators to create a new market, then blatantly rip the best products, then bully their way into the market.
    Don’t worry, once it becomes clear if the device is a success or a flop, the boys at Redmond will start their copying machines. It will be called Microsoft Phone, but the advertorials will simply call it “Phone”. It will be unusable till version 3 or 4, but companies will buy it anyway, since the people who authorise purchases are not the people who end up using them. Oh, and the Microsoft fanboys will profit by writing software that should have been supplied with the thing in the first place in Visual Basic, making the otherwise unusable Phone marginally useful.


  • Iceman11

    I agree with the above Comment.

    To my understanding, there’s still 1 big flaw: security. Or should I say, the lack of security in the iPhone compared to a BlackBerry. The BlackBerry is far more secure than this device.

    In the end, I don’t think it will prove to be as popular as the iPod. There’s no doubt that the iPhone is beautiful iCandy.

  • Daimaou

    BlackBerry Secure? Well, I do not like the fact that on a Blackberry ALL, my DATA must go and are stored (ANYWAY), on some remote server in the US and CANADA… I like the fact to be able to Somehow managed my email… This is why I love exchange and that I installed an Exchange Boxe (and Soon Zimbra) for Akihabara News

  • andi

    o well.. the iPhone has tons of potential, but it won’t be unleashed by apple because… it’s apple…

    the same browser is featured in Symbian OS – the OSS browser for s60. Same core as safari, but many more functions. Also, the symbian version is stable, too… overall, the iPhone (the interface included) looks very hot, is pretty fast, but hasn’t got any features. It can’t be called a smartphone at all!.

    and it’s safe because it’s so limited… only because of that..

    windows mobile has always sucked… i really don’t know why it’s so popular… i worked around with WinMo and found just flaws flaws flaws

  • kito_man

    i’m here in bangkok thailand. enjoying iPhone too. wish i’m in japan cause maps location search on iphone great. no bangkok’s location data yet

  • Richard

    Kito, how are you using the iPhone in BKK, with the at&t SIM in roaming?

    Please let us know.

  • jbelkin

    The days of MS’ “power” are long gone. Have more than 10 people bought an Xbox in Japan? Surprise, when Ms has to compete on merits in an open market, they usually never cross the 10% market share – home networking, MSN, watches, & Zunes. They have effectively killed the Xbox as a brand name (nearly 50% will continue working … maybe).

    MS is fine in the corporate enterprise market but dead as a consumer brand.

  • kito_man

    sorry for late reply. I can’t use iPhone call function. Just iPod maps and safari function now.

  • Richard

    Ah ok. Thank you for responding.

  • oscarana189

    I love my new Nokia E90 Communicator. Full QWERTY keyboard and a huge screen (2x the iphone I think). I don’t think I could deal with the iPhone for very long.



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