Published on July 18th,2007 at 3:55 PM
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Sony Shows Off Some iPod Docks

Sony has shown off two more iPod-compatible audio products: the ICF-C1iP clock radio, and the ZS-S2iP boom box.

The ICF-C1iP clock radio comes in black or white and supports just about any iPod under the sun. Other than that, the device supports AM/FM radio; wake to iPod alarm and a wireless remote. All in all, it’s a little boring.

The ZS-S2iP doesn’t feature the clock, but throws in a CD player and a retractable iPod dock along with battery power.

Both the ICF-C1iP clock radio and ZS-S2iP boom box will hit stores this August for only $100.


NEW YORK, July 18, 2007 – Sony’s latest clock radio (model ICF-C1iP) and boombox (model ZS-S2iP), unveiled at a special “Holidays in July” event held in New York City today, let consumers enjoy their iPod® music players without being tethered to headphones, allowing them to listen to music out loud virtually anywhere, anytime.

“Consumers are treating the iPod as a format, like the compact disc, which is why Sony is now delivering audio products to support it,” said Andrew Sivori, director of personal audio products in the Digital Imaging and Audio Division at Sony Electronics. “High-quality sound, unique features, and exceptional design set our new boombox and clock radio apart.”

Rise and Shine
Designed to work with most iPod models, the ICF-C1iP clock radio accommodates standard iPod adapters, but does not require their use. An adjustable backstop mechanism ensures that the iPod fits snugly and securely to the clock radio’s 30-pin connector. An included wireless remote control provides full access to the iPod’s menu, as well as to radio tuning and volume functions. Additionally, the unit charges the iPod while it’s docked.

Sporting a full-function alarm clock, users can wake up or fall asleep to content on their iPod, the radio or a buzzer. When first powered on, the clock will automatically display Eastern Standard Time, which easily can be changed to other time zones as appropriate. The unit also has automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment, eliminating the need to reset the clock in the spring and the fall. Adjustable brightness control over the LCD display provides easy readability.

Tunes to Go
It’s also easy to take your music with you this summer with Sony’s newest boombox. Just like the clock radio, it works with most iPod models and charges the iPod when docked. It includes a built-in digital AM/FM tuner, an integrated CD player that supports CD-R/RW playback and a wireless remote control with full iPod menu access. The dock tray is retractable when not in use.

The boombox also has an auxiliary input and supports AC/DC operation (batteries not included). For more sound impact, it incorporates Sony’s Mega Bass® Sound system.

Pricing and Availability
The clock radio and boombox come in both black and white designs. They will be available in August for about $100 at Sony Style stores, online at and at authorized dealers nationwide.

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Sony Shows Off Some iPod DocksSony Shows Off Some iPod Docks
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  • Hideo

    Those filthy f*cks they didn’t add Walkman support to it!

    Thank you Sony for f*cking up my Walkman expiriance

  • jorrsbm

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  • jani

    “Those filthy f*cks they didn’t add Walkman support to it!”

    Really weird?!?



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