Published on July 9th,2007 at 4:22 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Steampunk watches, will you dare?

Watches are pretty common don’t you think…not the most original products out there but well it’s good as it is…unless you’re looking for something completely different! If that’s the case well it’s your day because here come the SteamPunk watches!

As crazy as it looks, those watches use SEIKO or Citizen technology so it should last…Make your choice!!

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  • Ray

    Wow… can you buy these watches online?

  • Ove

    Really, are thouse for sale?
    I’m great steampunk fan so I do want one like that.

  • BattleAngel

    Please tell me you’re for real when you say they are available to purchase! BRING IT but save one for me!!!


  • Jamie

    um.. Whats the manufacturers name? surely you should credit him as your using pictures of his products? but i’ve seen these photos all over the place, and nowhere does it state his name (in english that is). except in a Time article, which i can’t find on there website and have lost in old-school paper format. grrrr, if only i could remember peoples names more.

  • Dethra

    The name of the creator of these fine looking pieces is Haruo Suekichi.
    I am still looking for someone that will sell these to me from Japan.. no luck yet. Damn these people who don’t want to share!!

  • yotsugi123


    I live in Yokohama, Japan
    and regularly go to a shop
    that sells Haruo Suekichi’s watches.

    If you’re interested, I can buy some
    at the shop for a commission and ship them to you.

    Kind regards,

  • BMoney

    Hello Antony,

    I will be in Tokyo in March, and my big goal for the trip is to buy a Haruo Suekichi watch. I was wondering if you could help me with some details. Where is the store that sells them, and do they keep them regularly in stock? I would hate to fly half way around the world and not be able to find one!


  • Cailin_Coilleach

    I visited the store that displays Suekichi-san\’s watches back in December. It\’s in Tokyo, about five kilometers out from the central JR ringline. You can take the subway to the store quite easily, after which it\’s about five minutes walking.

    I\’ve made a Google Maps collection of addresses that I went to in Japan. The \”Tom\’s Studio\” shop that has Suekichi\’s work is also marked in this list.

    Read about my visit over here. You can also read about my search for Suekichi-san\’s watches by entering the keyword \”suekichi\” into my website\’s search field. That way you\’ll find links to the shop\’s website and some other useful stuff.

  • Cailin_Coilleach

    Great… Not only is the text field too small… It also screwed up my comment. Oh well.

    Here’s the rest of my comment.

    Please be aware that Suekichi-san’s watches are all on -display- in that shop and that they are NOT for sale. Suekichi-san will occasionally make more than one copy of a watch, to put on sale, but the rest are purely works of art. They are not for sale.

    My watch set me back 200 euros, which is about 250 USD.

  • Jeff

    Its a real shame you can’t buy these. But if anybody is looking for some steampunk stuff you can actually buy, you might want to pop over to or, they tend to have some great listings and they’re not overpriced.

  • xman

    So there is no way to buy ANY of these watches? Does anyone know? Or know how?



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