Published on December 9th,2007 at 10:21 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Xacti DMX-HD700… a Xacti DMX-CG65 with HD 720p ?

Judging by looks, it’s pretty hard to differentiate one from the other… let’s dig deeper, and see if this new baby is worth it!

Just like the Xacti DMX-CG65, the new HD 700 is very compact; both appear very similar, and that’s a great thing because Sanyo managed to put in HD with equal dimensions and weight.

Company Sanyo
Type Xacti DMX-HD700
Resolution 7.38 Mpixel
Max. resolution 3680×2760
Min. resolution 640×480
Sensor size 1/2.5-inch
Sensor type CCD
Optical Zoom Oui
Focal length multiplier index n/a
Wide angle (mm) 38
teleobjective(mm) 190
Digital zoom Yes
Autofocus Yes
Manual focus No
Distance de mise au point (cm) 10
Distance macro (cm) 1
Modes flash
anti red-eye
fill in
slow flash
Memory cards
Secure Digital
Sensitivities auto, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
Priorité ouverture Oui
Ouverture mini grand angle f3.5
Ouverture maxi grand angle unknown
Ouverture mini téléobjectif f4.7
Ouverture maxi téléobjectif unknown
Priorité vitesse Oui
Vitesse mini 4
Vitesse maxi (sec) 1/2000
Rafale (FPS) unknown
Flash intégré Oui
Flash externe Non
Type flash externe n/a
Mesure de l’exposition
Centre weighted
Compensation de l’exposition
-1.8EV – +1.8EV with 1/3EV steps
Balance des blancs
Vidéo Oui
Son Oui
Resolution video maxi 1280×720
Resolution video mini 320×240
Images par seconde (i/s) 30
Timbre vocal Oui
Viseur optique Non
Viseur électronique Non
Écran LCD Oui
Dimension de l’écran 2.7-inch
Résolution de l’éran (en pixels) 230,000
Retardateur Oui
USB USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
Sortie vidéo Oui
Port FireWire Non
Bluetooth Non
Format de fichier
Poids 189g.
Dimensions (mm) 73.7×109.0×35.0

Again, no big change, or should I say no change at all? What you have here is top-notch “push and shoot”, the Xacti DMX-HD700 will easily fit your hand or your pocket.

The video
As you could expect, this is where things change the most thanks to the almighty HD! All those who were frustrated with the 640x480px on the CG65 will be satisfied; unfortunately the switch from VGA to HD720 doesn’t mean a 720×480 resolution (16: 9) and that’s a bit disappointing… but always better than VGA for sure! The presence of a “real” video format is enjoyable (because VGA is…) on such a small camera. Moreover, Sanyo did well to use the 720p and not 720i which doesn’t look good at all on current PC/TV flat screens… One thing however, the HD is unforgiving. If you want quality creations you’ll need time and patience; otherwise, the result may be awful. The small size of the Xacti is yet another problem, it’s hard to keep it stable like a shoulder cam.

More on the negative side? Unfortunately as the Xacti DMX-HD700 hasn’t REALLY been thought through for HD, it feels much more like a CG65 with “HD option.” Those looking for “real HD” should keep this in mind. The lens is too “light”, lacks good brightness, and the auto focus is, oddly, not as good as on the VGA version.

Thumbs up! The image of the 7PMx sensor is smoother and cleaner than before, and overall quality matches what you can get on most digital cameras. Here are a couple of examples for you to see.

The very useful mini-USB port that was on the Xacti DMX-CG65 is gone… replaced by an HDMI, which you plug into a small adapter in order to connect it to a computer. Videos are still .mp4 and .H264. Other items include the power supply, headset plug, and SD cards port.

- compact
- fun to use
- HD makes it more than just a “web-buzz-cam”
- macro mode
- manual focus
- photo mode

- the lens is not so good for HD
- poor auto focus in HD
- no more mini-USB port
- some parts could have been constructed with better materials

The little Xacti DMX-HD700 is as fun to use as the CG65, but now with the HD720p! In the end, it really feels like a GC65 with an “HD option.” I think Sanyo should have used a totally new approach for the high definition, especially when it comes to the lens or auto-focus… They actually already found the answer, and it’s called the Xacti-HD1000 (review coming soon).

If you’re looking for a compact camcorder to take on trips, the Xacti is the right choice. With the HD700 you’ll have to be more careful and precise in order to obtain good results for viewing on HDTV.

A couple video tests (110MB)
4 examples with and without image stabilizer (60MB)

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  • faizirizal

    it look nice to have it inside my pocket. :D

  • displayelevencollective

    (¬_¬) uhh… huge!

  • MicroDesign

    Incredible. Small AND good quality. That’s what I like.

  • Komang

    I love this one but i think still so expensive

  • Nex

    Pretty retro look. Kind of like a super 8 camera from the 70′s

  • C6

    Too bad they don´t come up with a successor to the C6 or the similar form factor+HD. It´s thin, fits easaly in your pocket and it feels and looks premium. That would have been a success. Look @ Sony HDR-TG1 (TG3) …

  • Milkman

    is there an English firmware update for the Japanese model? I’m looking and I can’t seem to find out if the DMX can be switced to English…

    Bic Camera no help

  • shlinder

    I’m having a very hard time deciding between CG65, HD700 and HD1000. The cost and size of CG65 is great, and might be all I need as a normal person filming stuff for his family, trips, performances, etc. I “want” it to be the solution.

    But I’m afraid of missing the next step, HD. I don’t want to buy another camera in a year or two. Should I worry about this? Do I really need to have it be HD? Or can I live with the CG65 as a “normal” user?

    If you say I should get on the HD bandwagon, I’d rather make the full jump to the HD1000, which will be a great struggle for me financially. I just have to move on this soon since my Sony PC115 just died.

  • dexxx

    Very good quality for this size of camera!

  • mazikaty

    Very good quality for this size of camera!

  • mchang

    I got one of these last month. My comment is if you’re just filming under day light or bright lights, it’s fine and looks great. But any low light or dark environment you won’t be able to see anything. Even my digital still camera can take better video clips under low light situations. Also, it can use a better quality microphone, or have an option to have an external mic input. I want to sell mine, anyone interested?

  • sMario

    is there an English firmware update for the Japanese model?

  • motors

    Very well done

  • milf

    Videos are still mature

  • Ectorio

    Full HD or HD Ready ?
    That’s the question for porno…



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