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Sony Unleashes Some Serious Projectors

Sony has launched eight LCD front projectors.

The top of the line is the C-series. The top of the line C-series projector features an LCD that offers native WXGA (1280×800) resolution and 720p, along with 3,000 lumens. Even better, the top of the line C-Series projector can be controlled with the help of a web browser that’s attached to a local network. Other models in the C-series sport XGA ( 1024×768 ) run anywhere from 2,700 to 3,500 lumens.

If you want the basic version, look to pay $2,120. But if you want the high-end CW125, the projector will run you a cool $3,300. Expect the more basic versions to hit shelves this month, with the CW125 to come out in October.

ANAHEIM, Calif. (InfoComm Booth #4000) June 19, 2007 – Sony’s VPL-C series of LCD projectors includes six new models each designed to meet specific presentation requirements in mid-sized conference rooms and classrooms. This new projector family includes a range of compact models, continuing the company’s efforts to offer high levels of flexibility and many options.

The new models in the series are the VPL-CW125, VPL-CX155, VPL-CX150, VPL-CX125, VPL-CX120, and VPL-CX100.

The 3000-lumen VPL-CW125 model delivers WXGA resolution, ideal for presentations from a wide-screen source such as a WXGA PC or HD video with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The other models in the series feature native XGA resolution ( 1024 x 768 ), with a range of brightness levels from 2700 to 3500 lumens.

“This new series is a perfect example of the flexibility and range of options we try to incorporate into all our projector offerings,” said John Kaloukian, director of Sony’s Professional Display group. “From connectivity and security to advanced networking, users will be able to address any of their presentation needs with the models in this new line.”

Each projector uses 3LCD technology with Sony’s new Advanced Crisp Focus glass lens, which is designed to display sharper and clearer images with minimal aberration on a screen’s entire surface.

The projectors accept a wide variety of input signals, including component and composite video, S-video (Y/C), and computer signals up to SXGA+ (fV: 60 Hz). This flexibility allows them to be connected to a variety of sources and peripherals. The new models also have a monitor output and audio inputs and outputs.

The VPL-C series projectors’ front-panel will display a message to alert users when lamps need to be replaced, and filter cleaning is recommended at the same time as lamp replacement to reduce maintenance time. The lamp is accessible from inside the rear cover, and the filter can be reached from the front of the projector. This means that lamp replacement and filter cleaning can be performed without uninstalling the projector.

The VPL-CW125, VPL-CX155, and VPL-CX125 models add network capabilities for delivering presentations and performing maintenance over an IP network. A number of functions on these three models can be performed remotely via a web browser. A projector’s current status can be verified and simple controls can be performed, such as powering the unit on or off.

Up to five projectors can be connected to a network and the image from a single PC can be projected by each unit, useful in large venues and multi-room applications in which images need to be projected from various locations. By manually registering a PC’s IP address, images can also be projected across the country or even internationally for distance learning or long-distance communications

The network capabilities allow automatic e-mail reports to be sent to remind users of scheduled maintenance, or alert them to errors and projected lamp life.

The new projectors have a built-in ID function. This enables them to be controlled independently using a single Remote Commander™ unit, useful for multi-projector installations in a single room, and during installation and operation.

The remote has buttons for direct input selection, so users do not have to toggle through the entire range of inputs to select the desired one.

The VPL-CX150, VPL-CX120, and VPL-CX100 are supplied with a card-type Remote Commander unit that can be used to adjust such settings as digital zoom and audio volume or to activate Auto Pixel Alignment, picture muting, and picture freeze functions.

Other features of the VPL-C series include vertical and horizontal keystone, correction, and direct power on/off.

For classroom settings, security features such as a control panel key lock, password authentication system, and a built-in security bar or Kensington™ lock help to prevent unauthorized use and theft.

Planned availability and suggested list pricing for the new models are:

* VPL-CX100 July $2,120, XGA, 2,700 lumen
* VPL-CX120 June $2,400, XGA, 3,000 lumen
* VPL-CX125 July $2,530, XGA, 3,000 lumen, Network Function
* VPL-CX150 June $2,730, XGA, 3,500 lumen
* VPL-CX155 July $2,930, XGA, 3,500 lumen, Network Function
* VPL-CW125 October $3,330, WXGA, 3,000 lumen, Network Function

ANAHEIM, Calif., June 19, 2007 – Sony is introducing two LCD business projectors, models VPL-EX4 and VPL-ES4, designed for a range of commercial applications.

The new models are best suited for use in classrooms and conference rooms. A short focal-length lens allows large-screen projection from a very short distance, and low fan noise lets audiences concentrate on the speaker during lectures or presentations.

The 2100-lumen VPL-EX4 model has a native XGA resolution of 1024 by 768 and the 2200-lumen VPL-ES4 unit delivers SVGA resolution of 800 by 600. Each model features a 165-watt lamp.

“Since these projectors were designed primarily for education and business, they are very quiet, highly secure, and include a variety of interfaces,” said Jay Chung, Sony Electronics’ marketing manager for LCD projectors. “These features, combined with high brightness and image quality, make the new models ideal for classroom and conference room use. They are entry-level projectors with advanced projector capabilities.”

The VPL-EX4 and VPL-ES4 models are both 3LCD systems, with each projector featuring three high aperture 0.63-inch LCD panels.

“3LCD technology helps to make projected images brighter and more natural,” Chung said. “This type of system provides high light transmission, excellent color reproduction and smooth gradients in dark areas. It can even help to prevent color break-up.”

The short focal length lens on the new models makes it possible to project large images from a short distance. For example, an 80-inch image (viewable area, measured diagonally) can be projected from a distance of approximately 7.5 feet (2.3 meters).

Both models display images in about four seconds after being turned on. They both have a control panel key lock, as well as a password-authentication system and built-in security bar or Kensington™ lock to help prevent unauthorized use or theft.

A supplied card-type Remote Commander™ unit can be used to adjust such settings as digital zoom and audio volume or to activate Auto Pixel Alignment, picture muting, and picture freeze functions. The remote is also effective from several points in a room, since there are IR receivers located on both the front and rear of each projector.

With the addition of Sony’s new Dynamic Detail Enhancer (DDE), crisp and natural video images can be re-produced via 2-3 pull down processing.

The VPL-EX4 and VPL-ES4 models accept a range of standard- and high-definition video input signals, including composite, S-video (Y/C), and analog RGB/component via the HD D-sub 15 pin interfaces In addition, the units can accept computer signals from VGA up to SXGA+ (1400 by 1050).

The models also incorporate monitor output, a digital zoom (up to 4x), seven picture modes, dynamic detail enhancement for video signals, vertical keystone adjustment, multi language OSD, RS-232C control, and ceiling mount options.

Both models are available this month at suggested list prices of $1,030 (VPL-ES4) and $1,230 (VPL-EX4).

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