Published on November 29th,2007 at 1:22 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Akihabara News Tests Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited, the Ultimate car simulator at Sega Joypolis

Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited, the Test !
Uploaded by AkihabaraNews

3 Weeks ago, Sega invited us to enjoy some of the coolest games at the Sega Joypolis in Odaiba, Tokyo. Among several nice games we could spend time playing with, was the latest arcade game version of Initial D, the ultimate manga for all Drift fans.
For several months, Japanese gamers have had the chance to play Initial D in one of the cars shown in the manga, especially the TOYOTA TRUENO, used by the young hero of this sequel.
Basically, like a full flight simulator used to train airplane pilots, Sega mounted 3 cars, a Toyota Truneo, a Subaru Impreza WRX, and a Mazda RX7 on top of a moving platform, which will simulate your driving style.

I have to say that I was not prepared for such FUN! Not only are the video game and graphics quite nice and very realistic when it come to the driving experience, but also, the roads in the video games are taken from real roads in Japan (or sometimes are close to real ones). But, the moving platform, in my opinion, is the real killer in this game; it is as violent as in real life, and you will feel your car drifting or doing a power slide as real as if you where in a real car, on a real road.
The steering wheel gives good feedback, and you really feel like driving as a real thing… IMPRESSIVE.
Now, if I wanted to be picky, I would say that few things are not well done:

-First, you cannot use the handbrake, I know you should not use handbrake in Drift, but hey, I like it this way !
-The revs on the dashboard are not moving, everything is set on the screen… pity ;
-You do not have a REAL gear box in manual mode, neither a clutch… pity, I would’ve had better results with a real gear box…

But hey, this is ONLY my opinion, and just as it is, I had a LOT of fun! And actually, you can judge this by yourself, thanks to our little video where you will be seated next to me, and see me trying to drift around !

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  • Johanwolfe

    How many yen per play?

  • MicroDesign

    How’s the tofu?

  • Nex

    Wow… So amazing! I have got the game on PS2. I would really like to try this arcade version.

  • den

    It is amazing

  • thebuyer

    Hey!! this is awesome…

  • rexx

    Very good

  • Cars

    Very nice! I like it! Keep it up!

  • meh

    Tip for camera man, put the camera on the screen, thats what people really want to see. 90% of the time the camera is focused on wheel

  • AlexanderLee

    Is it possible to win this one of this car?

  • anna

    Better buy own cool sport car, drink some tequilla and go to the road

  • invinceible

    Wow… How much is one of those machines and are there any of those versions in America? o_O”

  • nokia

    How many yen per play?

  • aa

    Very nice! I like it! Keep it up!

  • cars

    Cannon – is super power)

  • AdrianDX

    To answer som of you people’s questions:

    “How many yen per play?”
    It’s free, but you must pay entrance to Sega Joypolis, which if I recall correctly was about 3000 yen or so.for one day.

    “Wow… How much is one of those machines and are there any of those versions in America? o_O”
    These three cars are the only one of their kind, they are not for sale can only be found at Sega Joypolis in Tokyo.
    Mind that they are actual, real cars mounted on top of a gyro thingy. They’d cost a fortune =P

  • AdrianDX

    Terribly sorry about my previous post, a few things were not corret:

    The admission fee for Sega Joypolis is 500 yen per adult (15 years and up), but if you pay this, you MUST pay for all attractions you want to ride (Initial D is 600 yen per play).

    But there is a so called Passport, which allows you to ride all rides you want unlimited times and that costs 3500 yen per adult (15 years and up)

    For more information check

  • sasuke

    whats the game called

  • Lett

    Cool, i want to play this too.

  • ode4

    How many costs

  • Author

    please helpe me to buy this game to our mall in saudi arabia , what is the price for this set



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