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How the 3D television market was affected by the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show – The coming of 4K OLED TVs

How the 3D television market was affected by the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show - The coming of 4K OLED TVs

3D is all the rage these days when it comes to the movies. The studios have opened up to the concept of shooting movies in three dimensions. It has been found to add to the viewing experience that people derive when watching the movie in a theatre. In fact, the most successful movie of all time was shot in 3D. Despite the cynics and critics lamenting how 3D is ruining the movie going experience, the technology is holding strong and may well continue to do so for the next many years to come.

However, this may not be the case with the same technology on the smaller screen. It hasn’t been too long since the world got to see the first ever 3D television. Yet, the rapid technological advancement in the world of TVs has more or less sealed the fate of 3D TVs: they are virtually obsolete. This seems to have been the message coming loud and clear by the televisions on display for the public at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. The market for 3D TVs might plummet in the near future.

4K OLED – The Way of the Future

The way technology is progressing today almost makes it impossible for consumers to keep up with it. This much was proved recently by the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. Held annually, the event showcases all the new gadgets and devices about to hit the market, and consumers get a chance to catch a peek of the advancement taking place in the world of consumer electronics. This year’s event showcased a number of 3D TVs but the TVs which attracted the most attention were the 4K OLED TVs. They are a notch above the traditional 3D TVs and what’s more, don’t require glasses!

The 4K OLED TVs on display at CES 2013 showed how slim the TV can actually get. You would hardly notice it is there from the side but it is a gargantuan 60 inches and above when viewed from the front. What’s more, it is so slim that you don’t even realize it is a TV set. It almost seems as though the image is hanging in the air. It is a given that the 4K OLED TVs offer a better picture quality, which is the point behind coming up with a new TV at par with the 3D TVs.

How the Market for 3D TVs Will Be Affected

The buzz surrounding 4K OLED TVs shows they are the way of the future. At the same time, this also means they are yet to arrive. The 3D TVs have been around for a while and are being used by consumers at home and even by businesses for presentations and other displays. It may well be some time before the 4K OLED TV finally hits the market. Till then, the 3D TVs might actually pick up some momentum and build up a strong consumer base which might not be affected by the arrival of the new TVs.

The one big question mark hanging over the 4K OLED TVs is the price. There is no word yet on how much the cutting edge televisions are going to cost. It is expected that they will be considerably more expensive than the standard 3D TV sets. In that case, there is a chance that consumers might stay away from them until prices come down. However, if they are priced at the same level as 3D TVs, then, I think, there is no competition. That would seal the fate for 3D TVs, in my opinion, and they would be out of the market in no time.


The 2013 CES might have struck the final nail in the coffin for 3D TVs. If the 4K OLED TVs turn out to be as good as promised and are affordable, most people are going to opt for buying them over a new 3D TV, taking TV technology to a new level. Regardless of which TV you buy, you still need to find the best channels to watch.

Images via Flickr by SamsungTomorrow

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How the 3D television market was affected by the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show – The coming of 4K OLED TVsHow the 3D television market was affected by the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show – The coming of 4K OLED TVs
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  • Robert Silva

    Hello………………What the article doesn’t take into account is that most 4K and OLED TVs are also 3D TVs…..

  • Abdessemed

    the photo above belongs to Samsung’s LCD 4K not OLED 4K, you must put the photo of Panasonic’s 56″ or Sony 56″ 4K OLED shown in latest CES 2013.

  • Fizh

    And the article extrapolates from a couple of prototypes of TVs that aren’t shipping yet to put the final nail in the 3D coffin. Premature? Too soon to tell.

  • Fernando Martínez

    I never cared about all those ultra fake “3D”, even now.



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