Published on July 31st,2007 at 12:34 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Sony Concept: Japanese technology and Italian design, the best of both worlds.

Geek or not, we all appreciate products which manage to combine functionality and style, and I personally always have had a lot of respect for the craftsmen from all around the world for their work and dedication to create unique objects… especially since I know I could hardly do the same!

Sony has got the technology and even though most of their products already look great, they decided to work hand in hand with “real” artists and come up with unique creations that I had the chance to witness for your eyes only!
Thirteen is the number of craftsmen that Sony has been working with, all come from Lombardia (Italy), the result is waiting for you below:

Sony Design “Master Craft Lombardia” Expo
(DivX 6 HD 720p, Hosted by Stage6)
Sony Design “Master Craft Lombardia” Expo
(WMVHD 720p, Hosted by Vuze)

1 ) HANA (flowers in Japanese).
HANA is a lamp (available in various sizes) in which is place a SONY digital audio player (removable) with speakers. The aim was to show a different approach on how to integrate music to an object that we use everyday without really paying attention to it…from there, we can imagine this system available on all kind of lamps and therefore, having access to our music everywhere at home…

2 ) SEN.
The SEN project consisted in finding the most elegant way to use a flexible screen on any surface, the example that we have here is a wall made of glass…it could be interesting to see this concept used on other objects such as mirrors for example.

3 )CHO, the speaker frame.
This is a marble frame in which were installed 4 speakers (the subwoofer is a bit further) giving a whole new meaning to the word SOUND…the way it is “emitted” or “diffused” can somehow be visualized from the centre of the frame…at the same time, the artist wanted to use it as a way to open new horizons…

Possibly the best way to combine an Virtual Surround Sound audio system and a classy rack!
The way this one was made and displayed really stood out and made it very nice to look at…

5 ) MATOI, a new skin for your PC.
MATOI represents the next level of PC customization with the use of fabric or leather…the qualitic of the work was excellent but got me wondering if those laptops remained “usable” on a daily basis.

6 ) YUI.
YUI is a CD player with built-in radio thrown into a metal and wood piece of work, exactly the type of product I wish I had at home!

7 ) TSUKI (the Moon).
Some people wouldn’t want to watch a movie on anything else than a good video projector, but, for some reasons, most of those products failed to deliver an attractive design…TSUKI changes this matter of fact thanks to a Bravia HD projector integrated in a small table…really nice!

8 ) ZA.
Now that you have the TSUKI, you need the ZA, which is an armchair made of leather in which were placed stereo speakers putting you right INTO what the action, I’ve been dreaming of this for ages!

9 ) RIN.
The Standing Speaker…. The RIN is as pretty as the sound that comes out of it, the high tech design seems taken out of a Science Fiction movie…yet another impressive creation.

2 more speakers combining glass and metal for a striking look!

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  • he

    I thouht Howard Stinger closed down all Sony’s non-profitable business’s? And this looks like one of them.

  • throws2000

    What music is playing in the background at 3:30? Thanks!

  • allen

    Is this the taste of the future?
    Sony brings a whole new frontier in Technology. Kawai!!!

    So amazing!

  • Femme

    They are really too strong at sony!
    The technology will not stop she never?

  • chat

    Sony is the best and for the futur.

  • Tora

    Any chance these will be available in the Western market any time soon? Or even as an import from Japan?

  • noxes

    Sony present new fantasctic thing

  • GamesEarth

    You gatta be hungry!

  • voyance

    Sony is fantastic and this is the best of world !

  • femme

    Sony is the best !!! Je l’utilise pour mon site de la salope

  • amateur

    Sony brings a whole new frontier in Technology. Kawai.

  • anna

    > What music is playing in the background at 3:30? Thanks!

    May be Cannibal Courpse?

  • Lubbe

    the name says about everything

  • isabelle

    Sony is the best of world !!! Yes I confirme !



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