Published on May 4th,2007 at 11:05 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

USB Virus Chaser by DigiWorks Korea

The Korean company DigiWorks just presented the first USB Key anti-virus system in the world with the USB Virus Chaser. As you can see on the photos it’s as simple as a USB key with a built in software to detect the viruses. Simple and sweet ! Available in May.

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  • petros

    Hey daymaou you are either very young or marketing victim.

    ~The Korean company DigiWorks just presented the first portable anti-virus system in the world~

    The worlds first generation antiviruses were 100% portable. It was only a disk that any IT person was carrying with him since virus signatures back then were only a couple of hundreds or even less than that. I bet this usb one is much more automated than the old days and you just move and click your mouse than typing a couple of DOS commands but hey these antivirus systems were what you call portable

  • afofddy

    —.worth a look, thanks


  • martin

    try avast/mcafee for u3 drives very compact and good at there job (tested with diffrent viruses)

  • Natsit

    Anyone know how to purchase this product? pls reply me thanks alot

  • DareArkin

    U3 is in itself a virus. It slows your computer, making it all but chug along. Not what I consider a platform for a portable antiirus.

  • jhon

    I reccommend this is more easy jejeje: SOKX PRO 1.0

    Official website:

    It is a software application whose function is to protect the USB devices of the autorun.inf file, which active the file .exe, .com or .bat that contains viruses that infect both the USB device as a PC desktop or a laptop into which they are connected.

    SOKX PRO 1.0 works with USB flash devices without software pre-installed from the factory (eg U3), mp3 players, external USB hard drives and in general with any USB storage device.



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