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[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse


A couple of months ago TT eSPORTS (better known in Europe and the US as ThermalTake) launched their new flagship mouse in Taipei: The LEVEL 10 M. The mouse caught quite a bit of media attention since it wasn’t your average run of the mill IBM/Microsoft mouse.  Our top dog at ThermalTake’s marketing sends one over for us to test, abuse, or at least try to.


Specifications TT eSPORTS LEVEL 10 M

“Level 10 M Mouse is equipped with 8200 DPI, adjustable from 800, 1600, 3200 to 5000 (default setting), and customizable by software application up to 8200 DPI. With the LED indication on top of the mouse, gamer is constantly and visually informed with the current DPI status, and to make change wherever necessary.”


Color Diamond Black
Iron White
Military Green
Blazing Red
DPI 8200
Sensor Type Laser
No. of Buttons 7
Game Genre RTS, MMORPG
Memory Size 128kb
No. of Macro Keys 11
No. of Game Profiles 5
Lighting Effect Yes
Pause-Break Effect Yes
Color Options 7
USB cable length 1.8m
Weight-In Design No
Graphical UI Yes
Industrial Rubber-Coating Yes
Weight 185g
Gold-Platted USB Yes
Dimension 147 x 67.5 x 38.8 mm


The LEVEL 10 M is quite the odd cat compared to regular gaming mice, TT eSPORTS got a moment of “freaky” and called the design studio from BMW Motors with the question: Design us a mouse… ?

DesignworksUSA has been the design partner for the Level 10 project. The global design consultancy has skillfully extended the Level 10 design concept and translated it to a vital gaming accessory: the Level 10 M Mouse.


So…  Car DNA? Yes, not exactly what we’d expected either. That said, TT eSPORTS managed to created a damn stunning looking piece of gaming gear. Let’s start by running through each part of the design pointers mentioned by TT eSPORTS:

Aluminum base is one of the toughest chemical materials with character of high resistance to corrosion, and commonly used in aerospace industry and architectural purpose. Level 10 M Mouse is designed with solid aluminum material to ensure both durability and tenaciousness are constantly experienced by the users over Level 10 M Mouse’s quality and long-lasting durable experience.

Level 10 M Mouse is designed with open structure in between top and base segments, and the space in between the mouse also serves to adjust the height and angle via steering axis, greatly enhance user comfort and convenience as well.

The LEVEL 10 M consists of a solid aluminum base with a small front and larger back bulge/ball-head structure that holds a spring-bolt system allowing the rear of the mouse, which is a 2mm thick durable plastic shell, to be cranked up or down by the simple twist of a mini TORX screwdriver provided in the box. Equally there is a bolt on the right side of the mouse allowing the degree of tilt to be manually set/adjusted. The plastic shell is just a top part, allowing air to flow inside of the mouse, thus keeping it cooler than an enclosed mouse.


Up to 7 colors to choose from, the Level 10 M Mouse allows gamers to build up personal gaming atmosphere. Notably, a breathing Battle Dragon can be found underneath the perforated surface!

The LEVEL 10 M has 7 mixable LED color schemes to choose from. You can press the aluminum “lightning” button to swap to 5 (or more when you customize) presets. Colors include red, light & darker blue, purple, yellow, white and green. Below the left mouse button there is a mini honeycomb cutout that shows a glowing LED backlit image of the TT eSPORTS dragon logo. The cool thing about this particular mouse is the fact that both scrolling wheel, square on the left button and “breathing dragon logo behind the honeycomb” can be individually set to either one of the 7 colors. To summarize: you can have up to 4 different colors on your mouse, 1 stays red, the other 3 can be custom set.



Level 10 M Mouse is a programmable gaming mouse capable of using the most comprehensive software application to customize settings based on gamer’s needs. Specifically, the Z key can be programed to switch up to 5 gaming profiles. Other features such as the polling rate and the 7 lighting-effect colors are also customizable through software, making Level 10 M Mouse a truly amazing mouse for pro-gaming and creative needs.

Just like the Genius GX Gaming’s DeathTaker we’ve reviewed a couple of months ago, the TT eSPORTS Level 10 M gaming mouse is equally equipped with a lethal arsenal of configurable shortcuts, macro’s and actions. The advantage of getting 5 profiles by default means you can quickly swap from one game to another (or go from single player to multiplayer missions) without having to fiddle and adjust settings, just a press on the magic “lightning button” will change the profile for you.


The mouse features a plethora of buttons, 2 rubber buttons on both left and right side of the aluminum sides. The left side of the mouse has the previously mentioned aluminum “lightning button” that allows for not only profile switching but also enables up, down, left & right movements. This type of multidirectional button actually turned out to be pretty useful for fast web browsing/Google search too.

Regarding the scroll wheel, we’d have to say it is one of the best scroll wheels we’ve used in a long time. This one has a ‘C’-pattern grip on its tire, might not look like a big deal to most but everybody using a PC long enough knows that sometimes food and gaming can make a mouse a bit messy. This is where the pattern on the scroll wheel works just like snow tires on a slippery road, providing “all-weather” grip you’d otherwise lost when using slick-type scrolling wheels.


Final verdict

When it comes to choosing a gaming mouse you find yourself very fast in the situation where you’ll have to choose something you like from 101 models offered by various gaming brands. However, most of the time, the differences between mouse A and B are minute and the one appearing coolest will probably grasp your full attention.

From our personal opinion we did find the LEVEL 10 M to be fairly heavy out-of-the-box, making it splendid for RTS and strategy where the added weight gave a bit of extra control. For FPS and other fast paced games this “panzer” mouse might not be to everybody’s preference. Another thing that not every gamer will appreciate is the fact that the plethora of buttons on both left & right side are obstructing the “side grip” zone for thumb and little finger. That said, the key shortcuts and macro’s you can assign to them makes up some of those flaws, it is for one very neat to assign a “desktop macro profile” where you use the previous/next buttons for copy/paste purposes, does save a hell lot of time moving files.

Now what if you had a striking “Born to be Seen” mouse and were able to combine that with tilt modifications, striking LED backlit nuances and a feeling of solid aluminum robustness? Yes you can! Fusing BMW’s design guru’s with Thermaltake’s gaming engineers and you end up with the LEVEL 10 M Gaming mouse, gorgeous to look at and solid enough to take the beating of long gaming sessions, daily that is.


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[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse
[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse
[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse
[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse[REVIEW] TTeSPORTS LEVEL 10M gaming mouse
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