Published on April 20th,2007 at 11:01 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

2 million HD DVD (but which one?) players for Wal-Mart

A big thanks to Finn for the info !
According to the Chinese media, Taiwan based company Fuh Yuan, in cooperation with TDK, should produce 2 million HD DVD players for Wal-Mart, representing a deal of around 100 million dollars.

— Sorry for the previous News, but we were lost in the translation , We had to read Blu-Ray HD DVD… in Chinese it is 藍光 = blue ray —

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  • Blue

    It’s blue laser HD DVD. HD DVD also uses blue laser, not just Blu-ray.

  • madshi

    Why would you guys think they mean Blu-Ray? The chinese article clearly states HD-DVD. It can’t be any more obvious than that! HD-DVD is HD-DVD all over the world. If chinese people say HD-DVD, they mean HD-DVD and not Blu-Ray.

  • Andrew

    That’s HD-DVD, not Blu-ray

  • ALMA
  • Edward

    “De Nile” is a river. ALL the native chinese posters say “blue light HD DVD” is the meaning of the phrase used in the article – NOT “Blu-Ray”, which is a trademark and would appear as “Blu-Ray”.

    That Bluray fanbois are trying to fool people into thinking this is not clear in it’s meaning is rather “sad” (as in pathetic, really).

    See here:

    Case closed, sadddos…

  • a

    TDK is 100% Blu-ray manufacturer?

  • Olea

    I don’t know what’s all the fuss.
    TDK makes blu-rays not hd-dvds, they are part of the DBA board for chirst’s sake.
    Even in light of the new imation/tdk merger, If they meant hd-dvd they would have said Fuh Yuan, in cooperation with Imation.
    What’s more likely, blue laser HD DVD or blu-ray HD DVD?
    Want berry this once for all? Call TDK as ask them what are they doing with Fuh Yuan.

  • Oleander

    TDK is an exclusive Blu-ray supporter and a member of BDA board.
    Blue laser HD DVD could mean both blu-ray or hd-dvd but TDK only makes discs for one of them.

  • An Anti Sony Fan

    In Chinese ?? means BLUE LIGHT in now way it’s BLUE RAY and for sure not blu ray They are talking about the laser!!!!

    Another cool fact is that American based Imation now owns TDK and Imation will support every format :-D



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