Published on March 10th,2012 at 12:45 PM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

AkihabaraNews is yours! Get a chance to share what you like!

AkihabaraNews is yours! Get a chance to share what you like!

I would like to start a small experiment with you all! As you know I am having been writing since 2002 for AkihabaraNews and I have to admit that I would love to see some “change” here and bring something different for all of us and make sure that AkihabaraNews become a place that we all enjoy visiting and where we could debate about what we love and what the best way to do so by giving you the chance to talk and participate to AkihabaraNews editorial work.

While this will require a huge change on how Akihabara News is designed and how things will be done I would like to propose you the following: Take control of AkihabaraNews!

The idea is simple : If you have an idea for a news, an article, a video or a project, please send us your text or material and we will publish it on AkihabaraNews with your Full Name or Pseudo.

Basically if you ever dream of having your own Daily, Weekly, Monthly column on a News Website but did not know how to do, well just send us a mail a mynews[at] and we will publish it!

Now the subject will have to be mainly tech oriented and if possible mainly around Tech from an Asian manufacturer, this could mine however that you could talk about a Sony product announced in the USA or a Chinese product launched in Taiwan or Korea. Also we are open to start other section, if you ever dream to restart the Asian Babe of the week? Then the section is yours! Want to write about Video Games, share you’re though on a game you just tested? Well what are you waiting for then? Are you an Anime fan? An Asian Food cook and want to share your recipes? Well you know the answer…. AkihabaraNews is now yours for a Beta test and let make it as fun as possible!

PS this Beta test is not limited to people living in Japan, but to everyone everywhere.

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  • gornes

    After reading the above text I would really offer myself as a proofreader, and this isn’t sarcasm at all. 
    About new section, something related to video games would be much appreciated :)  

    • akihabaranews

      Send your correction over to the same email address! Thanks !

    • lo-fi

      Wow Gornes really? Maybe proof read your own comment for a start….

    • Jean Poole

      Gomes, I have been intermittently doing a little proofreading on this site. Join the party. The author is doing much better than I would if I was publishing in Japanese. Ron

  • Ike

    Asian food recipes…   so next up: anybody interested in doing a comparison review of 7 popular rice cookers?  ;-)

  • Gtk39

    Being Japanese Canadian and having relatives in Japan, I really enjoyed your weekly LET’S VISIT TOKYO videos.  Any chance this starting up again?  Thank you.

  • migur CR

    Asian Babe of the week is the best 

  • Shrimper

    would really like to see regular asian food recipes…

  • akihabaranews

    Would love to see some gamers news as well! Basically I would like to make AkihabaraNews “Open Source” where people who love Asia, Japan and/or the site could contribute when they want and how they think is the best… 

    • dgoe

      long time lurker here…i think the proper term you’re looking for is “crowd source”. Enough about that, I do like to contribute someday as I am living in Japan right now. 

    • akihabaranews

      Yep LOL, Crowd Sourcing! And do not hesitate to participate, if you are around Tokyo we could even meet! Cheers!

    • dgoe

      Sure, I’m just in yokohama so I can definitely meet the crew :D

    • akihabaranews

      send me a mail at gagay [at]

  • Jonhohx

    yeh…bring babe asian babe of the week.

  • akihabaranews

    I am a month late on this one, but what I need the most now is help… Alone it is no longer possible. I would love to start the let’s visit tokyo series again, but it take my a full day to do just one video. 

  • Mike de Beard

    Hi everyone.

    I can’t remember how I discovered  AkihabaraNews, but I’ve certainly been a keen viewer.

    I am English and live in the UK. I say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. AkihabaraNews is perfect as it is.

    Having said that, I have to say that I have missed Asian Babes, but that was always a bonus and not the main reason for logging on to the site.

    If I only had enough money I would visit Japan tomorrow; alas…
    … the Let’s Visit Tokyo videos are a poor substitute but good fun and an eye opener for foreigners. Perhaps we could have a ‘Let’s Visit’ from some other places?

    I’m sure all additions to the site will be wonderful, but it certainly is great the way it is now.

    Best wishes to everyone.

  • Kelly

    I’m getting really tired of seeing that nothing is improving. No new Let’s Visit Tokyo videos (shot with a tripod, hand held is annoying, especially with poor audio). No new babefights. No new food additions or travel or game, etc. Boring. Is anybody working there or concerned about their viewers? Content is lacking.

  • Eddie

    Don’t change anything, ITS PERFECT!

  • Charidemus

    Don’t change anything. Your new idea will create a chaos. PLEASE!!!!

  • Everyone

    What happened to the girls this time? I’m just going to frequent another site you guys just can’t seem to get your act together.

    • akihabaranews

      Ask Google!!!! The company thinks that this category is BAD for you!!!

      ADULT/SEXUALLY GRATIFYING: As stated in our program policies, AdSense
      publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on pages with adult or
      mature content. This includes images or video content containing lewd or
      provocative poses, or close-ups of breasts, butts, or crotches. More
      information about this policy can be found in our help center (

  • BakaDaruku

    I’ll bite… WIll review music as I buy/Tsutaya it.

    • akihabaranews

      No problems! You can find my email address in the contact us section!

  • Tokyo Joe dot tk

    Friend, your site is doing ok. Keep up the good work. Peace Tokyo Joe @tokyojoelove

  • Stanley Pang

    One of the Top 10 best sites to visit for Tech news!

  • Benjamin Schroyer

    I actually just came across your site today. I really like the site. What specific news are you looking for in electronics? I have a passing interest in roms and the development community for android devices. More or less I lurk on xda reading treads on new roms and testing them.



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