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[REVIEW] USBFever: Useful iPhone and iPad gadgets

USBFever has been generous to allow us reviewing some of their latest gadgets for Apple’s iPhone/Touch and iPad. We got hands on some screen protectors, some cases and some power/charging docks. Let’s hit it.


Something to protect your screen

  •  Anti Glare Screen Protector for Apple iPad 2

Ipad or iPhone 4/4S version

This screen protector, manufactured by TuneWear (Japan), is the definition of an easy to use foil cover. Both iPhone as iPad version get sucked to your screen without the annoyance of becoming all “bubbly”. The iPhone version attached itself flawless without the need of using the included squeegee. The iPad version of this cover, due to the larger screen estate, can accidentally pick up some air if you rub it on too fast. The supplied squeegee did an excellent job of popping the air bubbles to the sides to be released.

On the negative side, except the fact that the protector has a really nice rough feeling to it, this rougher surface brings a certain matte/crystalized overlay with it. This won’t matter much when reading emails and so on, but once you start watching movies or photos it really degrades their luster a fair bit. Yet it’s still one of the best protectors I’ve tested to date when it comes to avoiding fingerprints.


  • Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector for iPad

 Ipad version

Manufactured by S-View (South Korea) is a similar protector like the one from TuneWear; yet with a very peculiar difference. This foil has an incredible silky feeling and makes it feel like stroking a matte Macbook pro screen.  But… there is one thing that makes this cover a no-buy for us: the application.

Though they all are categorized as screen protectors, they all apply differently. And this one is a particular pain in your a-double-s. Applying it (even with the squeegee constantly pushing out the bubbles) was almost impossible to do without leaving some tiny bubbles behind. Even re-applying it didn’t help the cause. If you’re like us, who don’t want to spend 30 minutes applying a bubble free cover, you probably wont like this product.


Something to protect your phone

  • TUNEFOLIO for iPhone 4S/4 Book Type Leather Case

Iphone version

If you are into book type iPhone cases you’ll definitely love this one. It comes in synthetic leather in both black, white and sand color. The synthetic leather looks fairly genuine and will be liked by vegetarians as it leaves one more cow alive.

Another great thing about this book system is that you can put your credit card in the sleeve, making it an interesting idea when you go running or activities where an extra wallet is just too much of a bother. This cover comes also in a flip-type edition, for those of you who prefer that.


  • Waterproof Bicycle mount for iPhone / iPod / Smartphone

 Iphone version

Bicycles, a fantastic invention for the non-lazy going to work, to be used recreational or for competition purposes. When it came to mounting systems for phones, there weren’t many around till recently. We got hands on a model manufactured by TuneWear (Japan) which showed remarkable potential to enhance your riding experience.

The cover comes in a synthetic (rubber feeling) fabric. The front is made from a clear high durable foil. Particularly noteworthy that iPhone (and other smartphones) are still fully responsive after touching the screen when inside the bicycle housing. We tested this with an iPhone who had a screen protector applied to it, and even with this applied the housing still was very touch responsive. Oh, and it is weather sealed, rain and dirt proof…  just don’t go diving with it.


Something to charge on

  • Super Mobile Power Pack w 2 USB Power Sockets for iPhone/iPad/ Cellphone

Charge pack here

A mobile power pack, not something we tried before. This pack can hold up to 6000mAh, enough for nearly 3 full iPhone recharges. It comes with a retractable USB2 to Mini-USB2 cable. There are a bunch of conversion plugs in the box to allow various phones from different manufacturers to be recharged. It features both 1 and 2A 5V outputs. Recharging this unit can be done with the same retractable cable on power socket or PC/Notebook USB ports. It’s weight is about the same as an iPhone, so definitely something handy for the travel bag to assure you’ll never unexpectedly run out of juice.


  • Universal Cradle for iPhone / iPod with USB Hub

Cradle here

Cradles, lovely pieces of hardware having the advantage you just can pop in your iPhone/iPod or even iPad to charge on. Most cradles only distinct difference with Apple’s white cable by the fact that they keep your phone upright and are just easier to use.

This particular model pushes the bar on expandability. You get 3 additional USB ports and 1 audio output next to the standard Apple connector.  This allows you to attach a keyboard, mouse, flash memory and external audio systems (music output of your i-device will be routed to that port). This last part might come with a negative side, since your iPhone/Pod’s internal speaker becomes disabled.

We mentioned it also accepts iPads, it does, but we wouldn’t recommend you using it for iPad as the weight of the iPad will make the cradle collapse.


Well there isn’t much to add to the products featured here, all have their particular use. We recommend you to check out USBFever’s website if you are looking for something special to enhance your iPhone, iPod, iPad or smartphone experience.


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