Published on February 8th,2007 at 4:16 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

When the Korean GOD awake, he gives us… the Samsung Ultra Smart F700

Thank you Apple, Thank you for your iPHONE that even if I will, most will probably never, ever buy…I said MOST probably. Okay? I must admit that your iPHONE gave other manufacturers a kick in the butt that awakened them. And thanks to the future availability of your iPHONE, others will really have to work hard to maintain their market share. So today we’ll start with Samsung and their promising step forward, nearly perfect, and ready to compete with Apple: Behold the Ultra Smart F700…

Seoul, February 8th, 2007 – Samsung today announced a new addition to its Ultra portfolio with the introduction of Ultra Smart F700. This revolutionary mobile phone will be showcased at 3GSM World Congress, the largest telecommunications event, next week. The F700 features unrivaled design and brings a superior range of multimedia experiences to consumers.
The Ultra Smart is a part of Samsung’s Ultra portfolio which boasts a full touch screen as well as QWERTY key pad. It reflects the recent trend in telecommunications industry of touch screen user interface and, for users who are not yet familiar with a touch-screen-only user interface, it also implements a QWERTY key pad and VibeTonz technology which allows them to feel the buttons accompanied by responsive vibrations. A “Drag and drop” method of touch screen was adopted for easier menu navigation along with music play list control for an expanded multimedia experience. Volume, play lists, brightness of screens as well as other menu control can be controlled utilizing the touch screen.
As speed is becoming crucial for data communications, Samsung has included the latest trends in mobile to the Ultra Smart F700. The Ultra Smart reflects the latest speed of 7.2 Mbps under the High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) network. Once the 7.2 Mbps HSDPA network completely deployed, F700 users can download an mp3 song (about 4MB each) in 4.4 seconds. A full HTML browser along with the QWERTY key pad enables easy access to the internet for e-mail and data services. Using the new F700, business and creative professionals are able to view content on a stunning 2.78″ color display. The device features first class entertainment with a top-of-the-line 5 mega-pixel camera with auto focus and Bluetooth. With 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, it makes it easier to watch videos, listen to songs, share high-quality photos, or catch up on email on the move.
“The introduction of our Ultra Smart F700 reflects the needs of today’s consumers by including features such as touch screen, enhanced connectivity to mobile internet, and access to an array of multimedia content,” said Geesung Choi, President of Samsung’s Telecommunications Network Business. “The Ultra Smart F700 is a good example of how mobile phone will evolve in the future. Samsung will focus on bringing products that reflect and pursue our position as a premium leader”

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  • xeal

    Yes… but… can I buy it in Akihabara?

  • Merc

    Amazing product, probably will reach around 700-800$+ U$D. Interestingly enough it is EDGE capable, which as far as I know only Cingular/AT&T uses (in the US) so we might see it here too? I’m also surprised it can playback H.264 content. Disappointed somehow REAL networks got its crap mixed in with it(mp3,video), no wmv support.

  • Macindows

    I don’t know, who copied from whom, but the visual interface is almost completly the same as Apple’s iPhone! Except, that Apple’s interface looks much cooler!

  • ono

    What does the iPhone have to do with this product. This is a great product and far superior. This must have been in development for some time. Break free of the RDF.

  • AlzBrain

    It looks good. But to be great it could use Wi-Fi, then it would kick some iPhone rear.

  • A-Ron

    Looks nice. But why does it take a computer company to kick the butt of the mobile phone giants to get them to produce products they already had? I mean, they (meaning Samsung, Motorola, Sony etc) have decades of production experience in mobile phones, which to be honest have not really changed in all that time. Apple, “the little computer company that does!” has called the phone giants bluff and forced them into releasing products they were holding back on! I’ll buy an Apple iPhone purely because it’s not from a profiteering phone giant who’s been sitting on the technology because, hey! Why give people more, when you can get the same amount of money out of them for a phone that does nothing but has a pretty case! Thanks Steve Jobs you’re the man!!!!

  • Sirocco

    The Samsung F700 has a keyboard. That’s a big advantage over the iPhone. But how bout that Nokia N800!

  • Roman

    Couldn’t they be more obvious as to from where they took the design of their “ultra smart” phone from, oh yea! from iPhone! hmm…many MP3 player manufacturer’s tried to look similar to IPod and iPod is still the largest share holder in music player market.
    the OS. How can Samsung can even begin to challenge the company that brought to us personal computers and the first OS? iPhone has the world’s best OS – Tiger OS X
    In conclusion, just so that I won’t be viewed as some Samsung hater, I want to say that I’ve been Samsung costumer ever since I got my first cellphone at the age of 15 (I’m 21 now) and I never traded it for any other company casue I always viewed them as inovators not imitators as I’ve just found out. It is time for a change and iPhone I can’t wait for you!
    FYI: it is more importan what kind of driver (OS) is in the car than a car(Hardware) itself (metaphor)

  • Biko

    Well I had a Samsung phone for two years and it was the biggest waste of 500 dollars. Most of teh ‘software’ was simply cutesy ringtones and other useless. The slide out keyboard on the f700 thing is very similar to other phone hybrids and is just one of many reasons why it is years behind the iPhone’s all in one screen design.f700 looks like another clunker. Here in South Korea unfortunatly the latest Nokia or Motorola phones are very difficult to find, especially outside Seoul. I’ll be switching to the iPhone as son as they become available. Mac OS and the Multitouch will simlpy slay imitators like the f700 (which looks clunky to boot). C’mon Apple, don’t make us wait in Korea until 2008. Open a store here now and offer the same time as in the US!. Why is cutting edge tech always late to get here? And why no Apple Store in Korea, you have many in Japan already.

  • Daimaou

    Well, I give you our Japanese Apple Store in exchange of Samsung, LG, and All these PMP/Mp3 manufacturer !

  • Abyss

    Sorry to pop any fanboy bubbles but the fact that it is ready to showcase means it has been in development for longer than the Apple Phone has been public. Also if Samsung is coping anybody it looks much more like a black HTC Hermes than Apple’s phone.

    One last thing Roman, Apple did not bring us the first OS by a long shot. I know Unix predates anything created by Apple by many years and I’m pretty sure VAX is even older than Unix.

  • Slik

    If this is all the “Korean GOD” has to offer I guess it’s all gone to hell in a handbasket for Korean cell makers, who by the way are fast losing market share to world Number 1 and 2 Nokia and Motorola.

    The fact that this 700 clunker is ready to showcase simply shows that lame imitations are much easier to knock off in a hurry than the real thing. Its interface looks like something out of 1992. iPhone killer? LOL. About as much as Samsung’s lame Yepp was an iPod killer (read, Not even close technologically). Samsung doesn’t even have Multi-touch or that supercool touchscroll. iPhone is SICK and the big boys at Samdung just got left in the dust again.

  • Biko

    This is an iPhone killer as much as Samsung’s lame mp3 players were iPod killers. Remembver the Yepp? Samsung said that was an iPod killer, too. LOL, not even close. Samdung’s UI looks like 1992 and Apple is listed as the World’s Most Innovative company three years running for good reason. They lead, others follow. The 700 doesn’t even have Multi-touch or an accelerometer and and the slide out keypad has been done by Nokia and Co. It just goes to show it’s way easier to have a low quality knockoff ready to showcase than to develop and produce a true cutting edge device like iPhone. It seems Samsung’s best efforts are getting old school fast. Yawn.

  • Sebhelyesfarku

    Maczealot scumbags like “Roman” and “Biko” would buy even a turd with a Apple logo on it.

  • Biko

    Sebhelyesfarku did I touch a sensitive nerve with my comments about your precious Samsung? If you need to resort to name calling to argue your point, well, guess you didn’t have much of a point to argue. As they say…

    “Samdung, making yesterday’s technology tomorrow” (TM)

  • CRS

    Forget all the B.S it has 5 mega pix, a keyboard, and more. But will Sprint or any other carrier have this phone I’m sick and tired of Cingular and T-Mobile getting all the cool phones.

  • sigh

    Biko, if Samsung can knock of an imitation of the iPhone in 1 month with far more advanced data services, then Apple is in big trouble. The reality is that this has probably been in development for a year or more. All they have to do is convince people not to switch to cingular. Given that this has better data tech, it probably is.

    In the end, price is what’s going to matter…..iPhone is too expensive to get a huge market share, and I suspect this one will be too expensive as well…but both will do well in the ultra highend market. And FWIW, I don’t own a samsung phone…had one up until 2 years ago…it was as good as anything else at the time….they’re just phones. None of them have been great MP3 players, but then again, the Ipod was a big fat turd until last fall (at least if you actually cared about music and the ability of the player to play it back like the original album, which means without GAPS between tracks that segue to each other on the original recording).

  • Biko

    Sigh, Look at the f700′s UI. Of COURSE Samsung could put that thing out in a month, who couldn’t? It’s all very old hat. Samsung have again missed the obvious point, that the handset revolution is now about software and UI, not the same hardware that everyone and their dogs are able to license, slap together, and trot out as something ‘new’.

    Check the iPhone keynote and honestly tell me without smiling that Samsung has an “iPhone killer”. See the UI? It’s like comparing 1999 to 2012.

    Apple in trouble? Hardly. The day the iPhone was showcased Apple shares shot up almost 10% (while Samsung lost about 2%, one of their biggest ever daily drops). If Samsung, a big boy in the handset market for years, is forced to play catch up with Apple’s FIRST ever phone offering it just goes to show that their lack of real innovation has finally caught up with them.

  • Biko

    Sigh, By the way you do know that you can set up playback options in iTunes, right? Just go to Advanced Options and set the crossfade interval how you like or uncheck it entirely. If you want CD quality playback just use lossless (lossless means what it implies, no deterioration of CD audio quality, still I prefer analog). If you don’t know how to do any of this set your playback to normal or if you want to try your hand at Logic, Pro Tools or whatever you use, remix the songs however you like and reimport. There’s a good reason why iPods are used by so many pro musicians and producers all over the world, they simply kick ass (Yepp, not so much).

  • anonym

    Biko, I know sammy’s mp3 players had been sucking all the way. And I totally agree that IPhone’s UI’s innovative. But the thing is.. Samsung have made handsets for years, and Sammy’s losing shares in the market is mostly due to Nokia and Moto’s low-end handsets. Actually Sony Erricson’s walkman handsets are in danger because of the IPhone. Samsung have not had good share in smartphone market either, so this move by Sammy is to get into a new market. Plus, we don’t know much about what kind of OS Sammy’s F700 use yet. I’m sure IPhone will sell much more than this one. This is not gonna be a “IPhone Killa”, But Samsung’s getting into every markets available and their products are getting better in every areas. This is what Sammy’s good at. (Sammy’s main interests are in semiconductor market, though.)

  • Biko

    Sigh, maybe our opinions have some overlap. Actually I’m pretty sure the big boys at Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung and the others will continue to have more handset market share than Apple in handsets for a long time. That is, unless Jobs is smart enough to eventually offer a downsized, cheaper version of iPhone for people in developing economies, or the Wal-Mart crowd (read, most of us) in the develeoped ones.

    That said, iPhone sets the tech/UI bar for other companies and future versions will likely keep raising the bar, especially once carriers, latch on to HSDPA and substantial memory capacities become available (until then many ‘Pod users may hold off trading in their 80GB for 8, phone or no). iPhone is seeking a 1% market share, I think they’ll reach it. It’s like Ferrari and, say, Kia. Ferrari is never going to have more market share, but it’s what most would like to own if we could.

  • Biko

    Sigh, I agree this trend will likely benefit Samsung’s semiconductor biz, but I’m not sure how long the good times will last. Intel, Toshiba, TI and other heavyweights are getting heavy into flash production too and this is a big worry for Samsung. It seems Intel flash is already in iPhone along with a Marvell (Intel-based) xscale chip. Broadcomm also has one in there. Hmmm, these will probably all be one company in 15 years anyway

  • get off

    you are all retarded!!!!!

  • michael

    Interesting converter about the iPhone and its development here:

    I think than the iPhone is an Entirely Different Revolution.

  • Sebhelyesfarku

    iPhone is for fashion lemmings and brainwashed Mactards like dumbass Biko and “michael”

  • pierre Halpern

    Somebody can explain me if the lack of WIFI is important , this F 700 will be use
    principally in Israel , Europe and Canada for Internet, Email and phone.
    my decision will be between the F700 -F520 or htc Kaiser P4550
    Tanks in advance

  • iiara

    Quote: “How can Samsung even begin to think it can challenge Apple …..crap and more crap (instead of so and so )….” at Roman . They can cause they are a corp 10 times more larger than Apple …that’s what fortune 500 says,

  • gzero

    For all of you Samsung fanboys, a little bit of fact:

    The best selling cell phone of all time is the Motorola RAZR, Which is recently went over the 50 million mark. The iPhone sold more in its first three days than the RAZR sold in a month. This occured even though it’s in 1 country, offered by 1 carrier, and is sold with subventions. It’s going to be much bigger than the F700. The F700 offers nothing new in the way of features or even form factor: there are many PDA phones with slide-out keyboards and touch screens on the market. The difference between the iPhone and the F700 is the software. When you finally realize this, then you’ll see that this is what separates the iPhone from the F700, and that’s precisely why the F700 won’t be able to compete against the iPhone as well as you would like to believe. The fact that the iPhone’s software is a variant of the very stable and secure OS X, and not the insecure, easily hackable Flash Mobile (like the F700), and can be easily upgradeable via iTunes already makes it a much better phone than the F700

  • godzilla

    these comments r funny as to read. I am still wondering tho y does the iphone only work in the us

  • o

    itunes sucks some hairy balls

  • UserSimsare


  • mark

    whats with all the hating. Does it really matter which phone is better. Does any one other then the manufactures benefit from who’s phone is better. Quit crying and cursing. Buy the phone you like and go on about your business. Liveing in the U.S. has really warped our sense of what is important. I mean we are talking smack about “my phone is better than yours” Can’t we all just get along……. Let there be peace among phone owners.

  • uber

    the iphone is hardly innovative in itself, the only reason it got so much attention is because of all the apple/jobs d*ckriders in the world. i definitely give props to jobs because he is a marketing genius. is the iphone truly revolutionary? no. is it evolutionary? sure. but all new phones inch toward some new features here and there. besides there are PLENTY of cons with the iphone, lack of GPS, no replaceable battery, AT&T, that horrible interface keyboard…

  • TW

    Time line of Operating Systems for the genius that thinks Apple invented everything.

  • Zobo

    iPhones without doubt is much more user-friendly because it has a built-in “dumb-user correction software”, to accommodate for the masses. iPhones will for the most part cater to the more artistic and computer illiterate populace, while other mfgs are pretty much forced to cater to the other group known as nerds, geeks, and business sharks. It is so obvious that Samsung is sticking to its roots and countering iPhone by being the total opposite of what it is. this Smart phone, as its name suggests, is for SMART people, while the iPhone, with its assumption that people are dumb, will cater to the DUMB people.

  • Sean

    Alright I guess I feel a bit obligated to respond to such a retarded claim by Samsung. By the way, I am currently posting this from my iphone, fuckers.

    I must be honest however, it was inspiring and humorous to view the comments of this article.

    Back to the point, something very critical for most of the people reading this article to understand is that technolegy isn\’t a race to make the most money.

    The race for the best everything has been Apple this entire time. Innovation is what leads them. Not deciding to make a half-assed product and sell it to a bunch of idiots. Apple made such a damn good phone because they wanted to be innovative. They made the most original phone ever, and just like Mac or iPod, they made the best product out there.

    Then Samsung comes around and puts what everyone expects out there, the only thing they and their followers have been able to do, put a cheap and unoriginal device that plays on the already wattered-down product line of theirs.

  • Sebhelyesfarku

    Sean ya dumbass inbred Mactard, pull your head out of Steve Jobs’s arse. The iPhone is an overhyped crippled piece of shite for US cretins like you, asswipe.

  • Sean

    @Sebhelyesfarku: You must be the most retarded fucking idiot I have ever met. You honestly need to grow up.

    You are either poor as fuck or just a sad loser with no ability to get the phone :D

  • andrewmodern

    How much will that phone cost on 02?

  • Sebhelyesfarku

    Fuck off Sean ya dumbass redneck and stop suckin Jobs’ dick, asswipe.

  • john


  • JOHN


  • labtroll

    ipod is a POS (piece of s%^t), can’t add memory or change battery! Lame. and have to use the dumb itunes.

  • Freddy

    A friend of mine has given me the Idea about it, and I am waiting to get hold of one.
    Nokia e90 as well a great tool of course without the touchscreen but is fantastic in terms of communication.

  • Megan

    It looks great! when is it available to buy or get on contract in the UK??

  • urlyric

    This phone is wack. wow!

  • anti_apple_fanboy

    Dear Apple Fanboy,

    Well done, you\\\’ve successfully followed a crowd and supported an image/fashion campaign, I would like to congratulate Steve Jobs, for he is a very smart man, almost as smart as Bill Gates, both are marketers, both are technology orientated, just Gates did it better. I\\\’m sure Jobs would like to thank all the people who helped him on his increase in market share and consequently income increase. He created \\\’apple fanboyism\\\’, very good approach, image manipulation, seems an incredible way to wash the mind of a media dominated society. His mediocre hardware (apple re-invented the phone? wtf? pretty scroller? ZOMG! A touch screen relabelled with it\\\’s name copywrited? OMGWTFBBQ?! 150 odd patents? fail to elaborate? funny that…) running an average OS that has a pretty bubbly shell that reminds you of a Fisher-Price-my-first-phone toy you could buy in Walmart for $19.99, wow this incredible ground breaking stuff!

  • anit_apple_fanboy

    I mean all this new technology Apple has developed! It’s as if you believe this was all invented in Apple Laboratories and not MIT.

    I quote an iPhone customer “Why’re you buying an iPhone?” – “Because it’s just so cool!”

    When you buy an iPhone you’re buying a designer status, an IMAGE, you’re looking for the attention of others, you argue to defend your investment in your image, this media directed world of ours accepts that, you hunger to be apart of the hype of the ‘coolness’ the media has created, and you thought you made your own mind up. ‘sif.

    You’re all sheep. Even Apple’s opposition. Competition’s healthly development and creates media airtime for the topic, effectively, worldwide free advertisement. Argue away and feed the corporations, fuckers.

    - anti any fanboy

  • personok

    this phone costs too much, and its not worth it. + i think the vgn-ux92 is was better but it costs so much money but this time its worth it,

  • SamsungUser

    I\’ve had mine for 1 week. The touchscreen doesn\’t work reliably. Often a button doesn\’t respond at all or it even activates an item below it. Has a built-in camera in front so I can see myself going AAARGH!!!

    Nah. Either you do the touchscreen thing properly or not at all.

  • adonna

    is it available in the united states? if so for what phone carrier

  • OJ

    Hmmm… I highly doubt this phone is coming to the US. The only carrier with HSDPA is ATT and they barely have that off the ground. And the US isn’t ready for a phone with 5MP.Looks like a cool phone but from the pics, the OS does look a little dated and bland. Yes, Apple did create a killer product with the iPhone but most users of the phone only get it “because it’s cool.” And after reading the comments, I also find it funny that people think the Steve Jobs created everything technology related. Some people need to do a little more research before they post these comments. Steve Jobs has a way of taking things that have already been created and changing them and making them appealing to the masses and making them popular where the techies and nerds already new about the crap years before. He’s a master of recreation and innovation in the sense that he knows how to market things and make them popular with the media with the good name he’s created from Apple to back him.

  • Josh

    apple iphone is shit and can suck my hairy balls and the samsung is better that the piece of shit why the fuck would u want to buy some piece of american shit

  • dena

    i will the phone ö



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