Published on February 2nd,2007 at 8:54 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

PS3-eSATA: free the SATA port on your PS3

If, like me, you’re the owner of a PS3, you’ve probably realized by now its potential for games and video, and also the fact that there is not a single great game on the market yet! Well, except for MotorSport (I’m totally hooked), but where’s the online mode?? Anyway, let’s say we’ll have games on the PS3 at some point, or maybe we’ll have a console emulator (for NEC PC Engine, Super Famicon, Neo Geo, etc.), even a nice DivX player… You’ll also realize that 60GB is good, but hardly enough after a while… Kurouto Shikou is coming to the rescue with their PS3-eSATA, a SATA and eSATA slot for PS3 that allows you to plug any kind of hard disk, and even install the OS of the PS3 on them. You can even unplug the hard disk from your PS3 and plug it on a PC to backup your data, Great!

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  • Merc

    Be careful, any peripheral used on the PS3 NOT licensed directly by sony will void your warranty, so if you ever trouble shoot your PS3 with a tech rep just say no to any 3rd party peripherals usage.

  • Daimaou

    This is is JUST a stuff for the HDD, I am sure nothing wrong will happen, unless of course if it is the first time you heard about the word HDD… but then again, those people do not come and read Akiba… well I hope so

  • ps3modderman

    Considering something like this has already been suggested –

  • RyoHazuki

    I think you probably meant MOTORSTORM and not MotorSport.

    Anyway, look, the Xbox360 launch was no better than the PS3, actually, it was worse.
    As I also live in Tokyo I have a Japanese PS3 with 6 games, Resistance, Motorstorm, Need For Speed Carbon, Final Fight 3, Genji and Tony Hawk Project 8… for the time being, its more than enough for me

    I’d be happy to lend ya some if you want to try them out!

    Cheers mate!

  • Naji

    Final Fight!!! maybe in Japan but here we have Fight Night3 from EA Games.

    Cheers mate.

  • zetsurin

    I think you are also underestimating the PS1/PS2 library. Grab some old classics and that will keep you happy. Me personally, I have been playing Resistance and Fight Night Round 3 to death. Add to that Tekken Dark Resurrection I bought online and that’s enough for me now. In some ways the temporary shortage is good as I will finally complete a few games 100% before moving on and buying games.



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