Published on December 20th,2006 at 8:55 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Win the SMALLEST GSM phone in the world!

This is the last Akihabara News contest. We nicely started with a Vaio U71P and many other prizes. This time, we’ll try to end nicely also with 2 really rare GSM phones!
Remember, a few months ago, a Chinese company offered the smallest GSM phone in the world with a touch screen, a camera (functioning also as a webcam), an MP3 and Mpeg4 player! This phone only existed then in Chinese. Well you know what? We have a model in English for you!!! (The phone measures 65x30x19mm.)

We also have another rare phone only available in China, still in Chinese, in a very nice package, and also very small.

A for the previous contests, you are going to explain why it is important to read Akihabara News every morning and why we’re the best in the world and the whole universe, and why you’re very intergalactic Green Piggy is your only GOD! Otherwise, you can also explain why a new religion should be created in my name… the Sect of the Green Pig!

As you should have guessed by now, I’m ready for the nut house…

Anyway, you’ve got until December 26 to participate!

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  • Sven

    all hail Akihabara News _O_
    The reason i check Akihabara News daily is because i’m a gadgetfreak and i love to watch stuff that i can’t afford anyway, or stuff that just isn’t for sale here in the Netherlands…
    Akihabara News is the fastest and the first with news on tech stuff and thats what people like me want
    keep up the good work!

    Greets Sven

  • Tong Pa

    I check Akihabara News every few hours. It’s the best place for the latest in tech. I’m stuck here in the U.S. while the rest of Asia enjoys the best gadgets and tech toys months and years ahead of us. It’s like a crystal ball basically. It gives a glimpse of what will hopefully trickle down to the rest of the world. My cell phone for example. When I got it here, it was the best of the best and the newest of the new. I first read about it first on Akihabara News long before it ever even reached our shores. But like the saying goes, the grass is always GREENer on the other side.

  • jamaikito

    I read akihabara news every day because its my bible, al the new stuff reviews gets here first, as a green pig follower i have to be prepare because when the day comes that the sky turns green, the pigs begin to talk all be prepare because the green piggy will come and all the know belivers with pay the consecuences and will be turn into chicken and will be eaten by the great pig fallowers who will be turn into green pigs with realy cool gadgets

    piggy bible – pop corn 24:12

  • ididntdoit

    Where else can we wake up and see a humping dog on our computer screen?

  • Newmiracle

    Why do I read Akihabara News every morning? Probably because I’m masochistic, tormenting myself by looking at all these cool gadgets I will never have.

    Seriously though, I do check several ‘gadget’ sites every day at work. In these days of Digg and news aggregation, Akihabara brings news on interesting stuff that I’m not seeing on any other site. It’s a quality and original gadget site. Keep up the good work.

  • hohoho

    I love the fact that the news here are original and not just summaries of links from elsewhere. I also love your video reviews.

  • Dennis

    Akihabara News was one of the first gadget blogs i started reading, and is still one of the best because they simply give you the best coverage from the countries where technology matters the most. Also the video reviews aint too shabby either.

  • PaulM

    Aki news is the best because it doesn’t simply recycle other site’s news, it goes out and finds it; many other gadget sites seem to shamelessly steal His Most Excellent Green Pig’s worthy writings and publish them as their own. So, in order to be up to date and not behind the times, it’s essential to read it daily. To keep His Royal Highness the Green Pig happy, be sure to come to the Shrine of Akihabaranews!

  • Jason Y

    Four Words… HD Video Reviews

  • Chris

    Gotta love tech you can’t have/afford. Actually, I started reading Akihabara News because I wanted to upgrade from my Motorola E398 so was looking for news from phones in Asia (as I have connections and I can get Korean phones in the USA working) but now… I can’t choose a phone because when I have something in mind… a few days later another better phone comes out… DARN YOU ABRACADABRA!!! wait… Akihabara Rocks!!! I come here for my daily bread of tech news… all hail the potentate green pig!

  • B.Hunter

    I for one would be lost with out the scriptures and teachings of Daimaou, the Green Space Pig. I find its daily affirmations uplifting. My current favorite parable is the one of redemption…If the congregation will open thier browsers and click to Book VIAO, Chapters UX50 through UX90PS. …And the Great Green Space Pig looked upon this flock; the small form factor and saw that it was good, the wireless access and saw that it was good. Indeed, the QUERTY, Zoom and pointer mouse were all good, but saw something heavy weighing on the little one’s CPU hearts. And there were the tiny but mutitudinous demons of preloaded bloatware, that lagged and crippled the boot time and saw that it was very bad. But Daimaou spake, and exorsized those demons with a clean re-install. The litle flock was freed and it was very, very good. Can I get a “Hallelujah?” Amen.

  • walkie bit

    Almighty Green Pig, I praise your name every day because Your news are original, earlier than others and your style is – well green!
    Akihabaranews every day, keeps the doctor away. (better green pigs than green apples)

    I’ll pray every night to the green pig that I might win this phone…

  • Natalie

    My major is Japanese and I’m planning on studying abroad in Japan next year. I’ll want to have a new digital camera and a laptop for while I’m there, but why buy one before I go when I could get something even better for the same price in Japan? There’s no way I could navigate through a Japanese tech site or an electronics store in Japan. Akihabara News lets me know the latest from Japan so I can make a good choice when I get there. I especially like the Tests. It’s like talking to a friend who has the product and can show you and tell you everything about it. All of the reviews are written in a very approachable style. I can get the information I’m interested in without being overloaded with technical information and losing interest. And contests to win the stuff we’re all drooling over, but can’t easily purchase… that’s just awesome! Plus the green and grey color scheme is very easy on the eyes =) Akihabara is the best!

  • Takiro

    In fact I don’t like at all your Akihabara News. If you want me to change my mind … just give me this super cute smallest GSM phone! As others people that posted here love your site anyway, the logical choice is to pick me So pick me, pick me, pick me please . I will be then a true new Green Pig God believer !!

  • Serge

    How can Akihabara News not be the best? I think it’s the only site that I see quoted at least once a week on Engadget, Gizmodo, Chrunchgear, … They all look up to the mighty green space pig, the king of gadgetopia. All hail the green space pig.

  • Nugget

    What is best in life? To be an early adopter. See the masses bow before your knowledge of the latest technology and gadgets. And hear the lamentations of the jealous. And if the Green Pig has anything to say about it, I’ll learn the secret of Steel!

  • Siyo

    Akihabara keeps me conected to the world of Technology since I don’t usualy keep up with the trend in the world. Akihabara also keeps me in tact about celphones which I don’t normaly care about. but the PIG it is because of the green pig I read it everyday,
    It just has an effect. The PIG is like the King on this side of the world where it brings many greatful news for its people.

  • mirage

    Having been to Japan and Korea last year, I REALLY miss all the gadgets there… Akihabara is bookmarked on my browser so when I come to work, I can get my daily dose of all the latest toys!!! Plus being in Australia, I can look over all the gadgets that I probably will never be able to use/get here Keep up the great work!!!

  • Evan Oei

    Akihabara news lets me get ahead of todays fast pace high tech market. With this handy dandy phone I’ll be able to utilize it’s innovate size for better communication convenience by essentially providing positive feedback allowing for network externalities.

  • Skipper

    I love gadgets and the best gadgets are the smallest gadgets, except when it comes to TVs where the biggest are the best. Akihabara News provides me with my daily gadget fix and is always first to reveal the best of the best in high-tech gadgetry. A few weeks back I was amazed while watching a multilingual green piggy describe the world’s largest (and most expensive) new Panasonic 103″ plasma in full HDTV goodness. This week I’m presented with the opportunity to score the world’s smallest (and ultra-coolest) cell phone ever. This is a dream come true for a nerd like me. Maybe I’ll plan my next vacation around Akihabara so I can actually purchase some of this stuff. With any luck, I’d get to meet a real live green piggy.

  • grant

    oh super happy mighty fun green pig, your news is so great. it brings what other can not. akihabara news comes and goes, but always the best in gadgets for those who knows. love your site, good work. grant.

  • Aplasseed

    Life long and prosper Oh Piggy Greeny Lordy Lord.. I read Akihabara News several times a day to keep me informed of the Latest Geekest Nerdiest Coolest Badasses gadgets! (heavy breathing) Listen Daimaou.. I.. am.. your FATHER!!! NOO.. Join the Geek Force, you can’t resist.. (heavy breathing)… AAAGGH ….. (heavy breathing).. be the new Lord of the GGQ (Geeky Green Quadrant).. That’s how Aki wa bara became to existence in the Cyberspace of Gadgetron.. STAY TUNED for BATTLESTAR AKIBA PART DEUX.

  • Quellidellamala

    nice site

  • Paul

    Akihabara news is the first web site I hit everyday simply because there is no place to go for the best tech and HONEST reviews for all kinds of devices. I also like seeing the stuff that I will probably never see in my life but if I was able to find one I know all of what to expect of it and also be the most coolest around because of my tech and I can proudly say “akihabara news that is all you need to know” when any body ask.

  • GOB

    I don’t like Akihabara News.
    I don’t like girls, neitter pizza, neitter my family, neitter soccer, neitter to be alive, neitter Firefox, neitter to go to the beach, neitter to sleep…
    I don’t want to win this prize…

    (red what I wrote with a totally ironic tone)

  • jienn

    I surf this site everyday, the past year or so. I always seem choose akihabara first when browsing morning news. I feel that this site offer neutral, good impressions on upcoming gadgets and that you’re in the center of the gadgetporn business (Also, I am afraid that the almighty green pig will slay me if I don’t return several times per day).

  • ism

    Akihabara news is the fastest technology news website I had saw. I surf this site every morning to get news. Thanks for site master to mantain this site so hardly, and offer gift like U71, etc. for reader, thanks very mch.

  • Dr. Dimitar Stefanov

    Akihabara news is one of my favourite websites. I like computers & electronics and the Akihabara news is my main source of updating with the latest news in the area. The news is usually introduced on very pleasant way: one can find there not only the specific characteristics of a new item but also some comparisons with other similar technology, critical comments, some idea on the price and shops where the same product will be offered which I always find extremely useful. This is not just a standard website. This is the website which I have bookmarked on my desktop and often click there to enjoy, to learn, and just to relax.

  • Edward B.

    Akihabara News is best accompanied while eating breakfast and sipping my hot choco every morning. This website is awesome! I can take a glimpse on high tech gadget in this Green Piggy planet.
    The prize is extraordinary and I think I deserve one Thanks Akihabara News for giving me one. Peace!

  • Cary Coulson

    After a trip to Japan and 3 days of constant Akihabara district visits, it became painfully clear that there was just too much choice and too little time to make a decision. Then I discovered this site. Thanks to you, I now know exactly what I am going to spend my hard earned money on when I visit, allowing me more time to enjoy sightseeing. Technology is quite an addiction for me, and I cannot help but visit this site every day. My last purchase was the Sanyo HD1a. This site helped me set my expectations, and I went into my purchase with eyes wide open. Everything that was said about it was true, and ultimately I was satisfied (and had some great photos and videos to boot!) Thank you Akihabra News!

  • Swami

    Really Cool & nice one…!
    I Want it..Love to have it, but I cant afford it…
    I live in India..

  • Hentai

    I want it. Akihabara News should dominate the universe, but I’d like more HD video review. However this site ROX and I love green pig :D . For the sect..well I dislike the idea because there are a lot right now but see a big pig “purify” other people is my secrect dream.

    Quit review korean stuff. Because I whine that I can buy one XD

  • Christian

    This site is just what I want the news to be, just pictures and funny text, no mambo jumbo… It is the best way to kill the time when you’re plugged to the web… and a lot of sites copy your news…

    By the way, I live in near to Tokyo, so you can save the delivery cost… Even if you want I can go and pick it :’)…!!!…

  • Josep Maria Durban Sala

    I’m a densha otako and i need this web for life

  • Jay

    all my base are belong to Akihabara News.

  • BadDog

    I love gadgets and I always end up reading Akihabara News. This site rulez simply because it is genuine, coming from the world of gadgets. Keep up the good work.

  • Guillermo

    If I don’t get my Akihabara News fix at least once a day, I start convulsing…. Anyways, it’s a great place to drool over fantastic gadgets that will never be on sale here in Bolivia.

  • chikuba

    THIS SITE IS SIMPLY THE BEST! — not only because of it’s easy understandable reports (especially because I’m not a native english speaker) but also because of it’s awesome HD-Videos showing all 4 dimensions of the products and also “insider” informations about Akiba itself. And well… the Green Piggy is really near the state to become a god with giving away amazing gadgets like crazy.

  • Cary Coulson

    After my last trip to Japan, I spent a wasteful 3 days in the Akihabara district trying to decide what new gadget to buy. Then I discovered this site. I’m a complete techno-geek, and love to read about and research my next cool gadget. My last purchase was a Sanyo HD1a. Thanks to this site and its reviews, I went into the purchase with my eyes open completely aware of its strengths and weaknesses. I’m completely happy, and cannot wait for my next annual trip to Japan and gadget heaven. And this time I’ll have plenty of time to go sight seeing – Thanks Akihabara News!

  • Skyangeles

    i love akihabaranews

  • brian

    I’ve been reading this website for a long time. It’s what got me crazy about Akihabara and it was the first I went to when I visited Tokyo. I’m a technology freak and love gadgets, well, don’t we all ? :D Nowhere else I can find all the stuff that akiba news shows us I actually bought some stuff in akiba that I saw here. What I couldn’t find is that maid-keyboard they showed some months ago. It was actually embarrasing to ask for that in the shops

  • Rob

    All bow before The Green Pig !
    If you need to know why Akihabara News is the best in the Galaxy, then you are obviously not a true believer, and there is no place for you in the Sect Of The Green Pig (SOTGP).
    Praise the Green Pig ! Follow his news for the latest and coolest tech news. Be true to the SOTGP and the Green Pig will await you in Gadget Heaven !
    Speak badly about Akihabara, or do not check it on a daily bases, and you’ll end up in Gadget Hell, where you are forced to use a 1st gen Tulip computer !


  • Thomas

    Looks like an absolute must-have to me anywhere you can buy it (if I don’t win it, of course)?

  • Dan

    akihabara news…the actual web address to this website was , but of course to attract the unknowing and the nonbelievers they had to make it just a tad bit shorter. The sect of the green pig should be recognized as an official religion because it holds all the necessary qualifications to be one: A large mass of followers, a green deity of untold powers, and a daily place of worship. :D

  • Petr Novak

    Why do I read Akihabara News every morning? Not to look stupid for the rest of the day

  • Dixon

    Green Pig gives knowledge, i.e., gives power.
    Only God can give power to people.
    Ergo, Green Pig=God.

  • WiG

    So I know what new gadgets I will buy when I stop by Akihabara on the weekend.

  • late

    To ruin my day drooling after gadgets we will never see here in Europe.

  • geusebio

    The Net is changed
    I feel it in the code
    I feel it in the page
    I smell it in the stream
    Much that once was is evolved
    For none now live who rembember it.

    The lord of the Geeks – Green Space Pig –

  • breakersrevenge

    With all the gadgets that are shown by the Green Pig and if I win the worlds smallest phone it will be the final bit of missing technology for my little house mate so he can finally phone home!!!!

    You may say that he went home in 1982 but my little house mate is his brother!!!


    ET said there is alway room for the Little Green Piggy on his mothership!!

  • grandfather


  • Toulouse

    I’ve been checking out Akihabara News almost daily for more than a year now. I read a few other gadget sites, but Akihabara News somehow covers the latest gadgets before those other sites even hear about them. In fact, on several occasions, those other sites cover the same gadgets only after reading about them here, giving credit to Akihabara News. Leave it to the Green Piggy to get the inside scoop.

    When I saw how cool and tiny these phones were, I had to stop and post a comment because the only thing better than dreaming about them is actually OWNING one! I used to own a Panasonic GD55 phone and I thought that one was tiny until I read about that touch-screen model from China. Very cool, indeed.

    Keep up the good work, guys. Thanks for keeping us up to date on all the latest stuff.

  • Aplasseed

    BATTLESTAR AKIBA PART DEUX: In a galaxy far far away/ darkly gloomy came the day/ when technology was emerging/ and 2 worlds were converging/ where Akiba came to be/ and set the GGQ free/ as the ancients tell the story/ how technology emerged with glory/ battle after battle was fought/ and a HDTV they bought/ no one knows for sure/ but digital TV was still obscure/ suddently it came the light/ and the Geek Force won fight/ in front of my screen with some booze/ I’m still reading Akihabara News.

  • Dan H

    I do so like green eggs and ham!

    Thank you!

    Thank you!


  • rahote

    It’s really small and cool. There is still space for this tiny thing in my sox.

  • justme

    I was the first one to start the green pig religion in my area. Akijavarohawhat? my friends said. every morning, I tell them. Now they hate me ‘cos they know about gadgets they have never heard off and have a hard time convencing their friends they are real. They hate me ‘cos they know what markets they are coming far in advance and at what estimated prices. I think they are just jelaous. Merry Xmas and happy new year (green-pig-chinese-year?).



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