Published on December 12th,2006 at 8:58 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Akihabara News contest V3

Here’s the third part of our Akihabara News contest. We offer now a set of 4 Panda Z figures including 3 models in resin and 1 in metal. Again, it’s very easy to participate. You just need to comment on this post and explain why using a Mac is better than using a PC if you’re a Mac user (if there are any left) or why using a PC is better than using a Mac if you’re a PC user. You have until Sunday to post!

Wooo, I can feel to trolling begin…

Next week, we’ll have the fourth and latest contest with 2 GSM at stake.

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  • Jacky Fan

    I’m a user of both platforms but I cannot get really technical with neither of them. I do however enjoy using my Powerbook more than my PC as it offers a very relaxing interface on the go. Very useful for university work when I have to stay overnight at the uni library not to mention wi-fi connections are very easily set up almost anywhere compared to my PC based laptop. I guess macs give people time off from an otherwise stressful format which is the PC.

  • Cutkillavince

    Well, I never had a mac, so difficult to say why my Samsung Notebook is better, the only thing is that Samsung is Greener than Apple according to Greenpeace

  • Kaspar

    I’ve been a mac user for a very long time. The reason is simply the operating system. It makes much more sense to me than Windows. I work with creative media and it’s really important to me that I get inspired by the things I work with. I get much more inspired to be creative when sitting on a mac, than when I sit on a PC. And now that mac runs on INTEL it’s perfect and super easy for me to switch to the programs that only run on a PC platform. So there are still a user left here, that beleives in mac. Don’t hate me, use your energi on your PC instead, ’cause it needs it… (>.&lt – And one of the 4 Panda Z figures should go to a mac-addict…

  • loki56

    Why PCs are better than Macs … ’cause a geek (who respects himself) can’t express himself with a mac !! MACs ARE NOT SOME GEEK STUFF!!! That’s all folks !! :D

  • Tristan

    I think the trophee should go to Hunter Cressall and the guys behind the “crash different” parody.They deserve it.

  • Akiohan

    1) Better recognition of devices
    2) Apps provided are well integrated (iLife, iWork)
    3) Less targeted by viruses and hackers
    4) File management is much easier, since media files are automatically handled by iLife
    5) Better memory management
    6) The OS is nicer to look at and use, is more innovative and is updated more often than Windows
    7) HD files are handled more easily by MacOS than Windows
    Mac computers are more stylish. There’s a cool factor to the Macs.
    9) You can make really nice things with iLife

  • exst

    PC’s are for serious users, MACs are for the hipster crowd and the bloggers. Besides, there’s way more warez stuff for PC than for a Mac, and THAT I cannot live without. Also, the viruses.. Mac just becomes way too boring when you don’t have to deal them. Too safe, too simple, not serious at all. PC all the way!

  • Doraemon

    Well Only reason I’m using PC is because of compatibility and softwares.And also it is fun to use new operating systems and applications with some cool features(even though they don’t useally work properly)and I think that is the reason why I use it cause it doen’t really make difference for me to use mac or pc if they share same softwares.But obiously they do not and it makes a lot of difference for users who wants more out of there PC then regular users. I’ve used mac and there is nothing wrong with it except for the lack of fixes for the operating system which crashes so often.

  • Big Bad Teddy Bear

    PCs don’t have those stupid ‘couinc’ everytime you make a mistake.

  • BK

    We only PCs in our office, so it’s better for me to use one so my boss will pay me every 2 weeks.

  • B.Hunter

    Ease of use and style goes to the Mac. Affordability and near ubiquity (didn’t want to use “compatibility” since that’s far less of an issue now with Boot Camp on MacIntels) goes to the PC. “Can’t we all just get along?!”

  • Kimu

    Get this, OSX 10.5 is Windows Vista 2.0 M$ still playing catchup after all these years. Mac rules…

  • Leonard

    PC is better than Mac because we get the awesome viruses and spyware/adware! WOOO!! You can’t forget the occasional crashes we get!

  • unit3

    Apple’s MacBook: currently ~$1200 Canadian.
    Better performing PC laptop I just bought: ~$700 Canadian.

    Apple’s software: reasonably technically sound, hundreds of dollars in additional cost over the system purchase price.
    Open Source OS distribution such as Nexenta: technically superior (dtrace, zfs, zones, Xen, Xorg + AIGLX, etc), and comparable user interface experience, superior performance on the same hardware, free as in beer and as in speech.

    Apple’s tradeoff of ease of use versus power and utility favours an older, less technically savvy generation. Recommended for aunts, uncles, and grandparents, but not to my peers. Of course, anything is massively better than Windows on a PC, which has the unique ability to hamstring any hardware it runs on and screw up the most basic underlying functionality (see: NTFS automatically re-fragmenting the hard drive for no reason).

  • Edwin

    Thankfully for PCs, all the Blue Screens of Death, spyware, malware, bugs, and viruses are well worth the trouble for the sake of the most comprehensive gaming platform. Ever.

  • Newmiracle

    Mac are nice, and I even grew up in a Mac household. But…

    It’s the GAMES, stupid!

    I remember being a young lad lamenting the fact that I had a PC, and couldn’t play Half-Life when it came out. Just this past summer I got a PC desktop with enough horsepower to run Half-Life 2, and I played through Half-Life 1 and then 2 back to back. Suffice to say, it was a great couple of weeks. Can’t do that on the Mac OS, making it a deal breaker.

    Yes I know about the Intel Macs, but I’d rather not be dual booting and paying for x2 the operating system. ^_^

  • mauri

    macs overpriced awful cheap swedish ikea design computers. and during my ~25 times of sitting infront of osx it has crashed with no reason too often. I’ve never witnessed it being anymore stable than windows. and why bother whining about that cause if you really care just learn to use linux,ubuntu.or such.ppl should learn to use computers before whining about anything. my pc has been working alrite. but after all I do I miss amiga workbench 3.1 :D

  • ed

    Windoze has spyware, malware, viruses (virii?), and the blue screen of death! Macs don’t have any of those…Windoze clearly has more *stuff* than Macs!

  • Erik

    The Mac is simpler, more intuitive and requires less handholding to get things done. The software is written for the hardware so there are very few compatibility issues. Because of the relative market penetrations for Macs vs. PCs, there are very few viruses or malware apps out there that can even touch my Mac, much less cause harm to it.

    The Mac interface works well without being too cluttered, the computers may cost more but you get so much more uptime and work out of them that the end cost is much lower.

    The form factor is a no-brainer, Macs are designed, PCs are put together.

    I don’t hate PCs because, when I’m forced to use one, I always look forward to returning to my Mac.

    Also, Microsoft’s support of the PC is scary, ever heard of Patch Tuesday? How many critical security flaws have they identified and fixed this year alone? Using a PC on the internet is like running around a barbed wire obstacle course, blindfolded and naked.

  • Dan

    From California, USA:
    I will be taking on the stand that PCs are better then a Mac.

    There are many reasons as to why I believe that a PC is better then a Mac. I grew up using a PC so this may be biased, but I had great distaste with the one button mouse and compatability issues to some of my favorite programs. Secondly almost no one owned a mac until recently making it seem like you were practically a loner when trying to share certain files with other people. I can continue this, but I’ll make it simple by saying this.

    Owning a Mac is like owning a Mercedes. It looks and feels nice, BUT its expensive to buy, expensive to take care of, only takes premium gas, and finally no one knows how to fix it except a certified mechanic.

    Owning a PC is like owning a Honda. It looks nice and feels nice, AND its NOT expensive to buy, NOT as expensive to take care of, takes whatever gas you want it to, and finally your local mechanic, NOT located 45 miles away, can fix it.

  • John

    I have to vote for the PC side. Why is PC better? just compare Macbooks with PC notebooks.. Purchasing a Macbook, you are completely restraining your own right as a consumer to choice. (1) The number of styles for Macbooks — 2? glossy box for Macbook, brushed aluminum for Macbook Pro, taking into account colours.. wow I give you a total of 3 options (not to mention the premium you have to pay for a “special” Black Macbook.. amazing)! (2) System Specs are pretty much preset with little room for modification where as in the PC notebook sector.. you get the choice of 100+ different models of configuration for a professional Thinkpad or incredible upgrades on an Alienware to make up an extreme gaming device. Much more choices also in Screen sizes and Case stylings. People like choices.. and PC gives you that choice.. I am not a conformer..

  • Tokyo

    Ho ho ho ho, i can tell you WHY i would go MAC now, i mean they had something going on with their designs and cool looks before, but that was it, they only sold Photoshop on the go, now that they really got the GUTS to sell computers i would consider buying a MAC ^-^. i mean, as a practical reference who wouldnt wish the ps3 looked as cool as a wii =P. Fenomenal Cosmic Powers, in a cool pakage. (intel inside) (Windows Vista Ready) ^-^ …

  • Dave Kang

    Using MAC is a good excuse to redirect all PC tech-support kind calls from my father to my sister. :>

  • Stefan Z

    Owning a Macintosh is exactly like the giant robot resin-figures above, a tasteful and graceful machine that is operated with just two levers and three buttons. whether that is the best way to control a powerful and complicated machine depends on the opinion and taste of the user.

  • Siyo

    I’v been a PC’er longer then a Mac’er, but I’d perfer Mac
    Although I sometimes have trouble useing Mac I do love hosting servers off Macs its much more reliable (and only because I have a to-be-outdated PC). Macs look much more better then PCs anyhow also ever since it runs on Intel I wont need to buy a new PC, I can just use my Mac for my PC’ing.

  • andyrew

    this is my third attempt at a post. the first was made from a PC.WinXPpro.Explorer 7. . . when i tried to submit – yeah, it crashed. the second attempt was from Win2k3 SBS….but the security settings were so high that i wasnt able to browse to akihabara. this is the third attempt, lets see if it works. MacG5.OSX/VirtualPC/Win2k/Explorer6 . . . my theory is simple – windows is more stable running in emulation in OSX then on its own. MacOS simplifies a complex experience and allows the user to enjoy using the tool, instead of having to become intimate with it. Both OS’s offer lots of customization and tweaking. With Mac, you can chose not to modify and it will work just fine. Windows doesn’t really have that choice – it needs to be massaged and maintained – constantly. thats just my two cents, happy holidays

  • John

    All my Macs still work. My 230Duo is still reliable as is my graphite iMac and icebook with very little changes to hardware or software. I have thrown out Gateways, Dells Hitachis, IBMs, Toshiba and almost threw out my Vaio 505g because required upgrades made them either crap out or become useless. I currently have 5 PC notebooks but I love my Macs. Mac’s provide a long term relationship…PCs? well they come and go.

  • K.W.Eaches

    I worki n IT supporting Windows PCs all day. I don’t feel like coming home every night and facing yet another round of anti-virus update and supposedly “critical” updates that solely consist of a web browser. I support my coworkers all day, but I’d rather not have to provide tech support my family every evening.
    Supporting PCs pays for my life, enjoying things “just working” on my Macs allows me to LIVE my life.

  • Paul

    PC has more apps and is more wider spread around. Macs or easier to use by being user friendly. It really boil down to what you want and what you can afford. I choose a pc for what it can do

  • Sven

    Hi from the netherlands! I preffer windows machines, i use both mac and pc at school. I use macs for about 7 years now, and i just can’t get used to the stupid machines.
    The mouse is horrible, its like the mouse has a delay or something because of the acceleration speed that just can’t be turned off.
    Its a pain in the **s when it comes to networks, files won’t appear until you specifficely search for it with ctrl+f.
    Apple creates extra files with file info (theise are not visible on the mac, but they are on a pc) so if you have an ext. hdd that you use for multiple platforms its just one big mess.
    I preffer my trusty old pc, worked with windows for years, and all my favourite games and programs run on it.
    But i hope apple grows fast, so microsoft has drop their prices to stay in the market, and that’s the only thing apple’s are good for
    greets Sven

  • Pocky

    Macs and PC’s (Pee Cee)

    I like Macs because they are more user friendly. Even in the days of Mac OS 7! The system was really simple. You could see all the system files, and know exactly what each one did! On Windows at the time, the Windows folder is a huge mess! The system even warned you not to look inside XD

    Well Mac OS did change, but now its on top of a Unix core!! Can’t beat that! My Mac has only crashed twice since I bought it two and a half years ago. (Unix is very stable). I also had a Clamshell iBook. Very awesome, and good with getting girls. Just google it [CONTUING]

  • Pocky

    [CONTINUED] You’ll see why they say it look so cuuuuuuuuute~! Mine is the Indigo Clamshell iBook on Google Images btw XD

    Also, how many computers that run on Windows do you know that you would spend the time for picking out a name?! And what Windows PC’s are hugg-able! (I have seen people hug their iMacs before). And yes my Mac is called PockyMac. (Instead of PowerMac) muahahah

    Okay and FINALLY here is one last reason why Macs are better!:


    Pockfully yours,


  • benoa

    Why oppose the two ? A PC is not always better than a MAC and a MAC is not always better than a PC : they are simply different and aim at fulfilling different needs. I use a PC and my wife uses a MAC. That should say it all

  • grant

    i’ve not used many macs, mainly pcs. and the reason that pcs are better is simply because they are everywhere you go. the compatibility factor. i’ve never been to an internet cafe or a library and seen macs. always pcs, they have become ubiquitous and for that reason and none other you can’t live without a pc. otherwise, macs are better, bit like vhs/beta.

  • Wingsky

    I use macs because

    a) they are easier to use
    b) I can’t play some of my favourite games on them which has forced me to almost stop gaming and get a proper life
    c) they look good.

    I use a PC at work. So I associate PC’s with work, and Macs with, er, making photobooks?

    But seriously, I prefer the flow of things with Macs, the OS just seems more intuitive than PC’s and Windows.

  • Aplasseed

    Used both platforms for over a year.I like PC better, it’s more flexible, customizable and user friendlier. Macs mice should have two buttons like the PCs, it’s faster and easier to copy and paste. What it really anoys me about mac is it’s redundancy. Whenever I use a USB flash drive on a mac, change or delete my files, whenever I plug that USB back to a PC my deleted files are still there plus additional mac files, wasting space.

  • Jiri

    I prefer PCs although I have nothing against MACs, but I really hate their one button mouses.

  • Edward B.

    From our country PC is almost everywhere. I haven’t seen a Internet Cafe wherein you can use MAC. You can see MAC’s in Rich people’s house. That’s why most of us here prefer PC and knows nothing in using MAC. So I prefer the People’s Computer.

  • dustange

    well i own a pc but i wish i have a mac the only advantages that PC has over Mac is that you can find more software for it and that it can be build in the basement by your grandma When comes to stability Mac is the thing, its crucial if you do design or print work. Also on Mac you dont have problems with viruses, these are just some things that come in my mind now.

  • Figmac

    I like the Apple’s design, don’t have to worry about spyware and viruses. PC for work, Mac for play.


    Mac is for people who can afford to A LOT of extra dough for a piece of shiny computer with sleek interface. Their software is secure because the hackers doesn’t waste time targeting their machines because they are the elite few. They’re elite but they’re few. But I don’t have their craving for a nice looking case, nor their craving for a “relatively” safe, shiny GUI. My PC is enough for me, I can do ALL I need to do on my PC. I custom built my machine from parts that I want ( I don’t know if you can build a mac from scratch). I guess some people who have deep pockets don’t care spending dough for these eye candies. I am practical, and I won’t pay A LOT more for a machine that performs just as well as my PC. They both run on the same Core2Duo platform, so why pay extra when you can save big bucks with a PC?

  • slowness

    I’m a PC user and all I can say is that the last time I’ve used a Mac I was really bummed that they didn’t have a right click.

    on a side note, love your posts, I read it all the time great stuff.

  • teetime

    Mac just works
    PC just makes you work

  • Swami

    I live in India. Both has its own + & -. I like the look & feel of mac. But its some times very confusing. Hence I will say PC from the view point of customising it, both Hard ware & software

  • Edgar Zapata

    I was skeptical of turning towards the Mac side from PC! True when i was a kid i used Mac’s but as i got older PC were the computer i used in my life yet i got tired of reboting and getting rid of all these viruses. Windows is a nice set up but i will admit Mac are geniuses of puting alot of inovation and power into such a small package i just couldnt resist buying a Mac sorry PC i just got sick of putting all this effort to get rid of viruses and reboting. Mac s are trurly simple glad i choose Mac viva Mac!!!

  • Héctor

    Actually, I don’t think there’s a reason left to buy a Mac… Style is good but Sony is doing a great job too. Hardware is the same and soft…. Too good that you can install Windows on a Mac now! If Apple doesn’t low prices they will die soon.

  • Long T.

    The Mac is easier to use, easier to customize. The bundled applications makes it easy and fun to share stuff I’ve made with friends and family. I also like that it works with a lot of gadgets without drivers. Again, simple.

  • liqorice

    I use both Macs and PC’s both for work and personal, I have used a mac since OS 7.5 to OSX, and if I were to choose which of the two I will take with me on a desert island, it most definately would be a mac. Just like a great girlfriend, Macs are easy to get on with far more reliable, fun and better designed then there PC counterparts. On top of which Macs pioneered a lot of stuff that people who only use Commercial/home PC would eventually get years later e.g. Widgets, Gigabit Networking, Wireless Networking, Desktop Print, easy customisation. But its not just the hard ware and looks that make the Mac what it is, after all its whats in the inside that counts, and I much preferr the stability of the Mac OS as well as a lot of the cool software and games available, yeah they are not as many as the PC but Quality is better then quantity, look at the likes of Marathon, Escape Velocity, Myth, Sketch Fighter. to name a few.

  • thundergust

    PC’s have more and better applications and are easier to upgrade. They are for power users, gamers, and geeks. Mac’s OS look flashy, are expensive and not that common.

  • PaulM

    A Mac is better than a WindowsPC because
    - you can run both Mac and Windows software on the Mac, but not the other way round.
    - the Mac hardware is of a more uniform specification than the huge variety of WindowsPC boxes around, giving much better compatibility and stability
    - Mac OSX is more secure by far than Windows, is easier to use, is more stable, performs better, and runs on unix which gives power users their fix
    - Apple are genuinely innovative, Microsoft are copiers/cloners and just buy technology (and then ruin it, look at Visio, or even Word)
    - Apple seem to care about their customers, Microsoft are happy to sell shoddy insecure beta-quality goods to people


  • marchino

    I think I could use a MAC (Intel inside) with a PC win emulator in which I could run a OS X interface emulator to get a Bomb Screen of Death!
    PC or not PC (aka MAC) this is the question!

  • Big Bad Teddy Bear

    Macs are huggable…..blablabla…..Macs come in lovely colors…..blablabla…..they shine !…..blablabla…..they are cute…..blablabla…..Macs are easy to use…..blablabla… never have to open the box…..blablabla… mouse…..blablabla… viruses…..blablabla…..round and soft design……..blablabla…..
    It’s obvious : Mac is gay (oooops, I broke my nail again against that nasty little apple key…) … PC is geek ;-P

  • nugget

    PC’s got the games, apps, user base and familiarity. People claim that Macs are more secure but everyone knows that this is only because hackers will of course target computers that are the majority, which are PC’s. Do you want the latest games ? PC. Cheaper ? PC. Macs are definitely sexier though.

  • Helena

    Well, I used a PC and a Mac, and for me, PCs are better than Macs, but Macs are more beautiful and quiet than PCs. I can install on both Linux, so really I don’t care about their operating systems.

  • jienn

    I’ve been living with an ibook G4 800 mhz for the past 3 years, almost everyday at school. My stationary is a tiptop PC so I am by default a PC user and always will be. However I think mac-usage could potentially be better (if you’re not a gamer), 4 reasons: #1. because I have had no software problem even in my courses were they use typical windows apps. #2: Interface is so perfect, quick and very easy to navigate even when you run many apps on a 12″ screen. #3. Almost never needed reboot, only when i upgraded the osx core. #4. Biggest reason: girls at school tend to walk up to me and say that my computer is so little and cute …one even tried to exchange her ferrari laptop for mine hehe.

  • Ale

    Hi from Spain!! I am absolutly fan from PC , the Mac is only designers and publishers focused system. I usually preffer PC for games and Mac is worst in this area.

  • ElOsoEstudioso

    Desde luego mira que cosas más monas las qu aparecen en esta web. Es que son de lo más cool tener estos gadgets por tu casa, quedando por encima de la gente que no sabe ni lo que es aún una tarjeta SD. Yo, que me proclamo cateto de este lar que es mi casa, me niego a escribir nada en inglés, por lo que mi comentario lo dejo en español, en una noche de fría resaca de whisky barato.

    Un saludo!!!

  • silence

    MAC = Mac Ain’t a Computer
    PC = Probably Computer
    so…why use a MAC when I can do probability computing?

  • t

    Can’t say one is better than the other, just depends on what you use your computer for.

    I’m on a Mac now because it makes more sense for my lifestyle. I have a stable income so I’m willing to spend more for things that are sleek, beautiful and functional and Macs are part of this group. Doesn’t hurt that I can’t hear my Mac when I sleep.

    I’m out a lot more often so when I am home and at my computer, I just want to do what I want: surf the net, listen to songs, watch a movie, chat with friends or balance my budget. My Mac does all of them well and with less maintenance required than when I was on Windows.

  • James

    PC (laptop) won’t burn your lap, chances are they won’t blow up or catch fire (less manufacturers of PC affected by battery recall vs. all for Mac), not stuck with only one or two colors, supported by more software vendors, don’t have a smug, smarmy spokesperson, games and more games, choices and more choices (hardware and software), people don’t complain their “purdy” laptop is getting dirty, doesn’t lull you into a false sense of security (keeps on your toes and sharp), and PC user base can smoosh Mac user base in a heartbeat. I could go on and on, but it’s getting boring.



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