Published on December 11th,2006 at 7:08 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

Let’s save the planet… Stop buying Apple products!

Nothing better to do than starting the week by Trolling?? Well, no! Apple is doing everything they can to promote the image of a “clean” company, with the help of large marketing budgets and products with superb looks, and you have to admit the Apple products are nice… Apple built themselves the image of a “clean” company at the bleeding edge of technology… Nevertheless, Apple appears much less clean when you look closely at their manufacturing processes or how they recycle the products that have reached the end of their life span.

As we consume more and more electronic products, their recycling is becoming a real concern. GreenPeace has looked into this problem and provides a study that highlights the good and bad manufacturers in terms of environment, while offering recommendations.
GreenPeace had already raised the alarm this summer and many manufacturers decided to also look into the problem. This explains why companies such as Lenovo go from “Very bad” to “Average plus”. While almost every company improved their position (except LG and Samsung), Apple still stays far behind with a miserable score.

So yes, I’m not hiding the fact that I’m pro PC/Intel/Microsoft, but that’s not the point. I like the Apple products and find them nice and efficient (a Mac Book Pro with XP runs faster than any other PC), but Apple’s snobbery, their closed mind (look at all the stupid lawsuits they brought against some people), and their after-sales service bordering on fraud (Apple is asking my father 350.00 euros to change the hard disk of his Mac Mini that is not under warranty anymore… 350.00 euros for a hard disk that can be changed in 20mn? you gotta be kidding Apple!). Facing such unacceptable behavior (customers are not cows you can milk forever), I couldn’t shut up when I received a link pointing to GreenPeace where we can see that this company could care less about the environment…
If you own a Mac, and you like their software and hardware, I’m happy for you, and even happier to know that a company offers products that work for many people. But I beg you, do whatever you can to force/help Apple become greener and help us protect our environment! Changing the world doesn’t take much when everybody does their part…

Daimaou, the GREEN pig!!

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  • G. Curt Fiedler

    Hmm… As an Apple user and pro-environment person I agree, but I’d like the facts from another organization. Greenpeace didn’t get all their facts correct last time. And some of us feel that Windows is a form of pollution.

    If I can only get MacOSX to run on a small Sony or Panasonic laptop – I’d be happier. But no way I’m running a Dell!

  • Coligny

    Hummm, still the smell of troll in the morning… Apple don’t make their computer anymore, just the specs and use LG, samsung or other chinese companies to produce them… Greenpeace as the usual attention whore try to capitalise on Apple exposure to try to pass their agenda. Nothing new in the world…

    Can’t you just continue pushing press release on your website and stop trying to make weak statements because someone is trying to jew your father ?

  • Adi

    And me too don’t hide that i am mac lunatic.

    Let greenpice put any shit, i am not gonna buy their report. A Good organization turned into a bunch of blackmailers.
    They did good things in begining but all they do now is dig and go after any company which is having name so that they can earn some money.
    And then there are bunch of people who dig stories against a good company because the company didn’t changed their fathers disk for free.
    Com’on, did u tried any other company? all company do the same, no one is there for a charity.

  • Al

    Greenpeace approached Apple with a proposition that would have required Apple to pay, what amounted to a rather large bribe, to be listed as the greenest computer company on earth. Apple refused to pay up because it is against the law to give bribes. It looks like Dell ignored the law and showed them the money. Dell, the worst offender, leads the greenest list. Greenpeace has lost all creditability.

  • george scandalis

    Your article should have started with the phrase…As a moron with no common sense, somehow I believe that a company that only produces 5% of the PC’s in the market but somehow maintains an average of 85% usage after 5 years can be a bigger green offender than lets say Dell, where after 5 years almost of their product line is in a landfill in China.
    Your fathers inability to change a hard drive points to your ineptitude as a son, unable to help him out and save the old guy 350 Euros, shame on you.
    Please, your complete lack of PC marketplace knowledge is so glaring, we readers should put on shades to read your ill researched missives on obviously something you know very little about.

  • Ratty

    Well your picture of the girl with the apple keyboard is surrounded by a plethora of PC keyboards. Methinks they are posing shots like that for publicity sake alone.

  • Daimaou

    Interesting comments you all made, but we need to stress this:
    Apple no longer make their own hardware, Ch companies does, TRUE, but they must build up those hardware based upon Apple recommendation and process. Apple represent only 5% of the PC Market, TRUE, but Apple dominate the DAP market which cannot be neglected. Paying for Being “Green”, TRUE, but this money is not a bride nor a fine, this money is used mainly to improve things and to help reducing pollution. My Father do not know how to change a Mac Mini HDD… Well True he don’t even understand how it works, well after all at 60 years old I am not sure that EVERYBODY know how to open a Mini, which last time I tried on mine (YEPP I HAVE MINI) I had a hard time to remove the main body… and still 350 EUR in order to replace a HDD it is a lot of money

  • Erik

    How about a link to the Greenpeace article so we can read it and decide for ourselves whether they are telling the whole story or just trolling?
    The difference between Apple and other companies is that Apple can change and will change if its users demand them to change. If this story is true and not marketing garbage (pun intended) then I will write Apple a letter and demand they address this problem.

  • Daimaou

    Just below the last picture of this article (the bottom of this article) you will find, the GeenPeace MAC website and the PDF where I based my article on

  • Pingspike

    Stop with the caps its annoying. Apple amongst others do what they can to be ‘green’, not least of which is infact the very outsourcing many complain about. Their digital audio players amongst other things made in china/tw for example, people seriously think this does nothing toward being green ?
    Mac devices are serious kit designed seriously so their operators dont have to be. If you dont like their repair prices, go somewhere else, jesus. Hell do it yourself if your confident enough, i did. Dont complain for your own laziness or lack of initiative. Or you can send it to me and i’ll charge 349 Euro.

    p.s. posting the pictures, while mildly amusing are irrelevant, as are the statistics utterly biased and unfounded. Need a reason ? how about they are big names. That alone is sufficient.

    p.p.s. Dont you find GreenPeace an ironic name ? They are anything but quiet.

  • Al

    Apple was asked if they wanted to be the greenest on Greenpeace’s list. Apple was told they would not have to change any of their practices to be first on the list. Apple just had to pay a significant ‘Royalty’ to Greenpeace to be first. APPLE WAS FIRST UNTIL THEY REFUSED TO PAY UP.

  • Martin Hill

    Actually Greenpeace has unfortunately gone over the edge with their complaints against Apple.

    Greenpeace ignored its own lab reports in ranking Apple the worst of the bunch. EPEAT rankings show Apple leading the industry in environmental awareness. EPEAT is a ranking and award system put together by several groups, including the Environmental protection Agency and the Zero Waste Alliance.

    Apple has also been named a “Forward Green Leader,” one of the top ten environmentally progressive companies recognized by the Sierra Club.

    Greenpeace also fails to mention Apple only sells LCD equipped computers which are far greener than the toxic chemical laden CRT monitors that still make up a large percentage of the cheap computer sales of Dell, HP etc and neglects the data that indicates Apple owners retain their computers for significantly longer time-frames than Wintel PCs owners.



  • Adi

    Finally, after your article, you accepted in the comment that this all is about your fathers Hard disk.
    Lack of knowledge to open a system from Apple does not mean that you start digging the company. Infact you are not supposed to that.
    My own PB is not well as i broke the screen and now if apple is asking me, i think @500$ to repair it, then how come its Apples fault? I checked in market and screen will cost me @450$ but 15 days warranty while at apple, my applecare will continue for any defect, offcourse not the accidental like this, for next two years.

    I don’t care what ever they call the money they asked from Apple, fees or penalty or whatever, in my view, it was an extortion attempt for which apple has declined and you catch this train because u were angry because of your fathers hdd.

  • Martin Hill

    …cont’d from above

    I respect Greenpeace’s efforts at reducing pollution and helping safe-guard our future on this planet, but I’m afraid this sort of poor research and sensationalist publicity is harmful to their cause and will cause many to doubt other information they provide.

    More info:


  • Daimaou

    Adi, you really make me laugh man, first U don’t even know me, and what I deeply think, second you don’t even know the cost of things… a HDD 80GB 2.5″ cost between 50 to 65 EUR… So 300 for the replacement fee? An LCD DO NOT COST 450 US this is BS… this will mean that there is only 50 US left for Apple in order to pay the tech to replace the screen and ALL other administrations stuff and paper, as well as stock, shipment from the manufacturer to the Apple center and so on… Yeah… Great !
    Opening a PB is PLAIN Simple, a Mac Mini lord search on the web you will see, My Core Duo Mini was a pain in the X to open.

  • gagravaar

    Read this article, then re-think your article.

    Try doing some research like the guy above has done.

  • Mom

    What a load of crap. GreanPeas has had it out for Apple for years, and they make up half of their data. Total crap, and I, for one, am not buying it.

  • Pepe

    I will stop buying Apple products because they limit them more and more each time. Besides that, this guy, Steve Jobs is getting nuts; he believes he is God. They are becoming too close minded and the ones who are paying the products are we, the consumers. The think they are doing a favor to us but, the reallity is that, we are doing a favor to them buying their devices.

  • Pepe

    I will buy a device that supports Flash; the Iphone and Ipod Touch don’t work with it and it. It is a shame because I paid for something that should work with all the elements that the web offers. Only because this guy, Jobs, doesn’t want to use Flash doesn’t mean that we have to obey him and, what is even worse, paid for something from his company.



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