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21 LG products win the iF Product Design Award 2007

LG proudly announced this morning that 21 of their products won an iF Product Design Award 2007! Among the products, we have several TVs, LCDs, audio and video systems, phones, PCs…

Seoul, Dec 07 2006 (Korea Newswire)– LG Electronics (LG), a leader in consumer electronics and mobile communications, announced the awards for 21 remarkable products given by the prestigious iF product design award 2007, doubling its take from last year, when it received awards for 11 products. Earlier this year LG also broke industry records winning in 20 categories at the reddot design awards 2006 and became one of only two Asian teams ever to win reddot’s Design Team of the Year award.

Held annually, the iF product design award is one of the most highly regarded design-related honors in Europe. LG’s ‘Fantasy’ Monitor series, Virtual 5.1Ch Home Theater System, 3 Door Refrigerator and mobile handsets were among the products chosen for the recognition.

“At LG, we have made a strong commitment in developing great design, and the industry has clearly taken a notice,” said Sang Young Shin, Vice President of LG Electronics Digital Appliance Design Research Lab., “We see design not just as an afterthought, but as a proprietary technology. Because of this, LG has become more than just a manufacturer – we are a global leader creating innovate products which enhances the consumers’ lifestyle.”

LG’s design leadership extends even beyond its actual products. This year, LG won its first award in packaging design for its ‘Leo Phone’ – showing that the LG brand itself is becoming more and more synonymous with great design.

LG has six overseas design branches who work closely with the headquarters in Seoul in creating the product to meet the needs, desire and the dream of the customers.

Below is more details about the iF product design award 2007 winning products from LG:

‘Fantasy’ Monitor (L1900R)
L1900R expresses the image of ‘eternity’ and ‘communication’ through the shape of opened base. When you touch the power control, LED starts to operate in sequence, like making a ‘circle’ in the air. When the screen is turned on, it is suggested that the strength of light automatically settles soft. We tried to show luxurious and clean image by controlling the design decoration to its minimum. We hide the mechanism of cabling and hinge by reducing external parting line or separate pieces, we made the powerful performance possible within simple and attractive modeling. We expressed high gloss quality only with ABS injection without the spray.

‘Fantasy’ Monitor (L1900J)
L1900J resembles a section of a beautiful ceramic vase and when LED is lit, the light fills the hemisphere with the image of ‘incorporating light’ and providing dramatic expression like ‘ a small stage on my desk.’ You can adjust the strength of LED light using 4 stages of illumination adjustment when the screen is turned on. It serves as indirect lighting during night hours and during power saving mode, it expresses the status of power on in witty manner through the Soft movement just like lights ‘are breathing’. Considering environmental friendliness, we tried to express high gloss quality only with ABS injection without separate spray.

‘Fantasy’ Monitor (L1900E)
L1900E expresses the mystery of universe in sophisticated curve line along with punctured circular column showing the strength and nobility of ‘lunar eclipse’ through the LED illusion in the background. We designed for users to recognize naturally that his/her PC is on by showing the reflection of background light that is reverberating through the reflection from inside of the curved stand. We hide the mechanism of cabling and hinge and by reducing external parting line, we made the powerful performance possible within simple and attractive. Exclusion of harmful materials by adopting lead free soldering, we made the whole PCB 100% lead free.

Virtual 5.1Ch Home Theater System (J10)
As a new concept, one can place the Mini Home Theater with built-in HDD in a wide variety of places. By applying Bio-Indicate Lighting, the user and the product converse each other by reacting to the user movement in through the touch sensor area to maintain a closer relationship. Its minimal shape also provides user with the high-end audio image. STAVAX mold and resin is applied, which show elegant finishing with anti-scratch function and high gloss finish. Spray is eliminated and also by applying increased aluminum adhesion, instead of the existing chrome coating which is much easier to recycle as each part can easily be detached.

Slim Card Phone (KE820)
KE820 is simple, minimal and slim which is proportional to the size of a card. 2.0” QCIF horizontal LCD screen has excellent openness which provides pleasant usability and function compared to the standard vertical screen. Central Jog-key processed with spin-hairline has sufficient element to attract attention to the front. Key pad of a chess shape is designed to the convenience of the user and to feel the firm sense of “click”. Glass fiber has excellent strength, which protects the product when it falls and absorbs shock from the outside.

3 Door Refrigerator (GR-L258SSKA)
Overall harmony of stainless steel surface treatment and black gloss detail, the new 3 Door Refrigerator pursued a sensitive design with the use of touch knob, white back lighting, and cheerful sound effect when in use. Stainless steel dispenser with magic crisper automatically adjusts to the right temperature for vegetables and fruits. Nano anti-bacteria basket prevents mold and guarantees anti-bacteria effect which received a certification in Korea. Freezer tilt drawer: With a tilting structure of cool chamber, users only have to open the door a little where they could maintain the cool air.

Package Design for ‘Leo Phone’ (KG920)
Designed for the first mobile handset with 5 mega pixels digital camera, the combination of black and fine silver gives a minimal yet dynamic image of the product. To express the image of a digital camera phone we created a new frame structure that resembles the iris of the
camera as well as a picture frame. The ‘unfolding’ structure of the frame adds the fun element to the customer. The diagonally aligned frame strongly stands out and is exceptionally durable. In order to reduce the unit cost during the production, this package only used paper and PET which is also easily recyclable and eco- friendly.

Full list of LG’s iF Product Design Award 2007-winning products:

 Plasma TV (60PY3)
 Plasma TV (50PB4)
 Plasma TV (50PC5)
 ‘Fantasy’ Monitor (L1900R)
 ‘Fantasy’ Monitor (L1900E)
 ‘Fantasy’ Monitor (L1900J)
 HDD+DVD Super Multi Recorder (RH200)
 Virtual 5.1Ch Home Theater System (J10)
 DMB MP3 (FM36)
 15.4” Wide-screen Notebook PC (P3)
 Picture frame ArtCool Air Conditioner (LSM-CO65LAJ)
 Picture frame ArtCool Air Conditioner (LS-C186G1LO)
 Mirror-type Air Conditioner (LS-C085PM/LS-C105PM)
 3 Door Refrigerator (GR-L258SSKA)
 Washer & Dryer Set (WM2496HWM + TD-V1018OEM)
 ‘Chocolate’ Folder Phone (KG810)
 Slim Card Phone (KE820)
 Mobile Card Phone (KG320)
 Mobile Phone (KE850)
 Mobile Phone (KE770)
 Package Design for ‘Leo Phone’ (KG920)

About LG Electronics, Inc.
LG Electronics, Inc. (KSE: 06657.KS) is the global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, home appliances and mobile communications, employing more than 72,000 people working in over 120 operations including 80 subsidiaries around the world. Comprised of four business units: Mobile Communications, Digital Appliance, Digital Display and Digital Media with global sales at USD 34.7 billion (consolidated USD 43.4 billion) as of 2005, LG Electronics is the world’s leading provider of CDMA handsets, residential air conditioners, plasma panels, optical storage products, DVD players and home theatre system. For more information, please visit

About iF product design award
The iF product design award is one of the world’s three leading design awards and can look back proudly on a 50-old-year history. Every year at the Hannover Exhibition Centre some 2,000 products from around 37 nations are judged by renowned experts, with the best of them receiving an iF seal of outstanding design quality – a worldwide brand with high recognition value, guaranteeing its owner a place on the cutting edge of contemporary design. For more information, please visit

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