Published on December 5th,2006 at 6:55 AM
By >Daimaou - G.G-B

HDTV: and Akihabara News announce their first joint HD video

As you may have noticed, we offer a lot of HD videos for download on and even on We now offer more than 100 HD videos on both websites combined. Danny and I being fans of HD, we decided to offer you some more videos with this first joint “uncut” informative video about what we both like.

This is our first test. Danny talks about the latest goodies, figurines, etc featured on, and I talk about some of the products that were a hit on

We’re planning on shooting 1 video per month, each time in a different location.

Thanks for commenting on this first video as a way to help us improve it.

*****FLASH VIDEO***** and Akihabara News announce their first joint HD video
(WMV9HD 720p Torrent “Right click, Save as…”)

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  • Tristan

    Yay~ I’ve been wanting to find an internet show of that kind for a few month now (I felt so desesperated that I even considered to do my own one)! I’m really glad you and Danny are doing it. I lurve that concept!

    There is really nothing much to say, just a few comments. First of all, there is quite a lack of light. Would you turn a couple of spots toward your faces and the figurines, I’m pretty sure it would look a hundred times better. But since you are planning to move each time to a different location in Tokyo I guess it’s not that easy (useful too). The other things that bugged me was the reflection on the window and the fact that Alex’ s voice was a lot louder than Danny’s.

    But really, nothing much. Good job. I’m looking forward to watch more.

    A special guest? Another internet type?

  • Kamion

    Well done. Though you need another cameraman with a separate camera to get in for close ups of the items you are showing. I want to see the little guy inside the Gundam! hehe. Good job anyways.

  • himanshu

    nice video !! i really enjoyed watching the video. it seems that danny is native english speaker

    overall, it was fun to watch the videos, but i really missed closeups of _figurines_ 😀

    and guys, i can merely guess that you are using Panasonic HVX200. but if you can afford a toy like that, then you can definately afford some cheap LED lights too

    and danny, when are getting your toy ?? the hvx ??

  • Daimaou

    Yes we are using an HVX, which has been a huge investement for Akihabara News and NihonCar, I am looking for Lighting solution but there is nothing cheap for what I want to do with my HVX…

  • himanshu

    As far as video is concerned, i am not a guru. but what i do know is that, without proper lightning, your hvx is useless.<br>

    to make any kind of decent _indoor_ video, i suggest that you get some cheap lights used by photographers. they do the job pretty well. <br>

    as far as i am concerned, i just love those white LEDs. energy efficient and bright…great for closeups. you can even get LED ring lights that you can install on your hvx. works great for outdoors shoots.

  • van

    Gosh, does HD really have to be the only option? My net connection isn’t the greatest, and downloading this vid really is taking forever! Think about the little people.

  • Jp

    Nice video
    Of course it’s the first one, so it is a bit rough as you said, but really enjoyable. I didn’t get the point of showing the Korean bible thing which would interrest really few people…
    I am looking forward to see more, and especially live outdoor scenes. I am following Danny’s reports and pix are great but vids would be really nice.
    Please continue !

  • Charbax

    Wow that is some crazy stuff. Well done!

  • DC

    I like the HD video, and to van, there is the flash video option.

  • Atimus

    find this site from



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